Dark brown hair styles with highlights and lowlights

Highlights are basically the light color applied over specific hair strands which will make the hair, distinct from those with natural black hair style. On the other hand the low lights are a darker color of dye applied over the hair of individuals which makes the hair tone darker as compared to natural hair color.

These days the hair stylist is making proper utilization of both the techniques and created a boost in the hair style techniques. This article will speak about such dark brown hair styles with lowlights and highlights that will make a lady look prettier than before. After viewing these styles you can also try this at home or ask your salon expert to do the same. Simple ideas for dark brown hair with highlights and lowlights.

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Dark brown hairstyles with highlights and low lights

Long wave brown highlights

Long wave brown highlights

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The highlights done with the lady with the wavy medium length hair have selected brown color with a slightly copper finish so that it complements the dark black color hair of the lady. The soft curls created throughout the hair are highlighted really well with the attractive highlighting color.

Dark brown low light hairstyle


This is another wonderful hairstyle made attractive with the application of the low lights. Since the lady has a blonde hair, a dark color has to be chosen in order to create a low light image over the same. The medium length hair is made curl with the clean and neat touch along with low lighting style in various hair strands.

Dark brown highlights


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The lady poses darker brown tone of hair and the highlight is done with a lighter and brighter color to make a complementary effort. This hairstyle looks really attractive when you want to stay simple, but sober as well. If you have the hair length more than the shoulder, this is the hairstyle and the highlighted trend you can adopt.


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Blonde highlight on dark brown


If you have dark colored hair, it is obvious that you will have a fascination of getting a blonde look. Now, you can get an extraordinary style with the blonde highlights over your dark brown natural color. After getting these highlights, you can also go ahead with perfect braid hairstyle as the braid also creates a spectacular look after highlights is done.

Light brown highlights on dark brown


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As it is now being understood that highlights must be done with a light color hair dye, the lady with the dark brown natural hair color throughout her hair makes it desirable for the light color. The light brown shade of highlights applied over it compliments the look. The curl made over the straight hair also looks really attractive with the highlighted color.

A perfect lowlight blonde and dark brown hair color ideas

A perfect lowlight

The low lights hair color has also become a fashion these days and the above hairstyle is a wonderful example of the same. Apparently you may not be able to find out which one is the natural color and which low light is over here. But, if you can watch the hair very minutely this will become clear. If you are among the individuals who do not require much prominence in hair highlights and low lights, this one will be a suitable deal.

Sunlight’s effect on highlights

Sunlight’s effect in highlights

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You can absolutely view how wonderful the dark brown highlighted hair is looking with the sunlight falling over it. As compared to the normal light inside the home or at night, the highlighted hair looks much more attractive once it is under the sunlight. The above picture is an example of the particular statement.

Multiple highlights and lowlights

Red and blonde highlights curled into dark brown

The lady with the highlighted hair over the blonde color has used many different colors. Somewhere you can see dark brown where as in another place a burgundy tone which is brighter. This is the particular hair style where you can get the image of both highlights as well as low lights. If you can try this particular hairstyle and go in front of your friends, they will really get a surprise.

Angular wave, dark brown low lights

Angular wave dark brown low lights

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The hair looks very trendy with the copper color highlights over the dark brown natural color hair. After making the highlights the lady must have created big and angular waves with the help of hair irons. This will ideally help you create a wonderful fashion statement among the crowd.  This can be your hairstyle even in the parties.

Shinny brown highlights

Shinny brown highlights

This is yet another variation of highlights used by many youngsters who wished to stay up to date and even stay with the fashion. The lady is having shinny black hair, but in some parts and edges she has created highlights with dark brown dye. This highlight goes really well with the formal look when you are attending official meeting or conference.

Fabulous dark brown highlights for curly hair


The simple dark brown highlight with a natural curly hair is the best way to style your hair. The curls are the modern latest trend to follow that gives amazing look. You should follow the different hairstyles that make you look pleasant and cute. When mimicking this look, you have to follow with a different way and style your dark brown hair with a focus and placement based on your hair texture.

Best natural dark brown highlights with simple curls


The auburn highlights give a complete natural look. This is the perfect way that makes you look good. The highlights can add more attracting look and can turn everyone’s attention at you. This hairstyle is set to look as a versatile. Choose this hairstyle to dark brown, auburn curly hair for a party.

Dark brown & blonde low lights hairstyle


The hairstyle with blonde low light is beautiful. The long straight, wavy hair with a fringe wavy look is pretty. This blonde low light hairstyle best suits for party. Try this hairstyle in the winter, which makes you look something different from routine look. The hair color idea with dark color best suits for fair skin complexions.

Dark brown Balayage blonde long hair style idea


Mid part your dark brown hair and leave the hair free wide open. The hair with gray color strands and fringe hairstyle, make you look beautiful. The hairstyle with long simple curls gives a wavy hairstyle look. This hairstyle is easy to try and takes less time to style your hair.

Blonde hairstyle with dark brown hair color idea


The dark brown hair color idea for with wavy and low light curls gives a fabulous look. The hair on forehead with fringe haircut covers one side of your face. The hair on the other side placed on the shoulder with a simple wavy curl gives a beautiful look. The hair color idea is simply beautiful with a unique look.

Blonde hair low lights with dark brown hair


The modern best stylish hair color look with blonde low light looks pretty cute. Try this hairstyle to give a fashion look with the modern trend. Style your hair with side swept bang and fringe haircut. The hair rolls and curls with fringe haircut make you look beautiful.

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