Long black hairstyles with plum highlights

Within the busy schedule of home and office, many women have managed to maintain long hair even today. Though it needs a lot of time to maintain, they never went back in keeping long hair. But only plain and simple long hair cannot make style. All you have to do is incorporate some styling in it. Long black hairstyles with plum highlights are really popular in the market today. Most of the ladies are adopting such style. The hair stylist will give you a spectacular look when you ask them to give you hair with plum highlights. You can easily stand out of the crowd with such a wonderful hairstyle. The present hair color trend will always maintain a nice look on ladies adopting it. This article will speak about some of such hairstyle which ladies can adopt.

Hairstyles for long hair with plum highlights

Wavy hair with plum highlights

Wavy hair with plum highlights

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As you can look at the hairstyle, the hair color is black, but you can see the plum more. It is just because the extent of highlight is more than the original hair color. You can now adjust the colors and highlight, according to your wish. But, this is one among the trendy style that comes with plum highlights.

Straight hair with plum highlights

Straight hair with plum highlights

Hairstyle is an important consideration for every lady who wishes to look presentable. Even a very plaintive style can value with some highlights. These day’s plum highlights has created a revolution in the market for the ladies willing to get a different look. Your personality will actually be boosted with such a wonderful hairstyle. The straight hair with a plum boost will always complement your look.

Purple and Plum hairstyle

Purple and Plum hairstyle

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Today market is flooded with a variety of hair color products. You can choose any color as per your choice. The combination of purple and plum is a hit. The ladies are getting bored with black hair. They wish to have some different look. First of all you have to dye your black hair to purple color completely. Thereafter, you can put some highlights with plum. This will actually make you feel proud of your style.

Soft high-light reflection

Soft highlights reflection

The hair as portrayed over here looks very different and a shine complements the looks. The color used by individual to style is the effect due to which the hair is looking really shinny. The plum highlights are very faint and hardly visible, but the hair has become really commendable. There are many ladies willing to have a soft touch of color. This hairstyle will suit them.


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Plum highlights with bump

Plum highlights with bump

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Let us come out of the simple open hairstyle and adopt the one which is little different from the mass. His plum highlight with a bump in the middle of the hair will give you an image of the old day’s heroines. These days the retro styles are really popular which you can adopt while attending any party or a function. After creating plum highlights over your hair black you have to create a bump in the middle. This can be done simply by twisting your inner hair or you can also use some bump it to create a bump.

Summer hairstyle with plum

Summer hairstyle with plum

People have a tendency of adopting various hairstyles with the change of season. The trend of hairstyle will also change with every season. This is the time when you should choose the appropriate hairstyle that with suite the season. This is one of the appropriate hairstyle that will suit the summer with the colors it brings in spring. As you can see that the entire hair is black in color and the plum highlights are portrayed with some strands over the black hair.

Multi strand plum hairstyle

Multi strand plum hairstyle

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The shiny black long hair with thin finish is complemented with several variations of colors among which plum is one. The off white color, purple as well as plum placed one after another in this hairstyle make the lady look really attractive. This will also help you get a different look from the mass. If you are fed up with same color highlights, this is a wonderful combination to consider and avail.

Integrate plum hair style

Integrate plum hair style

The lady in this picture is having a straight hair with the Chinese cut at the front portion of the hair that covers the entire forehead. The black hair color is having a great combination along with the plum highlights which makes a great integration with one another. This hairstyle can be easily adopted, whether you are wearing a western wear or simply traditional attire.

Shinny plum highlight style

Shinny plum highlights style

Braid hairstyles with hair highlights

This is yet another hairstyle which people would always wish to avail as this brings a spectacular style and looks of your hair. The light brown long hair is slightly curled at the end. This curls have been acquired with the help of the styling tool. You can now make this curl right at your home with the help of your styling tool. Whether you are a working lady, housewives or a teenage girl hair styling will be always your need.

Plum highlights on silky hair

Plum highlights on silky hair

Silky hair is generally very soft and good to look at. The hair with very thin strands is easy to get silky hair. People with thick hair cannot generally have a pleasure to have silky hair. The plum highlights over the silky hair actually look great as a spectator you will be glad to look such type of hair. The highlights are very less that reflects both black hair as well as the plump highlights. You can try this hairstyle today and be the refection of the mirror.

Heavy waves with plump highlights

Heavy waves with plump highlights

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The plump highlight can work well in heavy waves as well. If you have very dense waves throughout your hair, the plump highlights can easily be managed in a wonderful way. You can take each strand of hair and try out coloring the same and see the best result.

Dark black long curly hair with different hairstyle


The best curly long black hair with different hairstyle, make you look beautiful. The curly long hair with dark black hair make you look beautiful. Try this hairstyle with front bangs up to the forehead will cover half-off your head. Try this hairstyle for a party to western wear. The curly long hair makes you look beautiful with simple curls on shoulders.

Dark brownish black base hair color with highlights


The hair with brown streaks makes you up with dark black hair best suits for daily office. Try this hairstyle for office with a shoulder length hairstyle. Simply brush your hair back with side swept bangs and curls up to shoulders make you look beautiful. The hairstyles that make you look beautiful with brown streaks look good wit frizzy dry hair.

Dark long straight hairstyles to look beautiful


The hairstyle can best suits for your oblong face shape. Simply side swept bangs on two sides with fringes make you look good. Try this hairstyle with loose free hair up to shoulder length make you look good. Loose frizzy hair with dark black hair color idea that forms layers fringe looks pretty cute. The hairstyle makes you look beautiful with dry, frizzy hair look.

Dark brown hair with dark Caramel highlights


The hair style with dark brown and caramel highlights make you look more attractive than a normal hairstyle. The dark brown hair with a hot shade makes you look more delicate with caramel highlights. The best hairstyle with a long wavy and curly hairstyle gives a pretty look. Try this hairstyle for parties with curly rolled bouncy highlights with side swept bangs.

Long wavy hairstyle with colored hair


You should get a long and wavy hair that can raven black. The hairstyle with a deep royal blue, light pastel blue with black hair gives a fabulous look. The hairstyle best suits for long straight hair with two different color shades. The hair color idea is different and looks pretty simple. Use this simple hair color with plum highlights can pastel blue.