Easy braided bun updo hairstyles

Bun hairstyles are the quickest and easiest hairstyle hacks, which we love to follow, especially when we don’t have much time. For a change, we will see some stylish hairdos which we can try with buns. They are not the easiest hacks, but they surely don’t let long strands fall down. Thus, it keeps your hairstyles both stylish and manageable.  These bun hairdos will include braids as well, so you have the best of both the styles in one. Check out the pictures and description, so that you can choose the styles you want to follow.

Lace braid around bun hairstyle

Lace braid around bun

Easy wavy hairstyles with golden highlights

This hairstyle is easy and quick compared to most other braided buns. Let your hair stay natural, but you might need the flat iron if your hair is absolutely curly. First of all, take a brush and back-brush all the strands of your hair. Section out a small part either from the extreme left or right and make a bun. Use the rest of the strands to make a bun on your crown. Finally, take the braid and place it around like a lace. Use pins to fasten the strands. Let strands look messy and untidy if you love the look below.

Easy double side-braid and bun hairstyle

Double side-braid and bun

This is an interesting hairstyle which women don’t usually follow. If you are looking for something unique enough, you can give this a try. Brush all your hair to one side and then take out four tiny sections to create two braids. These braids will be further entangled with each other as they look like a single braid of four divisions. All the braid continues to be made up to the tips, but you would have to twist it around the nape of the neck and attach it like a hair bun.

Quick two sides braid with bun hairstyle

Two sides braid with bun

Easy hairstyles for sarees

This hairstyle is comparatively easy to follow. Part your hair from the middle and comb it well. Now make two sections on two sides and create braids. Place the braids on both the sides. The style should be followed up to the nape of your neck after which you can make the bun. Have the rest of the hair waved up with an Instyler. This will let you get a messy bun and that would surely be more attractive. Have the hair loosely tied after you have positioned the bun properly.

Simple upside down French braid hairstyle

Upside down french braid

French braids being done upside are revamping braided hairstyles! These look immensely stylish and grab attention. Have your hair flipped upside down and then start with the braiding process. You will probably need an external help for this. Start braiding after you have flipped the hair upside down and bring the process up to your crown. Use the rest of the hair to make a bun. You can either make a top knot or let the bun stuck out after the crown zone.

Tiny braids made into a bun hairstyle

Tiny braids made into a bun

Layered hairstyles for oval faces

This is another stylish hairstyle type which is easy too. Have your hair nicely straightened to get the perfect look. Take out small sections of hair to create thin braids. After you have made at least 4 to 6 thin braid. Use all the hair to make a neat bun. When you make the bun, it will have the regular strands along with the thin braids. This will make the bun have braids and make a regular bun hairstyle look stylish. This can be followed for casual occasions, office and even for parties!

Braid moved upside down and pinned hairstyle

Braid moved upside down and pinned

This is not the regular braid that you create with three equal sections. This is more like twisted sections intertwined to make the hairstyle look eye-catchy. Take two sections from the nape of your neck and twist them around to make it look like a braid. Shift the strands upside down after you have followed the process up to the tips. The strands should be nicely placed and then pinned up with a small bobby pin. This is best when your hair is not too long, so that you can place it vertically and not create a big bun.

Side swept braid with bun hairstyle

Side swept braid with bun

Easy hairstyles with rotating curls

This hairstyle is another option for you, if you don’t want to part your hair from the middle and rather have one braid swept to one side. Brush your hair to one side and make a braid. Push it to the side and then get your hair ready for the bun. To not let the hairstyle look plain, you should try enhancing a little with the look of the bun. You can try your own or follow an example, in the picture below. Make tiny sections of the hair at the back and created a twisted bun.

French braid with bun hairstyle

French braid with bun

This is a stylish hairstyle which includes three French braid on the scalp. You have to start with the very first strand of your hair and extend the look up in the crown zone. Part your hair in three sections, keeping maximum strands in the middle. Make braids on all the sections, by intertwining the sections with each other. This way, your look will get the perfect shape. Use the rest of the hair to create a regular bun. Let this portion stay plain, so that you don’t mix up both the hair types!

Side-swept french braid and bun hairstyle

Side-swept french braid and bun

Simple hairstyles for silk saree

This is a just a French braid with a twist! You have to side sweep your hair and start creating the braid so that it takes an oblique shape. This will revamp a regular French braid and give it a different position to be placed. Make the French braid from the extreme right and then slowly shift to the left. When you are done with the braid, you simply have to take the rest of the strands and create a bun. Make sure that the bun lies on the side where the braid ends.

Criss-cross braid with bun hairstyle

Criss-cross braid with bun

This is another hairdo which you can try for making your top knot look a little more interesting. Make two thin braids on two extreme sides of your hair, and then make a bun with the rest of the hair. When you ought to place the braids, you cross them across and make an X shape. Pin in small bobby pins so that they are hidden inside. Tie the top knot like you usually do and make sure that it looks neat enough to compliment the braids.

Cute Epic braided bun hairstyle


The braided ends up with an epic braid bun. The braided hairstyle has a same look that is realized with on your hair.  You need to try it with another way and never ending braided bun stylish like suppose to not end called a never ending braid. We split the waterfall braids and French braid in half to make this hairstyle easier. This is complicated and has intricate this braid bun looks.

Easy and quick braided bun hairstyles


The stylish hairstyle with long and attractive hair looks simple with easy steps. Comb your hair backward and set them in braided style. Prepare a bun and with whatever position you want. Top bun your hair with all free hairs into bun as a free hair that can decrease the look of braided bun hairstyle.

Latest double fishtail bun with updo hairstyle


The updo bun hairstyle with double fishtail is pretty simple. The braiding fish tails are clubbed together to form a bun. Roll the two fishtail braids, one after the other to form a messy bun. This sideways can add extra texture to your hairstyle. Hide the ends in a way and are concealed for a better look.

Trendy French braid updo bun hairstyle


The French braid bun hairstyle has parted with an easy updo’s with long hair. First, divide your hair into three parts diagonally to form a French braid. Secure French braid with a band and roll the braid to form a bun. Finally, secure the bun with pins.

Simply classic braids up do bun hairstyle


The braid bun hairstyle with elastics and bobby pins looks beautiful. Section your hair into three parts and braid by starting at back. Twist the braid into a flat bun against your head. Secure them with bobby pins. Wrap the next braid and tuck with elastic and secure it with bobby pins Repeat this with third braid. Wrap the two front braids around your completed bun and secure them with elastic and bobby pins.

European braid hairstyle ideas


The European braid hairstyle is simple and is easy to wear. Braid the front section hair from the mid part. Repeat it on the other side and pin the braids securely with bobby pins. With the remaining hair prepare a top bun with braid to look beautiful.