Winter hairstyles & haircuts for long hair

With every change of season people opts for a variety of hairstyles that goes with their costume. Just like the summer hairstyles, you can also go for the hairstyles that take its place during the winter season.

The hairstyle must be such that it is comfortable during the particular season and also makes you look beautiful.

You can easily get suggestions from the hair stylists who will help you find the best hairstyles during the particular season. Whether you like the fancy up do’s or classy straight hair will be totally on you.

But, the choice of hairstyle during the winter season must contemplate you’re like. You may also find a variety of such hairstyles online. Even during winter you have to find out what exactly would make you look good during your day time and what will match during the night time.

Let us have a look at the hairstyles that goes well during winter.

Winter is the time when you can style with your long hair. During summer you must be feeling restless with your long hair. But, your long hairstyle gets a prestigious place in winter.

You can try out more designs with your long hair. It will be no more difficult even if your hair touches your neck. Rather you can feel comfortable with the same. We are going to display some of the exclusive hairstyles that you can try during winter with your long hair.

Winter hairstyles for long hair

Snowy hair looksSnowy hair look

Best medium length black & brown hairstyles with blonde highlights

Since it is winter, you won’t require thinking about the irritation that you used to feel with long hair falling on your neck during the summer.

You can now leave your hair open wide without tidying up and forming a ponytail or a bun. You can absolutely try this particular hairstyle and stay attractive within the snow rich environment.

Messy hair with back pin winter hairstyle

Messy hair with back pin

See the lady with a baggy style pullover with a cup of coffee who also has adopted a very casual hairstyle. Winter is such a season where we feel very lazy.

Even this image is reflected through the hairstyle depicted in the particular picture. With some portion of hair pinned at the back and very light highlights you can create a wonderful look during winter.

Curly long hair for winter

Curly hair for winter

If you have curly hair then nothing is better than this as the winter hairstyle as this will protect you from the extreme weather conditions during the winter. If you have long and straight hair tries making the entire hair curly.

You can dress up with the long coat with full corner and enjoy with your friends on the extremely cold winter.

Blunt hair with straight blonde

Blunt hair with straight blonde

Short glorious black & brown hairstyles with blonde highlights

People staying in the western part of the world might have to face the winter climate maximum time as they get winter climate most of the time throughout the year rather than summer and rainy season.

Thus, they need to be prepared for the particular season and adopt everything according to it. This blunts hair with straight blonde cut is an exclusive variation to be chosen during the winter season.

Blonde hair with long curls during winter

Blonde hair with long curls

Ladies with blonde hair also look good when they adopt the long hairstyle. Here some twist is made with the help of the front hair and placed it at the back with the pin.

The back portion is wavy and curly with extraordinary look during your winter. This hairstyle absolutely goes with any attire you wear, especially during the winter when the cold air blows from a specific direction.

Long side swept dramatic wave

Long side swept dramatic wave

See how attractive the lady is looking with the particular long hairstyle that too with highlights over. The bubbly lady looks very attractive with the particular hairstyle with two tone shade of her hair.

You can easily adopt this hairstyle during winter season as the hairstyle goes really well with all types of dress that you are wearing. Whether is a bright day of winter or a clumsy night, this hairstyle will fit perfectly.

Messy hair with rotating curls

Messy hair with rotating curls

Fabulous ideas for long black & brown hairstyles with highlights

You can easily adopt this particular hairstyle during winter when you have a lady day yet need to go out.

You can keep your hair messy with the middle part and the rest of the hair falling in the front portion of the chest.

The winter jacket and coat will easily suit this particular hairstyle. You can easily try this at your home and without professional advice as making this is quite easy and also will help you make your looks complete during the winter season. Try this today when you are looking for winter hairstyle ideas.

Front braid straight blonde hair

Front braid straight blonde hair

The lady with braid at the front side of the hair looks really attractive along with the blonde hair tone. The pullover is accompanied in order to get protection during the cold climate makes a perfect match with the braid style.

Since the model has accompanied a suitable hairstyle with the winter dress she is looking really amazing. If you are staying in winter region place, adopting this particular hairstyle will absolutely suit you.

Messy up do for a winter morning hairstyle

Messy updo for winter morning

Winter mornings are not that cold and you can try different type of hairstyle to suit with it. The messy updo is an effective way to stay trendy when you are going to a casual meeting with your fiance on a hot winter day with the sun rays all around.

This hairstyle has also become really popular among the schools as well as college girls within the society.

Straight long hair with woolen cap

Straight hair with woolen cap

Ideas of long hairstyles with highlights and lowlights of light brown and black color

This is indeed a perfect hairstyle that you can adopt during the winter season as the cap of wood will give you a perfect protection during the cold climatic condition.

The lady does not have just a plain black hair rather it is accompanied by highlights as well. The hairstyle will perfectly make your trendy in this particular season.

Wavy hair with golden highlights

Wavy hair with golden highlights

The lady is having very beautiful hair with slightly wavy in appearance which is originally dark brown in color. It is made highlighter with golden color to create a suitable image.

The hairstyle can be adopted during winter season when you wish to attend a dinner outside your home and your hair open wide with spectacular golden highlights.

You will get a great look with an amazing flexible after adopting this particular hairstyle. Try this today and be within the limelight.

Simple trendy ombre hairstyles


The stylish hairstyle in winter with colored hair make you look beautiful. The hairstyle with highlights that can style Ombre is the best one to choose for your haircut.

The brand new hair color makes you look pretty good. The present color trends with a palette of dazzling shades with transforming your casual hairstyle.

Fashion trendy messy hairstyle in winter


Latest fashion short hairstyles with highlights and low lights

The messy hairstyle gives some texture look that can style your hair. This will add some volume to the hair. You should say that messy style makes you look so perfect with a hair.

This hairstyle seems to style your hair and complete it with curls and waves look. Mid part your hair and leave, fringe bangs on the sides of the forehead and shoulder with wavy hairstyle.

Try this everyday hairstyle for short wavy bob haircut in winter


The hairstyle is simple and easy to wear. Try this hairstyle with a wavy look that can style your hair. Pin your hair to form a bob haircut with thing long wavy hair. Side swept wavy curl hair and brushes a bang on the forehead.

The simple hair makes you look beautiful. The pretty side swept bang bob haircut with professional dressing best suits for daily office.

Medium length, wavy, straight hairstyle in winter


The Ombre straight, wavy hairstyle is best for a long time to try in winter. This hairstyle is the best and reflected back to the straight locks. The excellent hairstyle with a medium length hairstyle will give you an idea that is beautiful.

Mix part your hair and leave the hair loose with straight waves. The hair is swept on shoulders and a part is swept back to the ear.

Winter long side bang layered hairstyle


Top fabulous ideas of dark black & brown best hairstyles with highlights

The hair is side swept with a bang to give a modern fashion look. Leave the fringe long layered hair some on the front and some on back with wavy hair. This hairstyle makes you look beautiful with wavy hairstyle.

This trendy hairstyle makes you look pretty with a beautiful smile. Light makeup with long earrings in modern dress gives a celebrity look.

Winter prom design hairstyle


You must get varied invitation of prom in winter. Your hair becomes an important part of styling. Now, sometimes you are confused about the hairstyle to be adopted while proceeding to prom. This is a hairstyle that has an elegant look.

You can easily wear this with your party winter garment. You will absolutely get a gorgeous dramatic look with the same. You can try this hairstyle in any party during winter.

Long straight winter travel hairstyle


You must be thinking of a hairstyle to be adopted when you need to travel during winter. This is done when you are hurry. You don’t have enough time to go ahead with the complex hairstyle.

You can easily try this hairstyle while you are travelling during winter. Your entire back and ears can be covered with your hair open wide. You will feel really comfortable with this hairstyle in winter.

Slight wave bi color winter hair


Hairstyles that make your face look slimmer & thinner

During winter you can also try out the colors on your hair. This particular hairstyle is an example for the same.

This is not totally straight hair or total curly. It is side swept in design and the downward portion is having some exclusive wave.

The front portion of the hair is having blonde color. Also the lower portion has the same color as well. You can easily try this out during winter. This goes really well with the casual wear during the winter season. Simple look with great appreciation will be present.