Best medium length hairstyles & haircuts with highlights

Your hairstyle speaks volumes about your overall look and personality and hence getting the right hairstyle is absolutely must to make your own style statement. If you have medium length hairs, be happy that you can try out the most of the trendy hairstyles.

Hair highlights make a popular choice now and you can go for any type of highlights starting from the caramel and the amber ones to the red and plum, according to your choice and taste.

This article will give you an extended list of hairstyles for medium length hairs with highlights. You can include all these hairstyles in your list of “to be tried” for this year.

35Medium length wavy hair with caramel highlights

Layered hairstyles for oval faces

This hairstyle with single – layer medium length wavy hair can give you an astonishing bold look with the correct shade of highlights. Here in this one, light caramel highlights are flaunting the style.

34Wavy long hair with shiny bottom highlights

This style suits best with beauties having brunette heads with long length wavy hair. Bright golden highlights at the bottom part of your hair will embrace this look.

33Long straight hair with side highlights and bangs

This straight hair look with partial layers and bangs would probably give you a beautiful face-framing hairstyle. The partial golden-brown highlights are offering a fantastic touch to this look.

32Partial blonde highlights on medium length hair

This trendy look of medium length wavy hair will grant you with a spectacular look. The partial brownish blonde highlights will add sparkle to your get up.

31Short hair with mid partition and light highlights

Dark brown hairstyles with highlights and lowlights

This hairstyle will give you a classic look and will rock your short haircut. The middle partition serves a classy face with copper face-framing highlights.

30Wavy long layered hairstyle with caramel highlights

If you have medium length, fine hairs go for this hairstyle and we promise you will not regret. This long layered hairstyle can actually give you the right look when paired with the right type of highlighting.

The uneven distribution of the highlights on the hair has given it a very natural look. So, check out for this highlighting pattern while getting the colors on.

292-Layered hairstyle for medium length hairs

This classic two layer cutting can look perfect for anyone with medium hair length. The first layer ends just below the eyes and has been side swept at one side to cover the forehead.

If you have a broad forehead, or a long face, this hairstyle can be perfect for giving your face a roundish look. The caramel highlights are present towards the ends of the hairs which complete the look.

28Face framing feathered layer cut with chocolate highlights

This face framing haircut looks absolutely stylish on the blonde hairs. However, it will look great even on darker hair colors too.

The dark chocolate highlights are present towards the ends of the locks on the back and the front face framing locks are devoid of the highlights. This hairstyle can give a completely fresh look to the women with medium length hairs.

27Voluptuous hairstyle with side swept long fringes and highlights

Best hairstyles for pattu sarees

This hairstyle can give a voluptuous look to your hairs which can actually add to your overall appearance.

The fringes at the front has been side swept and the interesting application of the light color highlight particularly on the front fringes has given this style a different look. The inside curled pattern of the hair ends is the other point to check.

26Blow out layers with highlights for medium length hairs

This blow out layered hairstyle can be perfect for girls and ladies with medium length thin hairs. The layer cut here can add body to the hairs and thus suiting best on thin hairs.

Here the first layer starts right below the chin and the final volume of the hair rests on the shoulders. Caramel highlight has been used to complete the hairstyle. Try this out to get a casually beautiful look.

25Tapered layers with olive highlight

This tapered layers hairstyle comes with small layers that starts right above the chin and continues for the whole length of the hairs. The use of the olive highlight at the tapered ends of the layers not only highlights the look but gives it a distinct appearance. This hairstyle can be the most trendy one to try on medium length hairs.

24Face framing layers with whispy bangs

Easy hairstyles for college girls

This hairstyle mixes the face framing layered hairstyle with the whispy bangs to get a fresh look. The layers actually start at the chin and the front section has whispy bangs.

In this case the highlight is present on the upper part of the front bangs to add a special touch to the overall look. This whispy bang hairstyle is the latest trend in haircuts.

23Straight layered hairstyle with brown highlights

If you have black medium length hairs, this hairstyle is a must to try. Here the layers start at a length and you can barely point two layers instead of the normal 3. The side swept at the front not only covers the forehead perfectly, but also adds a voluminous look to the style. The brown highlights on the black hairs give the hairstyle a naturally beautiful look.

22Face framing hairstyle with red front highlight

Braid hairstyles with hair highlights

This medium hairstyle is beautiful in itself and the red highlight added at the front actually makes the total look pop out.

The front bangs cover the forehead fully and the first layer touches the collarbone. The shorter side layers give this hairstyle a totally different look. Don’t miss it if you have medium length hairs.

21Straight hairstyle with single layer and highlight

This single layers hairstyle on straight hairs can look gorgeous on women with a slim built. The round edges of the hair lie just touching the shoulders and the intelligent use of caramel highlights give this hairstyle a natural look. The long front bangs are the other point to note in this hairstyle.

20Curled layers for medium length hairs

Party hairstyles for medium hair with saree

This softly curled layered hairstyle adds the right amount of freshness to the look. The point to note in this hairstyle is that, here the layers have tapered ends and they actually lie in a messy way to get the look.

Highlights with caramel have been used on the total length of some hair locks to accentuate the haircut and the overall look.

19Front bangs with curls

If you love curls, you can certainly go for all curly hairs with that perfectly paired front bangs. The front bangs cover the whole of the forehead and the two sides have the perfect curls with highlights to complete the look. This can be a perfect and gorgeous hairstyle for medium length hairs.

18Balayage hairstyle for medium length hairs

Easy braided bun up-do hairstyles

This Balayage hairstyle with brown and blonde highlights looks absolutely gorgeous on medium length hairs.

Balayage hairstyle can add a lot of volume to your hairs which can easily give a boost to your overall look. This hairstyle can look beautiful on anyone, and no matter how old you are, you can always opt for this hairstyle.

17Side bangs with layers

This layered hairstyle with golden brown highlight can look gorgeous on women with medium hair length. Here the bangs has been side swept to cover one part of the forehead fully.

The layers start right from above the shoulder length and give the total hairstyle an inner curved look, which not only make the hairs appear more voluptuous but also adds heavily to the overall appearance.

16Messy curly hairstyle with highlights for medium length hairs

Hairstyles with golden brown highlights

This messy curly highlighted hairstyle can be a great inspiration for all the women with medium length hairs.

The soft tapered curls coupled with the highlights give this hairstyle a completely unique look. There are also front fringes that cover the forehead, so if you have a long face, this one can be a perfect hairstyle to hide that.

15Side swept hairstyle with curls and highlights

This side swept hairstyle can look very stylish on medium hair length. The lower part of the hairs have been curled softly to get the right look and the use of the caramel color for highlighting the locks towards the ends actually completes the look. This hairstyle is very trendy and can look gorgeous on any girl.

14Softly curled layers with Ombre highlights

Easy wavy hairstyles with golden highlights

This soft curled hairstyle with Ombre highlights look absolutely gorgeous and is an ideal hairstyle for medium length hairs.

This layered curls hairstyles has the ombre highlight on the lower third portion of the hairs while the upper part has a natural black color. This hairstyle can look stylish with any type of dress and makeup.

13Swishy curls with highlights

This hairstyle looks not only trendy, but fantastic in all the aspects and can actually add a lot more to the look of any girls. This Swishy curls might not be that easy to achieve, but they add a good lot of volume to the hairs and gives a perfect look.

The use of the highlight is also an important aspect of this hairstyle, because the curls will not look this beautiful without proper highlights. It is a perfect hairstyle for medium length hairs, and if you have the same, do not miss to try this out.

12Frisky layered hairstyle with highlights and lowlights

Easy hairstyles with rotating curls

The latest trend in hair coloring is not only about highlighting but also about low lighting. If you are trying to get a perfect trendy hairstyle on your medium length hairs, this frisky layered hairstyle of the low lights and highlights can actually suit you most.

The layers start right from above the eyes and it continues for the whole of the length of the hairs. Use of these highlights and low lights on the alternate bunches of locks has given this hairstyle the most unique look.

11Blue highlights on dark black hairs

When it comes to highlighting the hairs, girls often tend to skip the blue highlights, but if you have dark colored hairs, and a fair complexion you can always try out the blue highlights to get a stylish look.

Here as you can see, the blue highlights have been used more towards the ends of the locks which have accentuated the hairstyle perfectly without making it go over the top.

10Copper and purple highlights on medium length hairs

Wavy hairstyles with plaits

The best thing about this hairstyle is that though it uses contrasting colors for highlighting and low lighting it does not look very loud.

Here the colors have been used in a customized way and instead of following any pattern it has been used just to highlight particular sections of the hairs so that the facial features become more prominent. Young girls, this hairstyle should be a must pick for you people.

9Face framing streaky caramel highlights

This face framing caramel highlights has accentuated the hairstyle as well as the facial features of the girl perfectly. If you have layers on your hairs get this hairstyle with caramel highlights to look your best. Here the lightest shade has been used so naturally that it looks sun kissed and not artificial.

8Medium length hairstyle with multiple shade highlights

Balayage hairstyles for medium length hair

Get this multiple shaded end highlights to rock the party. Here the bright blue, pink and purple colors have been used on some particular hair strands towards the length to get the right highlighting effects.

The shades have been used alternatively to make it look just perfect. This one is a perfect hairstyle for the college going girls for winter/fall.

7Light chocolate face framing highlights

This is a perfect example of a face framing highlight, where the colors have been used only on the length of the hairs and particularly on the hair bunches that frame the face.

The highlights are not present on the fringes and they are restricted to a limited section of the hairs. This hairstyle is ideal for girls who are trying highlighting on their hairs for the first time and are quite apprehensive about it.

6Blonde highlights on dark hairs

Long black hairstyles with plum highlights

Blonde highlights when done by the best professionals can look fabulous on dark hair colors.

Here the light shade has been used mostly to highlight the face and it is concentrated more towards the ends of the length of the hairs. Get this hairstyle to try out a completely different and stylish look.

5Golden blonde highlights on medium length hairs

This golden and blonde highlight follows a normal foil highlighting pattern and not the customized hand painted balayage style which gives a more natural look. If you have straight medium length hairs, you can easily get this type of streaky, golden and blonde highlights to revamp your appearance.

4Caramel and blonde highlights on layers

Different varieties of waterfall hairstyles

Multiple shades of caramel along with blonde have been used on the hairs for highlighting. The use of the multiple dark and light shades on the hairs has given this hairstyle a gorgeous look.

You can get this hairstyle irrespective of your age and flaunt it in style.

3Ombre highlights on dark hairs

The ombre highlights has enhanced the total hairstyle to a great extent. The use of the lightest shade towards the lower ends of the hairs and in a more natural way has given this hairstyle a sun-kissed look instead of the streaky appearance of the foil highlights. This hairstyle is perfect for the summers and beach holidays.

2Chocolate highlights on straight black hairs

Dark brown hairstyles with plum highlights

The uniqueness of this hair highlighting style lies in the fact that here the face framing locks has a deeper shade, while the lightest and brightest shade has been used towards the sides.

This hair highlighting style can look best on beauties with dusky skin tone and straight hairs.

1Multiple bold highlights on medium length curly hairs

If you are in your teens or twenties do not miss to try out this hairstyle. Here multiple bold colors like pink, purple and blue has been used in streaky fashion against a deep natural color of the hairs. This hairstyle looks gorgeous and unique but not over the top. If you enjoy experimenting with your looks, get this hairstyle.


• What are the best medium length hairstyles?

Some of the best medium length hairstyles include layered bobs, textured shags, long bobs, wavy lobs, and shoulder-length styles.

• What are the best haircuts for medium length hair?

The best haircuts for medium length hair include layered bobs, long layers, shaggy cuts, and shoulder-length cuts.

• What are the best highlighting techniques for medium length hair?

Some of the best highlighting techniques for medium length hair include balayage, ombre, and babylights.

• What are the benefits of having medium length hair?

Medium length hair is versatile and can be styled in a variety of ways, allowing for more creative freedom with hairstyling.

• What types of hair products should I use for medium length hair?

Products that are specifically designed for medium length hair, such as mousses, gels, and styling creams.

• How do I choose the right shade of highlights for my medium length hair?

Consider the natural color and texture of your hair, your skin tone, and the look you’re trying to achieve when selecting a shade.

• What are the best styling tips for medium length hair?

The best styling tips for medium length hair include using heat protectant products, using a good quality shampoo and conditioner, and experimenting with different hairstyles to find the right look for you.

• What are the best products for creating volume in medium length hair?

Volumizing mousses and sprays are the best products for creating volume in medium length hair.

• How should I care for my medium length hair?

Make sure to use a moisturizing conditioner and shampoo, and use a wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair.

• What are the best accessories for medium length hair?

Hair clips, headbands, and barrettes are all great accessories for medium length hair.