Feather, loop, ladder braid waterfall hairstyles for girls

You must have come across a vivid variety of hairstyles that suit your facial structure and looks. People must have become bored with only one variety of hairstyles. Thus, you must change your hairstyle and looks with innovative hairstyle ideas. The water fall hairstyles have become quite popular in the market today. You can now get a series of such hairstyles from the hair stylist for people with different facial structure. This article will present variety of such hairstyles with a vivid look. The faux waterfall braid is really creative and attractive suites ladies with different age group.

List of waterfall hairstyles

Loop waterfall braid hairstyles

Loop waterfall braid

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This is a very attractive hairstyle with the hair open and straight trending down with wonderful loops around your hair. In order to create this hairstyle, you need to take small strands of hair with the creation of loop by pulling the hair half way and creating flips upside down. You can easily try this hairstyle and surprise your friends.

Cute girls hairstyle as a dual waterfall braid

Dual waterfall braid

If you are looking for more improvised with technically sound braid, this particular braid hairstyle with dual waterfall looks really exclusive. This hairstyle is such of a category that can be adopted by ladies with different age groups. Teenage girls would enjoy getting their new look in the braid hairstyle.

Waterfall hairstyle with wavy hair

Waterfall hairstyle with wavy hair

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If you have wavy hair or slightly curl hairstyle, there is nothing to worry as people would love you in this particular hairstyle. Several knots are made across your hair, making a half circle at your back, keeping the rest of the hair open wide. This hairstyle can be adapted for individuals attending any type of function or festival. You can get an absolute new look of your facial structure with this.

Curly hair waterfall style

Curly hair waterfall style

Some ladies have an opinion that curly, coarse have just no style to do. But, with this category of water fall hairstyle, the thought is totally wrong. See how beautiful the hair looks with the curls and knots formed in a serial way across your hair. The picture shows the hairstyle on lady with different hair color. You must come across and avail this hairstyle to make you look attractive.

Colorful waterfall hairstyle

Colorful waterfall style

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This is another great hairstyle with a mesmerizing look at the individual adopting it. As you can see the lady adopting this braid waterfall style has colored the hair in tow tone, one is blue and the other is red. The blue color is placed in such a way that after making the braid, it is shown over it, and the rest of the hair is red. This is one of the unique and funk hairstyle which can be adopted by the college goers.

Diagonal waterfall braid hairstyle for girls

Diagonal waterfall braid

You can make a little alteration to your existing hairstyle which is made with few strands of hair, making a parallel view of the back length of your hair. Instead of making a parallel view, you just need to take hairs from the side till down so that it creates a diagonal look. Since it is one of the unusual hairstyle, people will really adopt this.

Waterfall braid with side pony, cute girl hairstyle

Waterfall braid with side pony

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The little girl with blonde hair has created a beautiful style with the waterfall braid hairstyle. After creating a braid on the left hand side, she has taken total hair along with the ones with the braid and placed on the right hand side of the hair. This is an exclusive 4 strand braid adopted by ladies with great hairstyle. The blue color, artificial flower over the ponytail complements the look.

Flower braid waterfall cute hairstyle

Flower braid waterfall style

If you want to do some magic with the braid so formed with the braid, all you have to do is make a flower on the right hand side of the hair. This style well suited to the little girl wishes to look beautiful with the fairy like gown. Adults can also easily avail this exclusive hairstyle without hesitation.

Tiny braid waterfall hairstyle


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In order to create this hairstyle, you have to do the waterfall braid like the way you have seen in the most of the hairstyles in this article and there after the hair strands that are bulging out from the rest of the hair should be taken and made very thin braids. You can form not one or two, but several braids with the hair you have accumulated to form a waterfall.

Waterfall braid hairstyle side bumps for girls

Waterfall braid style side bump

You can consider this among one of the exclusive hairstyle which very few people have adopted as of yet. The hair dressers thinking about this hairstyle have a very innovative mind. The beautiful small white dots are placed in the middle of each connection, where the braid is constructed and two portions of hair from two sides get a connection.

Waterfall French braid hairstyle


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This is a very simple braid hairstyle that pulls hair from two sides of the head from the front making a long braid in the middle of the hair. The rest hair is open wide with formation of great look from both the sides of the hair. This creates a great style to your hair and facial projection. You can adopt this hairstyle easily by yourself without any hesitation as this will be really simple.

Braid hairstyle with waterfall and small curls

Braid hairstyle with waterfall and small curls

This is an exclusive way to make your friends and colleagues surprised by your looks. The Messy hair with the braid waterfall hair is falling down with the curls made at the bottom of the hair. This hairstyle wills exclusively suit you when you are going to attend a prom or a party. A date with your love one can also be really exclusive with this particular braided waterfall hairstyle. Just after creating the braids you have to make curls at the bottom of your hair so that it looks really creative and fascinating. Try this today and make people surprise.

Simple braided waterfall hairstyle with feather


Brush your hair and easily braid feather in waterfall model. Feather your hair in the form of a ladder braid Combo. The hairstyle is ideal for long hair. Try this hairstyle for children to look beautiful. It is more easy take front side hair and part it into two. Follow with the next hair and place them in the middle of two parts and braid it once. Repeat the following hair to form a ladder braid from one side to the end of the other side ear. Follow it into four layers with ladder braid and tie band at the end.

Double half French ladder braid


The French braid ladder hairstyle makes the girl look pretty cute. Try this hairstyle for the girl with straight long hair. Side swept the hair and takes a small part of front hair. Braid the hair by adding side hair up to half and leave a part of the hair on ends to one side. Similarly, braid with two layers and tie a rubber band at the end.

Waterfall French braid hairstyle


Prepare a side braid and leave your hair loose. Waterfall French braid hairstyle with long straight hair. At the end of the braid decorate it with flowers. This hairstyle makes you look beautiful. Try this hairstyle for kids. This hairstyle makes them look different and special in their group. Style your hair with waterfall French braid.

Two ladder braid hairstyle for girls


The scissor hairstyle formed by twisting waterfall braids with curls. The hairstyles for girls that make you look beautiful with braid. Two twist braid lines on sides with long hair. The hairstyle gives a scissor look and can twist this braid with curls. Hairstyles give a beautiful look for parties.

Braid with long beautiful fashion hair


The long straight hair best suits for this hairstyle. The hair with criss-cross mermaid braid make you look beautiful. Try this hairstyle with waterfall mermaid braid at the back of the head. Braid it and fringe it out. Leave the remaining hair wide open. The dark black hair with this hairstyle gives a gorgeous look.