Trending best hairstyles for pattu saree

Pattu sarees make a pure Indian ethnic wear that is cherished by the whole world. If you are confused about what to wear to a special occasion, a pattu saree can always make the best option. However, it is not only the saree which is important to get the right look; you also need to focus on your hairdo as well as accessories and makeup to ensure that you look your best. This article will inform you about the best trending hairstyles that can go well with pattu sarees and can actually accentuate your look. Here is a collection of different hairstyles for different hair lengths that will look pretty with pattu sarees,

Open, side hairstyle with curls on saree


Best hairstyles for pattu sarees

This is a simple hairstyle and this one can be perfect for girls with medium hair length. To get this hairstyle the hairs have been parted at one side and then the lower part of the hairs have been curled. Finally the hairs have been pulled to the front from over one shoulder. This hairstyle is easy to get and it can complement a pattu saree perfectly.

Low back bun with puff and curls hairstyle

Low back bun with puff and curls

The best thing about bun is that, they can be made with different hair lengths. Even if you have short hairs, you can just add some falsies to get that beautiful bun. Here the bangs at the front have been swept sidewise and the puff has been created on the crown. The curls left loose at the front add to the soft appearance which can go perfectly well with pattu sarees.

Middle parted open hairstyle with curls

Middle parted open hairs

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This hairstyle is again pretty simple to get and can be perfectly paired with pattu sarees for any occasion. To get this hairstyle you need to curl the length of your hairs and then simply part the hairs at the middle, divide the total volume into two sections and pull the hairs on the back to the front from over two shoulders. The addition of the gorgeous manga tikka is optional.

Long ponytail

Long ponytail

If you have really long hairs, you can easily go with this simple hairstyle and look your best in a pattu saree. To make this ponytail collect all the hairs at the back of your head and make a long ponytail with a band; you will need to use some bobby pins to hold the base of the ponytail up and tight. Simply take the ponytail to the front from over your one shoulder. You can also opt for a front highlight or a crown puff with this hairstyle.

One side swept open hairstyle with puff

One side swept open hairstyle with puff

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Open hairstyles can look really artistic when paired with crown puff. This hairstyle is easy to get and it can add glamour to your looks when paired with a pattu saree and the right accessories. To get this hairstyle comb all your hairs well, sweep some hairs at the front to one side and then make the crown puff. Finally, you just need to take a part of the volume of the hairs in the front from over one shoulder.

Simple long braid with crown puff


You can get this hairstyle if you have really long hairs. If you have medium length hairs, you can easily add falsies to get this exact look. Here the hairs have been parted in the middle of the head and the puff has been created on the crown. All the hairs are collected at the back of the head and then the braid has been done by dividing the hairs into three sections. The addition of the hair tassel completes the look.

Simple side swept open hairstyle

Simple side swept open hairstyle

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If you are not so much into curling your hairs and you do not prefer applying heat to hairs frequently, this simple side swept hairstyle can make a good option for you. However, the beauty of this hairstyle becomes prominent only if you have layers in your hairs. To get this hairstyle you need not to use a curling iron and it will also take you minimum time to complete.

Long loose ponytail

Long loose ponytail

This hairstyle is particularly suitable for girls with long hairs. Here a puff has been created on the crown leaving a section loose at the front. All the hairs have been collected at the back of the head and then they have been tied in a loose ponytail with its base of the neck and not at the back of the head. If you do not like to use lots of pins to hold your hair tight, even then too this hairstyle can be ideal for you. The curls on the hair length look absolutely natural.

Half-braided half open hairstyle with puff

Half-braided half open hairstyle with puff

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This half braided and half open hairstyle has a unique look about it. Here a high puff has been done at the back of the crown and all the hairs have been swept to the front from over one shoulder. Here the curls are more distinguished and they offer a look which can match nicely with pattu sarees. The addition of the flowers at the other side of the head has given this hairstyle a balanced look ideal for pattu sarees.

Back bun with puff hairstyle for pattu saree

Back bun with puff

This is a hairstyle which is not very new but is always trending. The specialty of this back bun with puff is that it adds a very soft touch to the overall look when paired with sarees. To get this hair style the hairs at the front is parted at the middle of the head and they have been swept flatly to the sides. The hairs at the back have been collected at the back and a round puff has been created before tying the hairs in a bun that sits at the nape of the neck.

Side chignon bun hairstyle for saree

Side chignon bun

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Chignon buns look absolutely classy with sarees and the side chignons are highly in trend. This hairstyle might take you some time to complete, but it is always worth the effort. Here the hairs at the front have been combed to the side and then the hairs at the back have been used to make the low chignon bun near the ear. Finally the front hairs have been twisted and fixed with the bun with the help of bobby pins.

Braided double chignon hairstyle for traditional braid

Braided double chignon

Braided double chignons look absolutely class apart. They are stylish, modern and add a very sophisticated look to your total appearance. To get braided double chignon, the hairs from the front are used for making the braids and the hairs at the back are divided into two sections and then used for making two chignons, one sitting on another. The braids are then wrapped around the two buns as a whole to complete the hairstyle.

Waterfall braid hairstyle for saree

Waterfall braid

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Waterfall braids look very stylish and pretty with sarees. Here the waterfall braids cover the whole of the back of the head and finally end on a side bun which has been set with bobby pins. Use of a hairspray is optional, but you might use it on the side bun to hold it in place. The flower added on the bun accentuates the look and makes it ideal for parties and weddings. This hairstyle might take you some time to complete, but it is sure to enhance your look.

Doughnut bun hairstyle for wedding saree

Doughnut bun

Doughnut buns look beautiful not only with western wears, but they can look just perfect with pattu sarees too, particularly when you add a gajra with it to get that Indian essence. Here the doughnut bun has been done at the nape of the neck and it has been covered with the gajra to get the look. The hairs at the front have been used for making a crown puff and some locks have been left loose to add a softer touch to the look.

Fishbone plait hairstyle on saree


Medium length black hairstyles with plum highlights

Fishbone plait with a messy puff on the crown can look perfect with pattu sarees. Here you can see the hairs have been puffed on the head in a messy way and the whole volume has been collected at the back of the head before starting with the Fishbone plait. The end section of the plait has been left unbraided and has been tied with a band. Here the hair setting spray has been used on the head to hold the puffs in place, but you can surely go without the spray on the length of the hairs.

Open hairstyle with an up do 

Open hairstyle with an updo

This is a very trending hairstyle. Here some of the hairs are used for making an up do and the end part is left loose to get the soft touch of an open hairstyle. Here the hairs have been used for making a roll bun at a height of the neck. Some of the hairs have been left loose at the back to complete the look. Instead of doing a roll bun up do, you can also opt for a hand bun up do and leave the length of the hairs loose to get the look.

Back braid bun hairstyle for pattu saree


The traditional bride wedding saree is beautiful on pattu saree. The hairstyle adds more beauty to your face with jewelry as well as saree. Style your hair with a crown bang and rolled bun hairstyle. The hairstyle looks trendy with manga tikka, tiny bindhu and jumkas. This hairstyle makes you look stylish and gorgeous.

French braid hairstyle on saree


The casual and neat French braid hairstyle with a saree make you look traditional and classic. The flowers around the braid make you look more traditional and accessories around it will be stylish. The hairstyles can make you feel comfortable with saree and can look stylish.

Crowns braid hairstyle with a traditional saree


The crown braids look like a French braid and can catch attention. This hairstyle has a woven section of hair from the crown area and can be added as a braid. The medium long hair, crown braids can work with curly hair. This will keep the crown neat that makes you look chic and elegant. Start braid from your forehead towards your ear. Continue it until it reaches the other side of your head. Tie the braid down and take a small braid and pin it top of the chunky braid, roll it around the head.

Top side braids bun hairstyle on saree


The side swept bang with a traditional hairstyle makes you look beautiful with a braid bun. The hairstyle decorated with a layered chain from the crowded bun to the other side of the ear. The crown like braided bun hairstyle on yellow colored saree looks beautiful. Try this hairstyle for parties and wedding occasions.

Side swept bang loose hairstyle for saree


The loose hairstyles with side swept bang make you look stylish and trendy. The strapless blouses for wedding are awesome with this hairstyle. The hairstyle with net and light georgettes is best with a latest wedding strapless blouse design. Try this hairstyle with a beautiful net saree and heavy earrings.

Bang loose & bouncy hairstyle on saree


The hairstyle best suits for round face. The side swept bouncy bang hairstyle, make you look with a heavy volume of hair. This hairstyle can increase the volume of hair. Try this stylish celebrity hairstyle for night parties like reception, birthdays, and meetings. The loose hairstyle with beautiful, simple jewelry to make you look gorgeous.