Braid hairstyles & haircuts with hair highlights

Braids are hairstyle types which locks most of the strands into intertwined sections. They surely look stylish but they reduce the volume of your hair, which could have been flaunted off in other ways. On the other hand, braids are super manageable and can be carried in almost all occasions. When you have events where you have a lot of work, you will look for hairstyle types which look good and are easy to carry. In this article, we have listed some lovely hairstyles which you can follow when you have highlighted hair. Dual colors make your hair look stylish you enhance your braided hair.

Layered brown hair with golden highlights

Layered brown hair with golden highlights

Top balayage hairstyles for black hair

When you have layers like you see in the picture below, you can let the strands fall down in the first 2-3 layers and then continue with your braid for the long strands at the back. Part your hair from one side and let layers fall in front. Since you make a regular braid from the nape of your neck, the layers in front can be left open. Let the strands make nice locks in front while you use the longer strands to make a regular braid. Side sweep the braid to let it fall down from one side of the shoulder.

Fishtail braid with brown and blonde color

Fish tail braid with brown and blonde color

After the regular braids, fish tail braids have become common. These are similar to the regular ones, but they need four sections instead of three. They are also a little more complicated, so you should check out some tutorials to have it done properly. When you have highlighted hair on the longer layers, you simply make two colors blend together. This makes your hairstyle look a little more interesting than what a regular fish tail braid would do.

Scalp braids and ponytail hairstyle with highlights

Scalp braids and ponytail

Best medium length hairstyles with highlights

Scalp braids are the braids which you do from the very roots of the strands. They aren’t the regular braids which you follow below the nape of the neck. You can make numerous hairstyles with this type and they look stylish too. Brush your hair from one side and then make two braids, one at the heavier side and one in the middle. Make both the sections neck at the nape of your neck and tie a ponytail. If you have layers falling in front, make them enhance the look with bangs.

Side-braids with open hair with highlights

Side-braids with open hair

To follow this elegant hairstyle, part your hair from the middle and then make two braids from initial sections of both the sides. Take them below the crown for pinning up. Before you pin them up, have the hair in the middle back-brushed. Now pin up the hair and make the rest of the strands fall low. You can have the strands waves up with an Instyler or carry your natural hair type. This hairstyle is apt for regular to officially wear.

Side-brushed scalp braid with open hair

Side-brushed scalp braid with open hair

Long black hairstyles with plum highlights

This hairstyle is perfect when you want to keep your hair open, but you don’t want layers to fall in front. Have all of your hair straightened or try this out with your wavy hair. Side-brush all your hair and create a braid with the initial strands right up to the crown. You can choose the braid type according to your comfort, but making it a little fat would be more appealing. Pin up the braid on that side and then make the corresponding strands of hair hide the pinning up. Let the rest of the hair fall down and side sweep it to the heavier side of sectioning.

Side braid with side-swept highlight hairstyle

Side braid with side-swept hair

This is another easy style which you can follow, when you want your hair open, but with a little more styling. Brush all your hair to one side which is more comfortable for you carry. Make a regular scalp braid with the initial sections. Bring it down up to and after which you can leave 3-4 inches of open hair. Tie it up with a hair-band and then settle the rest of the hair to that side. Let the style be carried down from one side of your shoulder and wear anything from regular to official with it.

Back-brushed middle sectioned braid with open hair

Back-brushed middle sectioned braid with open hair

Medium length black hairstyles with plum highlights

If you have long hair you should definitely try out this braided style. This hairstyle would be easy to carry for straight to wavy hair. You can also have it slightly styled with a flat iron. Back-brush all your hair and take a thick portion out in the middle. Make a stylish braid upon your choice, and try to involve some more sections from the strands at the sides. Let the braid continue down, after which you tie it up and let some inches fall open. Brush the rest of the hair at the back or carry it how it feels more comfortable to you.

Side-parted dual braid with ponytail hairstyle with highlights

Side-parted dual braid with ponytail

Have all of your hair nicely straightened before you start with the braiding process. Remember that two types of hairstyle in one, looks before when you have long hair. Make a side partition, keeping the heavier section comparatively heavier than the thinner section. Make two braids with consecutive sections and bring both the braids together, making a curve below the crown. Pin up the braid and then take the rest of the hair to make the ponytail. The ponytail should be tied high and it will be better if it manages to hide the pinning part.

Back-brushed braids with ponytail

Back-brushed braids with ponytail

Dark brown hairstyles with plum highlights

Unlike the previous hairstyle where you had to make a side-partition, this hairstyle will need all the hair to be brushed back. Back brush all your hair if it is straight to wavy. Have it slightly styled if not, as then it would get the perfect effect. Take out thinner sections so that you can make 3 to 4 braids. Just make sure that the distance is enough between every two braids, so that they look uniform. After all the scalp braid meet below the crown, make a ponytail and let the hair flow.

Upside down French braid highlights hairstyle

Upside down french braid

One of the sexiest braided hairstyle that is in trend now, is the upside down French braid. They were discovered around 4-5 years back, but they grabbed immense acceptance now. You have to flip your hair down and then make a French braid in order to make it look how you see it in the picture below. When the braiding process reaches your crown, you can either choose to make a bun or make a ponytail with it. The following style should not hide the braided zone so a bun it more preferable. This can suit any attire, from regular to official.

Popular fishtail braid hairstyle with highlights of burgundy

1. Fishtail-Braid-Hairstyles-for-Burgundy-Hair

The double braided fish tail hairstyle with a burgundy hair gives a trendy classic look. The side part of the hair is braided doubled at one side of the ear and ended on the other side with a ponytail. Tie the ponytail with an elastic rubber band and twist the band with hair to cover elastic band. This is the best hair color idea that best suits for any skin tone.

Victory braided hairstyle with rope highlights

2. Victoria-Justice-Side-Braided-With-Headbands-Rope-Highlight-Hair

The victory braided hairstyle with headbands and rope highlight make you look beautiful. Try this hairstyle for party and any occasions to turn everyone’s attention at you. Simply classic look with side swept bang and braid hair tied at the end. The layered haircuts with this bang hairstyle, make you look gorgeous.

French braid hairstyle tucked with highlight

3. french-braided-updo-2016


The French braid hairstyle with tucked bun hair highlights. The dark brown and light brown highlights with the hairstyle, make you look good. The braid hairstyle with tucked French braid updo look. The hairstyle ideas best to be suited with fair skin tone. This hairstyle best suits for oval face shape.

Simple braided hairstyle with highlights

4. Simple-and-Easy-Long-Hairstyles-with-Highlight-and-Cute-Side-Braids-for-Straight-Thin-Hair-in-Side-View

The braided hairstyle that best suits for your face shape is cute.  Long braided highlights are best for a straight, thin hair. Braided hairstyle with highlights make you look beautiful. The braided straight hair with dark brown hair can add glamour to your face. Side swept braid and pinned at back with loose wide open hair.

Long wavy braided hairstyles with highlights

5. Wavy-hairstyles-for-long-thick-hair-with-braided

The long wavy hairstyle with a three knot tight braided on one side is beautiful. Side swept the remaining hair and left open with wavy fringe haircut. The black eyelash with blue eyeball gives an amazing look. This will add a more glamorous look to your square face shape.

Cute easy bun hairstyle with highlights

6. Cute-easy-bun-hairstyles-with-braided-for-medium-length-hair

Cute best easy hairstyles with a medium length hair color ideas are pretty cute. The traditional classic look hairstyle with braid and bun can balance the look with the traditional wedding hairstyle. The easy bun hair highlights with brown hair color gives a pretty look.