Simple hairstyles & haircuts for silk saree

When you are wearing a silk saree it is very important to get the right hairstyle with it in order to get that perfect look. Silk sarees look most sophisticate and they can give your personality a different touch, but you also need to adjust your hairstyle and accessories accordingly to compliment the look. So, if you are planning to wear a silk saree for any occasion or you simply love to wear silk sarees as often as you can, here are some simple hairstyles that can match perfectly with silk sarees and can give your personality a new dimension.

The three types of simple hairstyles that look best with silk sarees are buns, braids and open hairstyles. This article will provide you with a bunch of varieties under each of these categories so that you can pick the best ones according to your choice and give you a new style statement everyday. Read on,

Bun hairstyles for silk sarees

Easy simple hairstyles for silk saree

The unique ethnic touch of buns makes them a preferred hairstyle to don with silk sarees. Buns can be of different types and varieties, but as promised, this article will only include the simple bun ideas that you can do with ease and can go perfectly with silk sarees. The other best thing about buns is that, you can have beautiful buns irrespective of your hair length. If you have short hairs, you can easily add on some false buns to get the style. Even the most beautiful looking buns can be done with medium length hairs and hence they make the most common forms of hairstyle even today. So, now let us start with simple bun hairstyles for silk sarees,

Simple low bun hairstyle with flowersSimple low bun with flowers

If you are planning to go simple, this low bun can make a good choice. To get this hairstyle you need not to use a lot of bobby pins or any hair spray to set.  Sweep your hairs from the sides up-backwards, pin them and then collect all your hairs near the neck to make the low bun. The use of flowers encircling the bun is strictly a matter of personal choice, but it can accentuate the look nicely.

Side swept back bun hairstyleSide swept back bun

Best open hairstyles/free hairstyles for saree

You can easily opt for this hairstyle with silk sarees and look gorgeous. Part your hairs at the side of the head and sweep a small section of hairs to the heavier side.  You might need to use a setting spray for fixing this hair bunch in place. Collect all the hairs on the back and do the bun right at the nape of the neck. Adding fresh flowers encircling the bun can actually make it look more gorgeous.

Simple back bun hairstyle with floral decorationsSimple back bun with floral decorations

This is a simple back bun that has been accentuated by the addition of two layers of floral garlands and central hair accessory. To get this hairstyle you need to collect all your hairs at the back of the head and then make a simple bun with an inner round protruding part. Add the flower garlands encircling the steps of the bun and the central hair accessory in the middle of the bun to complete the look.

Low ball bun hairstyle with hair accessoriesLow ball bun with hair accessories

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This low ball, bun can look fabulous with silk sarees and is not much complicated to do. Pin your hairs from the sides at the back top part of your head and then collect all the hairs at the back, roll them up and secure in a bun. If you have short hairs you can even use a black colored sponge within the bun to puff it up.  Add a Kundan hair accessory or any other kind of hair jewelries to complete the look.

Low side bun hairstyle on traditional wedding sareeLow side bun

Low side buns are easy to get and they can add a very soft touch to your overall look. To get this hairstyle you need to collect your hairs at the side of the neck and then secure them in a bun that will hang right on the nape of the neck. You will need to use bobby pins to make the bun stay in place. It is best to not to use any hair accessory with this hairstyle.

Low back bun wins net wedding hairstyle sareeLow back bun win net

Best hairstyles for pattu sarees

If you sport short hairs but want to get the soft look of having a bun with a silk saree for a special occasion this hairstyle can be ideal for you. Believe us it will not let anyone know that you have short hairs and it is also very simple to make. Sweep all your hairs to the back of your head and secure it in a ponytail with the help of a black band; only let the lower ends of the ponytail also stuck within the band as well.  Now your hairs will automatically have a roundish bun shape, just apply a black bun net from over it to complete. Use flowers and accessories to hide the band and the ends of the net.

Low roll bun with flowers and hair accessoryLow roll bun with flowers

This is another bun style that is simple to get and can match perfectly with silk sarees. Here the hairs are collected at the back of the head and then they are rolled from the end and secured just at the nape of the neck with bobby pins. Addition of flowers and hair accessories completes the look.

Back bun with braid hairstyle on sareeBack bun with braid

Party hairstyles for medium hair with saree

The hairstyle you see in this picture might look a lot difficult, but in reality it is as simple as anything. Collect the hairs framing the face in a bunch and secure them on the crown with pins creating a light puff. Now do a simple bun at the nape of the neck and encircle it with a false braid and you will get this look after securing the ends properly.

Braid hairstyles for silk sarees

If you have long or medium length hairs, different styles and types of braids can look gorgeous on you when paired with silk sarees. Some simple braid patterns that can complement the traditional look of silk sarees perfectly have been discussed below,

Loose back braid with light, front puff hairstyle for sareeLoose back braid

You can get this hairstyle even in a hurry and look more beautiful in a silk saree. Comb your hairs back, create a light puff and pin them.  You need to start doing the braid right from the end of the neck to get this loose braid style. Add a floral garland on the braid to look more beautiful.

Simple braid without puff hairstyle for silk sareeSimple braid without puff

Easy hairstyles for sarees

A simple braid with a middle hair partition can look truly ethnic with a silk saree and it can give a soft touch to your overall appearance.   Part your hairs in the middle and start doing the braid after leaving a good length of the hairs lose. After you have completed the braid and secured the end, you need to secure the hairs on one side near the ear with bobby pins. Now pull the braid to the front from over the other shoulder to get this style.

Long braid with heavy accessory hairstyle for silk  wedding sareeLong braid with heavy accessory

Here the hairs are secured at the back of the head with bobby pins and then a tight braid has been done right from the back of the head. Floral accessories have been added near the top of the braid and metallic accessories have been added across the length of the braid. It is a perfect hairstyle for weddings in silk saree.

Fishbone plaits hairstyle for sareeFishbone plaits

Best hairstyles to suit your saree

Fishbone plaits can also look beautiful with silk sarees. Here the hairs at the front have been swept to one side and a tight Fishbone plait has been done right from the back of the head.

Open hairstyles for silk sarees

The other hairstyle that looks simply gorgeous with silk sarees is open hairstyle. Here are some variations that you can try,

Half up-half open hairstyleon sareeHalf up-half open hairstyle

This hairstyle is ideal for long hairs and can be perfectly paired with silk sarees. Here the hairs have been secured at the back of the head with the help of bobby pins in a bun shape and then the length of the hairs has been left loose. This lose section has been pulled to the front from over one shoulder to complete the style. Note that it is the curls flowing down from the bun that gives it the look.

Open hairstyle with front puff with sareeBack-brushed

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This is a simple open hairstyle that can look really gorgeous with silk sarees. Here the hairs have been back brushed in the middle to create a puff and then the hairs at the back have been pulled lightly to the front from over the shoulders.  Do not miss the soft curls which add a different dimension to the look.

Simple side swept open hairstyle on silk sareec

Here the hairs have been left completely open and they have been swept to one side to get the look. This simple open hairstyle can look nice with silk sarees.

Curly side bang hairstyle on silk saree


The gold and navy blue saree with golden border is a unique combination. The side swept bang hairstyle with this long wavy medium length hair make  you look beautiful. Try this open loose hairstyle saree to look beautiful. The long layered wavy hairstyle on shoulders with simple jewelry and bangle adds more beauty.

Side swept bangs rolled hairstyle on traditional saree


The gold and brownish saree with green blouse and border is beautiful with stylish hairstyle. The hairstyle best suits with a side swept bang which covers forehead and make you look pretty. The rolled half up and side swept bang hairstyle makes you look beautiful.

Straight long wavy hairstyle with side bangs


Side swept bang straight long hair make you look beautiful. This hairstyle best suits for round face shape. Try this hairstyle for parties and weddings. This hairstyle is elegant and also gives a natural look. The hairstyle and see blue color saree with golden flowers, jewelry, and golden bangles. This hairstyle with open straight hair make you look gorgeous.

Traditional silk saree with gold jewelry


The silk saree with golden jewelry is best suited for fringe haircut. The long traditional haircut with simple jewelry makes you look traditional and has a stylish look. The orange colored saree with gold border and simple jewelry makes you look stylish. Try this mid part fringe haircut loose hair with manga tikka is pretty cute.

Best amazing hairstyle with half updo curls


The amazing saree in blue color makes you look beautiful. The simple curly hair with traditional saree collection make you look pretty cute with simple jewelry. The single pallu with mid part half updo curls wavy hair gives a pretty simple look. Style your hair with an amazing collection of silk saree to be rich and gorgeous.

Simple bang and long wavy open hair


The stylish hairs that make you look stylish with a traditional wear. The side swept bang with a beautiful green raw silk saree adds more beauty to your hairstyle. Try this hairstyle that best suits for your face shape with a quarter sleeve blouse and minimum designs.