Dark brown color hairstyles & haircuts with plum highlights

Hairs with highlights have always been the trend for people around the world. The plum highlights sounds a little different but has become quite popular in the market today. Whether you have short hair or long, the plum highlights can always become a hit. You can also find different variations of plum highlights such as plum brown hair, Plum hair, burgundy Plum hair, Plum black hair, etc. You can choose among the variety displayed in the list. This article to speak about a variety of hair designs and cuts along with the plum highlights.

Dark brown hairstyles with plum highlights

Short hair with Plum highlights

Short hair with Plum highlights

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The lady in this picture looks really attractive with her particular haircut. The Plum highlights over her dark hair makes her look more attractive. Her hair is totally black in color. The Plum highlights which is very faintly visible looks really attractive on her. If you have short hair like this, the particular hairstyle can be adopted.

Long dark hair with plum highlights

Long dark hair with plum highlights

Another popular hairstyle adopted by the ladies is long straight hair with shiny finish and the highlights of plum all over the hair. This style to suit you in any type of formal as well as casual attire. Even if you are going for a meeting with your client, the proper business suit will be complemented with this hairstyle.

Wavy hair with plum highlights
Wavy hair with plum highlights

Dark brown hairstyles with highlights and lowlights

Particular hairstyle is really Volumizing with the slightly long facial shape of the lady in the picture. If you can see with attention, the hairs are mostly highlighted with plum keeping some strands of hair black. This will give you a volume look and attractiveness of the individual will automatically increase. People with wavy hair must adopt this hairstyle.

Dark gray with plum highlights

Dark grey with plum highlights

The type of hair is little different as the lady is having half straight and half waves over her hair. The spectacular plum highlights over it makes the lady looks really attractive. It is not like other highlights that will make you look cheap and unattractive, rather the gray hair with plum highlights will be among the most popular hairstyles that gives you a natural look.  If you are not looking for too much artificial touch in your hair, the plum highlights on dark gray hair will be really attractive.

Multiple highlights along with plum

Multiple highlights along with plum

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Some ladies would look out for the hairstyle that will provide multiple highlights and attractiveness. This is one among such popular hairstyle that will give you a different look. As you can see that the lady is having extremely dark brown hair which is made highlighted with plum and other red color highlights. Thus, you can get not one or two colors in your hair, but around three colors toggling with success.

Messy plum hair color ideas

Messy plum hair color

Here the hair stylist has not made highlights over the hair, rather the full hair is made plum so that you can get a different look.  Here you don’t have to comb your hair in a neat way the way you do on a regular basis, all you have to do is leave some hair apart and take some strand of hair in one place. A beautiful hair clip with white stone is placed just at the back portion of the hair.

Plum hair tumbler hairstyle with dark brown hair

Plum hair tumbler

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As you can see the whole hair is placed in such a way that it looks like a tumbler. The plum highlights provide a terrific view over it. Ladies with short hair can easily avail it as nothing will be easier than this. You can now come forward and adopt this hairstyle. Remember, adopting the haircut and color highlight is not all you would require. It is equally important to maintain your hair so that you get a good quality hair.

Blunt cut plum highlights

Blunt cut plum highlights

Most of the ladies have been adopting this particular blunt cut of the hair as this particular cut looks good and is really easy to maintain. It is not as short as a boy cut nor it is too long to go ahead with an extra maintenance. All you have to do is, cut the hair and go ahead with plum highlights that will bring exclusive shine to your hair. Whether you are among the teenager or that of working lady, this hairstyle will obviously suit you.

Layer cut hair with plum highlights

Layer cut hair with plum highlights

Braid hairstyles with hair highlights

If you have layer cut hair, you are one of the most attractive ladie as the cut is presented in such a way that, it will absolutely make your face cutting really attractive. The plum highlights over this layer cut hair will be really attractive as it will complement your look in a vivid way. Whether you are going to attend a marriage function or a day out with your loved one, this particular type of haircut with the plum highlights makes everything possible. Dance and entertainment at the discotheque will also complement this spectacular look. Try this today and make yourself really attractive.

Artistic haircut with plum highlights

Artistic haircut with plum highlights

The haircut over here looks really attractive for all those preferring the short hair as this will create a bounce in your hair by making it bumpy in the middle. The haircut must be adopted by people who actually wish to go for styling, but have no time to maintain their hair. You can now come forward and adopt this particular hairstyle that will make a difference in your looks for a wider look. If you have a long face type, this haircut with plum highlights will suit.

Shiny dark hair with plum highlights

Shiny dark hair with plum highlights

Party hairstyles for medium hair with saree

Another wonderful type of haircut that will make you look dazzling is nothing except this. Here, you have a long hair with jet black shine. After this, you can also have some plum highlights to complement the look. Attend any award function or social gathering to surprise people around with your particular highlighted hairstyle backed with shiny finish all over with a bounce.

Burgundy hair highlights with dark brown hair


Try this burgundy brown hairstyle with long straight hair. Simple brush your hair back with side swept layer cuts wide open straight hair. Try this hairstyle that better suits for your face. This hairstyle best suits for regular wear and also on any occasions. Quick & simple hairstyle with long straight hair highlights with dark brown color hair ideas.

Simple & classic hue with subtle auburn highlights


The simple hairstyles with auburn highlights make you look beautiful. Try this hairstyle for outings. Simply side swept and brush your layered hair on the shoulder. The dark brown color hair side swept bang and are rolled up on two shoulders. Try this burgundy hair with stylish black clothes and accessories. Choose for dark brown tone.

Brown plum hair highlights with medium color strands


The simple hair color for out strand make you look beautiful. Color your hair that is something suspicious. Try this pretty hair color that makes you look terrible dark. Use this completing whole process with that hair looks pretty and good. A lot darker hair color with side swept bang and open loose hair.

Patch hairstyle with banged highlights


Try this long and banged highlight to look fabulous. Try something different instead of regular streaks and patching that can go well in dark brown hair. The roots are full of natural while highlights are applied around ear level. This is the finest right angle of light. Try to keep your hair healthy to try any kind of hairstyle. You just simply need a straight and frazzle hair to style and try this hairstyle.

Simple cure dark brown Ombre hair color with highlights


The mid part simple, straight long hairstyle with the fringe hair make you look beautiful. Try this simple hairstyle that makes you look pretty and cute. The wavy hair with end rolls gives an amazing look. Use this Ombre hair color and hairstyle idea for any party that makes you look unique and fabulous. Simply brush mid part of your hair crossed with light makeup is beautiful.