Easy wavy hairstyles & haircuts with golden highlights

Highlights are selected sections of hair, which are colored with a distinctive tone from your present hair color.  Golden highlights are glossy hair color ideas which go best with black to brown hair colors. If you have wavy hair naturally or you like to style it like that, you can try out these hairstyle ideas. We have listed some of the most commonly tried hairstyles with this highlight. Make sure that your hairstyle suits the shape of your face, so that it doesn’t hinder the perfect look. If there are two colors on your hair already, you might have to make some alterations.

Side brushed messy waves hairstyleSide brushed messy waves

Simple hairstyles for silk saree

Wavy hair looks natural and beautiful. They are mostly hassle free and can be transformed into numerous styles. Try out this easy hairdo with your new hair color. After you have highlighted with golden tones, brush your hair from one side so that there is more of it on that particular side. Don’t part the hair with a comb, but use a brush instead. Let the golden highlights flaunt in front and let the hair fall in its natural wave. Now, bring the hair down your shoulder and then the hair parted from the thinner sectioning stay at the back.

Middle-parted highlight flaunt haristyleMiddle-parted highlight flaunt

Sometimes the sections of your hair that has been highlighted also matters when you want to have a style. You might want all of a particular section get cleared up or you might get wanting to have it half down colored. In the picture below, we have an example of half down highlights, which can be flaunted at its best, when left open. Follow this easy hairstyle, by parting your hair from the middle and let it flow down the shoulders.

Side-parted open layers hairstyleSide-parted open layers

Layered hairstyles for oval faces

Choosing the golden highlight over a brown color which is so light, will almost merge the two colors together and give you such a look. If your hair is wavy and cut in layers, this would be a nice hairstyle that you can try. Wash your hair nice and then part it from one side. Let the fringes fall on the heavier side of the sectioning and let the layers continue to fall down the shoulder. Let the hair from the thinner sectioning fall at the back. You can also have a similar style with other base colors.

Braids long plaits hairstyle with golden highlightsBraids

Opting for braids with dual colors just enhances this manageable hairstyle. Sometimes, we like to opt for braids because they are too easy to carry for the occasion. On the other hand, it makes it too plain and you don’t have much style to flaunt in front. Try a braid with your highlighted hair and make it look gorgeous. The styles turn out to be beautiful because you have two sections of two different colors intertwining each other, and that makes the hair look more attractive. Choose any type of braid that suits you and flaunt the dual colors.

Side-parted bun hairstyle with highlightsSide-parted bun

Prom hairstyles for shoulder length hair

The way you have your highlights done, make a lot of difference in the hairstyles you can choose. This hairstyle has dual colors which blend in thin sections of golden and brown. These sorts of coloring would need expert help and perfection. To follow this hairstyle and make both the colors equally prominent, have you have nicely parted from one side, so that the heavier sections cover maximum section of the scalp. If you have layers, they might fall in front while the rest of the hair can be combed back to make a bun. Choose your own way to have it tied, but allow the wave to firmly flow.

Curled waves with open hair golden highlightsCurled waves with open hair

Opt for some more curvy layers with your wavy hair, to make it look a little more stylish and classy. This is easy to do when you have wavy hair naturally, and you want a simple improvisation with the curves. Have your hair nicely washed and part it from the middle. Let the hair fall down from both sides of the shoulders, so that you can take thick sections and using a curling iron over it. Give your strands this curved look and make the golden highlights glow a little more.

Messy hair ponytail hairstyle with highlightsMessy hair ponytail

Wavy hairstyles with plaits

Wavy hair can be messed up when you want your hair to look a little erotic! Have it nicely shampooed and add leave in conditioner. Add minimal amount so that it’s not absolutely silky. Have it brushed a little unruly but avoid tangles. Make a neat ponytail and tie it up a little high. You can carry this hairstyle with casual clothes, but it will give a contrasting look when you have something more fashionable to wear. Depending on the sections of your highlight, the hair will look highlighted both in front and at the back.

Middle-parted messy waves hairstyle with golden highlightsMiddle-parted messy waves

If you want your wavy hair to flow as it is and you don’t want to alter the look with additional stylish, this hairstyle could be apt for you. Although it looks very informal, it contrasts the hairdo with formals and gives a unique look to it. Try out golden highlights and follow this easy hairstyle. Take a comb to nicely brush your hair and then make it look a little messy half way down. Part the hair from the middle and let the strands flow down from both sides of the shoulders.

Perfect layered cut hairstyle with highlightsPerfect layered cut

Dark hairstyles with highlights

Wavy haired beauties can opt to have their hair slightly straightened for the first half and remain the natural look towards the end. To follow the perfect layered cut with your wavy hair, get your hair half way straightened and let the tips take its own curve. When you have layered cut, you will get separate steps which is best flaunted with such hairstyles. Due to the curves tips you will retain the wavy effect. Have your hair parted from one side and let the initial layers make a side fringe.

Wavy hair with curled tips hairstyle

Wavy hair with curled tipsThe difference between black and golden is such, that both of them get equal prominence when blended into a hair color idea. Some brown colors blend into the highlight, but black always retains its presence. Try out this hairstyle, where you would have to have the last couples of inches curled with the styling iron. Part your hair from the one side and let the heavier sectioning fall in front. Let the thinner section fall to the back while the mess up-do steals the show.

Blonde messy medium wavy hairstyle with bangs


The simple and easy messy hairstyle with shoulder length wavy hair make you look beautiful. The hairstyle as golden highlights gives a casual hairstyles look which gives a long wavy hair. The simple hairstyles that best suits for everyday messy hairstyles make you look pretty cute. This is up to shoulder length wavy hair with golden highlights.

Blow wavy hairstyle with golden highlights

simple-blow-waves The hairstyle with a wavy hairstyle, make you look good with a golden dipped lock. Mid part your hair with a fringe hair and golden highlights. The hairstyle with a fringe haircut up to shoulder length make you look cherish with a long stud chain. Wavy curly fringe hairstyle with golden highlights gives a trendy look.

Fashion golden honey highlights hairstyle


The hairstyle with beautiful golden honey highlights can lighten up with a warm base extra rich hue look. This hairstyle best suits for medium length warm tone hair color. The hairstyle can be easily attained with a natural texture for curls. The side swept bang with curly, wavy honey highlight hairstyle is simply pretty and cute to look beautiful.

Soft & wavy hair with golden highlights


The simple bob haircut with a splash hair color with a peekaboo highlights make you look gorgeous. The side part bangs with soft and smooth, silky hair with fringe haircut make you look beautiful. Try this hairstyle, if you have a large forehead, which can be covered with bangs.

Long layered hairstyle with golden highlights

2016 Best Black Long Layered Hairstyles With Side Bangs And Highlight For Thick Wavy Hair Girls Collections - 2016 2017 Hairstyles and Haircut

The long layered hairstyle makes you look cute with side bangs. The golden highlights can have a thick wavy hair with side swept bang and braided tucked with an elastic band. The other hairstyle with a twisted two side sectioned hair at the mid of the head and rolled tightly with golden highlights.

Long wavy fringe haircut with golden highlights


The long wavy hairstyle with highlights and are center parted fringe haircut gives a oval shape hair to look beautiful. Try this hairstyle for any occasion to have a heavy hair volume look. The fringe haircut in front looks beautiful with an inverted V shape with golden highlights. Try this hairstyle for college fest and parties to be unique and turns everyone’s attention.