Top fabulous ideas of dark black & brown best hairstyles with highlights

Ladies with dark hair type has the facility to create wonderful highlights as the hair itself is dark the highlights with lighter tone will look really great. The hair stylists also have a wider variations of such hairstyles especially when they are going to present a lady with darker tone of hair. Some ladies complain that their hair tone is so dark that they hardly get a dye that can make their paint a different color. This is true for those people who have jet black hair. But these days the fashion industry has become quite advanced and they can make your hair look really gorgeous. How much dark the color of the hair be, you can get a spectacular view with the clean highlights.

Dark hairstyles with highlights 

Dark brown hair with copper highlights      

Dark brown hair with copper highlights

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Look at the hairstyle as portrayed in the picture where the lady is having a dark brown hair and the copper streaks are placed over it. Along the lower part of the hair, there is some ring like rolls reacted with the help of styling iron. Specific hairs strands forming in the middle have great copper color highlights.

Whitish highlights over pale black 

Whitish highlights over pale black

The lady portrayed in the image is not having a very dark hair, rather her hair color is pale black, but white streaks are put over it which makes it a wonder in all regards. The messy touch is there in the hairstyle but these days the particular hairstyle also goes with the formal look. You can also take it as a casual look.

Highlights on curly hair  Highlights on curly hair

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Some people have artificial curls whereas others have the natural curls. If you have natural curls, the highlights portrayed over this picture will really suit you, but people with straight hair would like to have some curls so that the highlights become clearer. Even for them the hair experts have options. There are curling tool with the help of which your hair can also be curled and you can easily get the looks like this.

Dark medium hair with highlights  Dark medium hair with highlights

The young lady has her hair till the shoulder with a little wave and messy look. The dark colored hair is also accompanied by copper color hair color for beautiful highlights.  With this hairstyle you can easily surprise your friends.  This hairstyle is really easy to adopt, thus you can create it with much ease and satisfaction level.

Dark brown hair with blonde highlights  Dark brown hair with blonde highlights

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The picture portrays a hairstyle with dark brown hair, but stylish highlights have been given at the edges with white blonde hair color. You look really amazing with this hairstyle whether you have short hair or a length more than what is known as short hair. People with this particular hairstyle will easily surprise you.

Dark short hair with light brown highlights  Dark short hair with light brown highlights

The highlight has to be lighter than the original hair color. This lady having the dark brown natural tone of hair wishes to stay connected with the highlights that are in the present trend. You can now keep your hair look very trendy with spectacular deals. Whether you are a teenager or have crossed 40 years of age, this hairstyle will always look good.

Dark hair with Turquoise streaks  Dark hair with Turquoise streaks

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This probably is one of the unusual varieties of hair highlights which is hardly been adopted by the ladies. If you are crazy about the dress, matching sequence, this turquoise shade must be applied as blue is such a color of which you must be more than one dresses. Thus, if you want to get a match of the dress with your hair, this particular streak highlight will be necessary.

Dark brown with burgundy hair highlights  Dark brown with burgundy hair highlights

You will be really fond of this particular shade as most of your film stars and celebrities must be using this particular shade. You too can look as good as the celebrities with the particular hairstyle. The dark brown color of hair also looks jet black at times with the shade of red burgundy highlights. You can look dazzling with these spectacular red highlights over the darker shade of hair.

Black hair with copper highlights 

Black hair with copper highlights

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Highlights are always more visible when you create a style of hair straight and half curly. This is also one of such variation of style where that lady has a dark hair color which is accompanied by curls at the bottom of the hair. Also the highlights are done with copper color to make the hair look really distinct. All your friends and colleague will really appreciate the hairstyle that you have adopted. 

Straight short with highlights 

Straight short with highlights

The hair looks really gorgeous with straight and silky look and a good curve at the edges. The highlights from the top to bottom make it very enhancing for a longer period of time.  This hairstyle can also be adopted by an elderly lady wishing to stay trendy with the present trend. Ladies within the age limit of 30years can also enjoy this particular hairstyle with great passion and flaunt among the crowd. This can also be a formal hairstyle.

Best top hair color ideas with caramel highlights


The top best hairstyle with caramel highlights is a fashion for teenagers. The caramel highlights with dark red hair color which make you look something different and unique. This hairstyle best suit for your regular office and can wear on any party. The caramel highlights with side swept to cover he cheeks make you look good.

Simple light brown hair color highlights


The hair in brown color with curls make you look beautiful. Try this hairstyle on any western dress styles such as jeans shirt. This highlights hairstyle also gives a professional look. The hairstyle best suit for medium length hair style. Simply open the hair with wide and the curly hair will attract everyone’s attention too.

Side swept bang free wavy hairstyle


The hair in brown and red strikes make you look gorgeous. The hairstyle best suits for long or oval face shape. This hairstyle is simple and make you look professional for office meetings too. Side swept the hair to cover your half forehead with a band. Leave the remaining hair loosely. Simple strikes with red color like a fringe make you look gorgeous. The layers hairstyle with bangs is good with two colored wavy highlight hair.

Mid part hairstyle with wide swept fringe hairstyle


The frizzy, dry hair with brown and red strikes make you look gorgeous. The hairstyle best suits for party wear. Mid part your hair and brush your hair to form fringes at face. Side swept on both sides and that makes you look gorgeous. Leave the hair on the shoulders with layered hair cuts highlight. Try this highlight hairstyle that can add more beauty to your face.

Sexy highlight hairstyle with black and red streaks


This hairstyle adds more beautiful look to you with dark black and red color hair. Try this hairstyle that best suits for round face shape. Layer cut or fringe with strikes make you look good. The beautiful hairstyle with highlights on the shoulder makes gorgeous look. Highlight hairstyle with simple make up is good.