Layered wavy hairstyles for oval faces – Long, medium & short haircuts

So, you have an oval face and you should be really thankful for that perfect face shape. More or less any hairstyle can go nicely with an oval face but layers are certainly the best pick from the lot for oval faced beauties.

You can go to any length with the cut. Layers near your chin, cheekbone or your lips all will look flattering on you. You can have the length of the layers according to the section of your face you want to highlight.

Wavy as well as straight both types of layered hairstyles will suit you best, but in this article we will primarily focus on the layered wavy hairstyles for the oval faces. So, if you love wavy hairs more and you are going to get a layered cut to suit perfectly with your oval face shape, then check out this collection before you make the final choice,

Layered hair for short length

Layered hair for short length

Dark brown hairstyles with highlights and lowlights

If you have an oval face, then you are just blessed. Because most of the hairstyles look just perfect for oval face. But this one is out of the world. The short length and the layers give an adorable look to steal the show.

Mid length flowing layers

Mid length flowing layers

Layers with forehead fringes are one of the messy and classy looks you can have if you have an oval face. The sharp features of the oval face appear more prominent with this kind of teasing layers.

Highlighted mid length layers

Highlighted mid length layers

Go for highlights if you have a mildly dusky skin with an oval face. The layers with light brown highlights will give the diva look. Try to curl the ends of the strands and be party ready.

Simple side parted layers

Simple side parted layers

If you are a fan of the simple look and a mid-length hair, then this one is just for you.  Part your hair from ride side, and give it an uncombed casual look. Everyone loves that fascinating next door girl look.

The blackest black layers

The blackest black layers

Best hairstyles for pattu sarees

Treat your hair with the dark black color. Softly curl the ends of those hair strands of the layered cut. And this looks divine in long hair. Go and try it and f course thanks us later.

Long layered wavy bob for oval shape face

Long layered wavy bob

Long layered wavy bob hairstyle can look really smart on oval faces. The long layers ranging from the length of the chin till the collar bone gives the total hairstyle a perfect smart look. You can pair this hairstyle with any type of formal or casual wear and the best thing is that it needs low maintenance.

Medium length layers haircut for oval face

Medium length layers for oval face

This wavy layered hairstyle looks absolutely ravishing on oval faced beauties. Here the intricate layers start right from the length of the eyes and finally falls onto the collar bones.

This hairstyle is also considered ideal for people with thin hairs as it adds volume to the overall look. College going girls with oval face shape can try out this smart hairstyle to give a fresh touch to their looks.

Layered wavy bob for short hairs

Layered wavy bob

Layered wavy bob can also look nice on the oval faces. Intricate layers that give a messy look to the hairstyle can be one of the best to pick to get that right care free look.

This hairstyle might not be ideal for the ladies who prefer an ethnic dressing style, but it can go really well with casual and western dresses.

Long wavy haircut with layers for long hairs

Long wavy haircut with layers

Easy hairstyles for college girls

If you have long hairs and an oval face shape, nothing should stop you from trying out this hairstyle.

Long wavy layers can look absolutely great on oval face and if you are ready to get some highlights on your hairs to cover that extra mile, the overall effect is surely going to win you many compliments.

Wavy long layers for medium hairs

Wavy long layers

This is a perfect wavy hairstyle with long lairs that can suit women of any age and any type of fashion choice. Here the soft ends of the layers have been curled to give the total hairstyle a wavy look.

The use of the blonde and caramel highlights on layers have highlighted the curls and added a total new dimension to the overall appearance.

Magical wavy layers on long hairs

Magical wavy layers on long hairs

One of the best things about the layers is that you can have them even if you want to have those long locks. Long hairs can be difficult to maintain but they can always give you that special look.

Here the layers are soft and they have matched naturally with the length of the hairs. The highlights complete the look giving the hairstyle the oomph factor.

Messy layers with side bangs for long hair

Messy layers with side bangs

Braid hairstyles with hair highlights

Layers can also be paired with side bangs as shown in this picture. Layers with waves and just a dash of color can add a complete fresh look to any hairstyle.

In this wavy style as well the layers are not extremely chiseled rather they give the hairstyle a soft natural wavy look along with the interesting highlights.

Wavy long layers on medium length hairs

Wavy long layers on medium length hairs

In this hairstyle the first layer ends near the chin and the second layer ends below the shoulder length.

Though here the layers are quite prominent but the ends have been curved nicely to get a wavy look. Use of the golden highlights on the locks framing the face has given this hairstyle a new dimension.

Layers on long hairs with front bangs for medium hairstyles

Layers on long hairs with front bangs

Party hairstyles for medium hair with saree

Bangs are in fashion and they look great on oval face too. You can easily get a layered hairstyle with front bangs for giving your overall appearance a fresh touch.

Here the ends of the layers have been curled softly at the upper section and at the lower part the layers are more prominent. The eye touching front bangs make this hairstyle perfect for college going girls.

Wavy bob layers with highlights for short hairstyles

Wavy bob layers with highlights

Check out this layered wavy bob if you are in your 30s and trying to get that fashionable look. The best thing about this wavy layer is that it can look really pretty even on women over 50 years of age. Use of the highlights is totally optional but they certainly add a lot more drama to the overall look.

Layers cut with front bangs for long oval face and short hair

Layers with front bangs

Easy braided bun up-do hairstyles

This is a unique layered hairstyle that can give anyone a completely different and highly stylish look.

This hairstyle will look perfect on any oval face shapes and by adding the right shades of color that suits with your skin tone you can make this hairstyle most attractive. Here some of the layers have been kept very short which has given the hairstyle a perfect messy look.

Short wavy layers haircut with side bangs for perfect oval shape face with short hair

Short wavy layers with side bangs

Short wavy layers with side bangs as shown in this picture can look absolutely great on women of any age particularly if you have an oval face.

The side bangs make it ideal to give the oval face a more roundish look which can give your total look a fresh touch quickly. Here no color has been used on the hairs, but you can always get some highlighting to make the hairstyle more gorgeous.

Bob with small intricate layers for short hairstyles

Bob with small intricate layers

Hairstyles with golden brown highlights

Check out this small intricate layer cutting on bob hairs. In this hairstyle the layers have given the total hairstyle a very sharp look.

The shortest layers covering the forehead look absolutely natural and can give a naturally stylish look. This layered hairstyle is perfect for aged women and can be added with highlights according to the requirements and choice.

Colorful layers for college girls

Colorful layers for college girls

If you are open to experimenting with your looks, this colorful layered hairstyle can certainly make a great pick for you. Here the layers are sharp and gives the hairstyle a unique look, due to their slightly wavy nature.

The use of the bold colors for highlighting certainly makes the primary attraction of this hairstyle, making it ideal for the younger women.

Soft wavy layers on medium length hairs for oval face

Soft wavy layers on medium length hairs

Best hairstyles with highlights

Medium length hairs are often preferred due to their ease of maintenance and you can easily get beautiful layers like the one shown above, in your medium length hairs too.

The three prominent layers present in this layer cut highlights the facial features perfectly and gives a very soft touch to the overall look due to its wavy nature.

Short wavy layers for women of any age

Short wavy layers for women of any age

No matter your age, if you are looking for a smart haircut this one can go perfectly for you. This layered hairstyle will certainly look gorgeous on women with oval face, but can also go well on any face shape. Here multiple sharp layers have been created to give the bob a shape of its own.

Layers with highlights on long hairs

Layers with highlights on long hairs

Long black hairstyles with highlights

If you have really long hairs, get this layered hairstyle to flaunt your hairs in style.  Here the layers are long and have been accentuated with highlights.

The point to note in this layered hairstyle is that, instead of opting for short layers, long layers have been added to not to make the hairs too messy but perfectly wavy.

Long layers with dip dye

Long layers with dip dye

The dip dye technique is highly in fashion and combining long layers with dip dye can give you a fresh look. Here the long layers on the long hairs have been cut to create a natural wavy look and the ends of the hairs have been dip-dyed in a tone of pink to complete the look.

The dyeing is certainly optional but the layers with backwards wave can be a great pick for any stylish women.

Asymmetrical layers on medium length hairs

Asymmetrical layers on medium length hairs

Short black hairstyles with blonde highlights

Asymmetrical layer is a unique hair layering style that can look really unique on women with an oval face shape.

In this hairstyle the layers are not exactly same in length at both the sides but they highlight the facial features perfectly and when added with gorgeous highlights matching with the skin tone, asymmetrical layers can look absolutely perfect on women of any age.