Best new brown color hairstyles & haircut ideas with blonde lowlights

People availing highlights over their hair would invariably know about the low lights. But, there are people who are aware of the highlights, but have hardly any idea about the low lights. Let me explain, low lights are opposite of highlights as it will give a dark shade over your original hair color, whereas the highlights will give a light and brighter display of the same color. Some people have confusion between the low lights and highlights as they were not aware of the low lights hairstyle. Whatever they see between the original shades of hair color they define it as highlights. Let us have a look at some of the interesting hairstyles with low lights.

Best hairstyles with low lights

Low lights with medium blonde

Lowlights with medium blonde

Fabulous ideas for best gorgeous hairstyles with highlights

The lady with the blonde hair in the picture is having medium length blonde hair with the low lights. As you can see the total hair is blonde in appearance and in between some brownish and black color tinge is visible. This is a very nominal and the sober low lights hairstyle.

Long shag hairstyle with low lights

Long shag hairstyle with lowlights

This is having shoulder length hair with blonde hair and the low lights are done with the combination of black and brownish gold color. You can get a perfect make over if you can go ahead with this particular hairstyle that brings low lights visible.

Low lights with twisted braid

Lowlights with twisted braid

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Another fascinating hairstyle over here is the long hair with blonde color along with the black color highlights. The style does not end even hair, rather a very beautiful braid from either side of the hair is created which is having a perfect knot just at the center.

Low lights over golden hair

Low lights over golden hair

If you are the lady with golden hair, this black tinge of low lights wills absolutely suit you. After applying the low lights you can easily create many wonderful hairstyles with mesmerizing look. A bump is adopted in the middle of the hair and clean, neat hair brush is done with accumulation of hairs from the top and sides. This makes you look amazing.

Long blonde hair low lights

Long blonde hair lowlights

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A vivid and mesmerizing look with a simple straight blonde hair is also possible. You can now easily create a lovely touch on your hair with brownish slight low lights over your blonde hair. Since she has the straight hair, the haircut can be straight as well. Keeping the hair open wide is another fascinating suggestion to have mesmerizing beautiful looks.

Low light on long dramatic curl style

Lowlight on long dramatic curl style

Some people may have a severe confusion that whether the hairstyle portrayed over here is either low light or high light. It will create an illusionary effect as the total hair is dark brown in color and the low lights are made with the help of the golden brown hair color. The magical curves will create a different personality for you when you are willing to have a different look on your image.

Short bob with low lights

Short bob with lowlights

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You must have viewed elderly lady with blonde or gray hair with a bob haircut. It looks really amazing as they get a fresh look even after getting old. The simple haircut may be easy to adopt and is quite easy to maintain. If you are bored of the same type of hairstyle there are some effective ways through which you can get a stunning look. Yes, the low lights over the bob hair look will be really amazing.

Black low lights on blonde hair

Black low lights on blonde hair

As compared to any other base hair color, the low light will get a good match if you have blonde hair. Moreover, if the color used in creating the low lights is black in color, the contrast will make a spontaneous effect to it. The same fact is portrayed over the image shown in this particular picture. The lady in the picture is having a blonde hair, but the color used to give a low light effect is black. The combination is very effective to make you attractive.

Golden blonde straight hair with low lights

Golden blonde straight hair with low lights

Best medium length black & brown hairstyles with blonde highlights

It is quite easy to get low lights over the light color of hair. The blonde hair color is light. But, if you can add a light gold shine over the blonde it will be better than expected. The lady is having a light golden tinge of hair over its base which has darker color low lights all over. It creates a real mesmerizing look and is really effective to make the whole society surprised. You can get this color today  and be the center of attraction.

Magical shears with low lights

Magical shears with lowlights

As you can see in the picture, the lady is having a blonde color of her original hair along with some fascinating hairstyle. The low lights over the hair will create a wonderful impression over the entire hair. You can easily try this particular hair color and enjoy staying beautiful and have an appreciation. You can even go to your office and attend a formal meeting after adopting this particular hairstyle.

Waves with low lights

Waves with lowlights

Short glorious black & brown hairstyles with blonde highlights

The waves all over your hair will make you look very creative and fascinating, especially when you are willing to create a positive impact on the people around you. This is one of the effective hairstyle that can make you look attractive. Surprising your friends with this hairstyle is quite common as this will certainly create a positive impression on people around longing for the great look of the hairstyle and the dramatic structure.

Light brown hair color ideas with wavy haircut


Always most of you look for dark colors, but try lighter shades for a popular look. Try this hairstyle with a cool two tone color and has a shine bright on wavy hair. You just go for a dark brown with light brown accents that gives a brighter look to your face and can lighten up your hair which is normally and feels you like a heavy and drab.

Perfect best blonde highlights with brunette low lights


The light brown hair color ideas with straight, wavy curl rolls make you look beautiful. The fringe hair with rolls on low lights make you look gorgeous. Side swept your hair with lower light brunette hairstyle along with blonde highlights gives a beautiful look. Try this hairstyle for any part in office meetings to be good. Try this low light hairstyle that has a fabulous look with hair colors.

Trendy multi hair color ideas with low lights


Try this blonde low light hair with multi color gives a fabulous look to you. Try this hairstyle with different hair colors to be unique and gives a stylish look. The hair with multi color, low curls with a wavy look gives a blonde lowlights. The layered hairstyle with colored streaks gives a gorgeous look.

Best caramel Balayage brunette hairstyle


The hairstyle shows you how a Balayage is done. The hair color combination with dark brown and light caramel is a stunning and natural look to try on your hair. The depth highlights add a long lasting look of Balayage to be more natural. The look with a subtle color highlights and color darkening techniques can enhance color dimensionality.

Hair color ideas with a gorgeous look


The subtle highlights and lowlights hair color ideas can intersperse throughout the golden brown hair color. This gives a gorgeous natural hair color effect that can even make hair appear fuller overall. Thus the hairstyle with low light brown hair make you look beautiful. The golden hair color lasts longer with a different look. Try this simple hair color ideas that make you look different and glamorous.