Easy Hairstyles & Haircuts for College Girls

For every college going girl, looking her best is important, because the looks play the most important role in making the right statement in college. Your hairstyle has a lot to dictate in your overall appearance and hence getting the right hairstyle for college is important.

However, for college going girls it might not be possible to spend hours on getting the right hairstyle and moreover, you must not be looking for a flashy hairstyle that can make you look out of the place.

So, here is a bunch of hairstyles that are easy to have and can be perfect for every college going girl. In this article we have included hairstyles for every hair length, so irrespective of the length of your hairs, check this list out to find the best hairstyles for you.

Easy hairstyles for college girls

57Big Half Head Messy Braid

Different ponytail hairstyles

Messy hairdos will never go out of style. This elegant half head messy braid is no different. The braid covers half head with a fuller messy braid. The braid starts from sides and a knot ending with a knot. The rest of the hair is left open. This casual hairdo is perfect for college or a day date.

56The Twisted High Bun

High buns are in! So why not don them before the trend vanishes into thin air?This chic style is a sure shot head turner. Twist your hair and tie it into a high bun by moving it ant-clockwise. Let the ends lie loose and doll the bun with a colorful scarf.

55The Short Hair French Braid

The crown French braid looks beautiful and covers the top of the head. This elegant and modern hairdo can rock any event or a day at beach. Decorate the crown with little golden flowers or pearls. Leave the rest of the hair open. The short hair crown braid is eye catching.

54Greek hairstyle

This is the classic style that you can try out while going to college. There is no need of keeping the hair open. Put on your thin hair band without shifting it to your neck’s nape. Then, roll the hair, and put it inside band. You have to do it until you feel that that you have secured the hair.

53Ponytail with side bangs

If you have thick hair, you can take some of the hairs as side bangs. With rest of the hair, you have to create ponytail. These longer bangs, touching your chin, will give a unique look to you.

52Wavy and curly side fringe

Easy hairstyle ideas for college girls

You have to spend ten minutes to make this hairstyle. Part the hair and start to curl it. However, do not make everything too much tight. Unpin your bangs to prevent them from getting curled. They will naturally fall on a side.

51The hun

While you think that top-knot style or common bun is much boring, you may choose it. Comb the front hairs and create half updo. Tie your hair to create half bun. You can do it within a short time, and you will look amazing.

50Mohawk Braid

College girls love to have trendy hairstyle, and it is the best one to be tried out. During the summer days, when you do not like to have hair strands on your face, you can prefer this style. It will make your neckline look much better. Place the braid in a reverse style and use elastic for securing it.

49Poufy hairstyle

This style can make your ponytail more attractive. Most of the college teens choose ponytails while going to college. However, to make your look different, you have to part hair from central portion and add bounce to your hair. Make pouf just at the rear part and secure it in low pigtail.

48Front fringe

Most of the Indian girls love this style. Part the hair at the central part. Take one part as front fringe, and another part is to be pinned at the back. The fringe has to touch your eyebrows to create a superb look. It is not intricate, although it will present you with a chic style.

47Twin Top Knot

Everyday simple hairstyle ideas

In the world of fashion, you can find this hairstyle among celebs. You may also try it by making two top-knots on two sides.

46Triple Braid Ponytail Hairstyle

This is the most versatile hairstyle for college girls with triple braid ponytail hairstyle. This kind of braided ponytail can be quickly made in just about 10-15 minutes and get ready in seconds with your casual chic outfit on fleek. This Instagram-worthy hairstyle is just about awesome and can complement any face structure. Well, you can just add a few colourful fancy hairbands to get some attention.

45Bandana Wrap High Bun Hairstyle

On days of bad hair days, get your hair game on point with a high bun and set the tone right. Play flirty with a bandana and wrap it like a princess that you’re. Colorful bandanas add an edge to your hairstyle and this trend is definitely not going anywhere. This will instantly reflect your feminine chic vibes and exude pretty damsel in dainty buns.

44Braid Blended with Ponytail Hairstyle

Strike a subtle balance to your OTT outfit and weave immaculate braids till they connect with your low ponytail. Look no less than a million-dollar diva in this minimalist play of hair strands that will eventually notch up your style quotient. Layer your outfit with a stunning denim jacket and get the biker girl game on with super cult aviators and statement hairstyle to turn heads.

43Messy Hair No Care

The best way to put a college girl hairstyle into perspective is by leaving your gorgeous hair into a messy state that will instantly draw attention of the on-lookers and exude straight outta bed feel. Put some hair mousse to style your “leave it” hairstyle some dimension and bouncy volume. You can add some chic factor by pairing a statement band or elevating your drama with floral bandana.

42Fancy Braids Ponytail hairstyle

Slay in this fancy braids ponytail hairstyle to rock the popular college girl vibe and plus point is that it doesn’t take a lot of time to weave it. Colored hair absolutely paint you in a flawless college girl image. You can totally ace this look with a vibrant hair band and amp up your look within seconds to play flirty right.

41Side Waterfall Braid Hairstyle

Easy hairstyle ideas for college fest

If you got sleek poker straight hair, sport a side waterfall braid hairstyle. Add a graceful braid on the sideways with a messy texture, you can put some hair spray to let them stay in place. This is the epitome of cuteness and will further add to that innocent college charm.

40Bouffant Ponytail Hairstyle

You can never go wrong with a simple college girl-next-door ponytail with a twist. Add a bouffant in your hair to add some volume and portray a casual chic feminine look. Take your boyfriend shirt with ripped jeans out to a college day out with this stunning statement hairstyle and rock the look.

39Classy ponytail with base wrap

Very simple pony hairstyle for girl

For college going girls, the old classy ponytail still holds all the charm. However, you can certainly introduce some stylish variation to it by covering the base with sleek sections of hairs as shown in the image above. Keep some sections of the hairs from the sides out and do the ponytail, placing the base at the middle of the back of your head, neither too low nor too high. Once you have completed the ponytail with a hair band, wrap the sections of the hairs left out, around the band and you are done.

38Messy wrap up plait

Soft curls hairstyle for everyday college

Want to look simple yet beautiful in your college which can help you to make your own style statement? Check out this simple hairstyle. Part your hairs from the middle, collect the hairs at the end to one side and do a wrap up plait, end with a band.  Let the curls flow naturally.

37ponytail with a back puff

Easy simple hairstyle for girls

This hairstyle can look perfect on college goers and does not take long to be done.  Comb the hairs at the front to one side covering the side of your forehead as shown in the picture and pin the hairs. Now brush the hairs to the back and tie at the back with a band creating a puff. You will need to use some bobby pins to keep the puff in place. Take the hairs to the front from over one shoulder.

36Wrapped up side bun

Stylish simple hairstyle for girls with the highlights and lowlights hair

You can add a soft classy touch to your overall look with this wrapped up soft bun that is not very difficult to do but can be a great addition to your overall looks. Part your hairs at one side. Take some sections of hairs from the front and twist it lightly and pin at the back. Repeat the same with a second section of hairs at the front. Finally collect all the hairs at one side of the neck, do a lose side braid to complete the hairstyle.

35Side ponytail for college going girls

Simple hairstyle for girls

Short layered haircuts for round faces

A side pony can be your life saver on a day when you are late for your college. Side pony looks best on medium length hairs and can be done in minutes. Just comb your hairs keeping your front fringes swept to one side from over the forehead, and then do a low side-ponytail from right over your shoulder. A little heat on the ponytail will give it the curved and tidy finish.

34Open hairstyle for college

Open hairstyle with funk and soft swirls for teenage girls

If you have beautiful curls, there is no reason to always keep them tied up when you are going to college. Get this hairstyle and let your beautiful locks show their beauty. Comb your locks at the front and sweep them to one side from over your forehead and pin low. Pin the hairs at the back and then take some sections to the front from over the shoulders.

33High horsetail

horsetail hairstyle for college going girls

If you have long hairs and layers in them, then this high horsetail can be a perfect pick for college. Here the horsetail has been fixed at a good height and do not miss the little puff at the back of the head also. The open short locks framing the face and the caramel highlights make this hairstyle perfect for college going girls.

32Wavy layered open hairstyle for short hairs

simpel layered hairstyle for teenagers or lass

If you have short hairs, get a layer cut and some quick highlights to brighten up your face.  Parting the hairs at one side, and covering the forehead with the side swept hairs can be a perfect style for college going girls. This is a simple hairstyle that is easy to get and simple to maintain, ideal for college girls with a long or oval face.

31Side swept open hairstyle for long hairs

Too late to wake up and there is an important class to attend? Opt for this hairstyle and you are sure to save some good amount of time without having to compromise with your looks. Part the hairs at one side, and sweep them from over your forehead. Comb the length of the hairs and bring them to the front from over one shoulder and you are done.

30Side fishbone plaits

Fishbone plaits are easy to do, but they might take a bit more of your time. However, the final look they offer surely compensate adequately for the more effort they take.  Part your hairs at the side and take all your hairs to the front from over the opposite shoulder. Now do a neat fishbone plait with the hairs at the back, leaving the small locks at the front free. Complete the plait with a band.

29Straight simple layers

Layers on straight hairs can be a low maintenance hairstyle for college girls. Unless you have curly hairs that need to be treated with heat to get the smooth straight look, this hairstyle is really easy to get. Part your hairs at the middle, and simply brush down your hairs so that the layers are perfectly visible. Having some highlights on your hairs will make this hairstyle complete.

28Layers with front bangs

If you have long hairs, you can easily opt for layers with front bangs. Front bangs are in fashion now and they are ideal for the college going girls. The bangs at the front give a soft touch to the overall look and the softly curled layers can look absolutely perfect on college going girls. If you have long beautiful hairs, do not miss out this beautiful hairstyle.

27Short asymmetrical layers for college goers

Like short hairs but do not want to miss out on style? Check out this short asymmetrical bob hairstyle that is sure to add a new dimension to your personality.  This stylish haircut can be perfect for any college going girl looking for a smart and low maintenance hairstyle.  The streaky highlights with the lighter shade complete the looks.

26Side topsy ponytail

Side topsy ponytails are stylish and easy to do. They are just ideal for the college going girls. This side topsy ponytail can be done with long or medium length hairs. If you have highlights on your hairs, that is certainly going to make the hairstyle look more vibrant.

25Open hairstyle with layers

How to curl hair beautifully with Instyler

If you have long and thick hairs, get lots of layers on them and keep them open flowing down through your back in a wavy fashion. Adding some highlights to the locks will light up the whole appearance. Intricate locks will make even your long hairs more manageable and hence do not miss to check out this hairstyle.

24Front puff hairstyle

Front puff looks absolutely perfect on college going girls. Simply comb all your hairs and then collect the hairs at the front in a bunch and pin them at the back, creating the puff. Divide your hairs into sections. Take some of the sections to the front from over your shoulders and let the rest flow down on your back to complete the look.

23Curly hairstyle for college girls

Comb the fringes on the forehead to the front and then collect the longer hairs, twist and clip it at the back creating a small puff. To get this hairstyle you need to add lots and lots of curls to your hairs and let the hairs flow naturally at the front from over your shoulders.

22Crown braided hairstyle

To get this hairstyle part your hairs at one side of the head and start doing the braid right from the front of the face. Continue the braiding covering the whole of the head through the side right to the back. Once the head part is covered, tie the ends with a band and bring the loose hairs to the front from over your shoulder. Use of the highlight is fully optional.

21Horsetail with headband

Diwali decoration lightsThis high horsetail with head band hairstyle is ideal for scorching summers.  Do the high ponytail with a little puff at the back of your head and then use a head band in the way shown in the image. You can try out different colors of head bands to add variation to the hairstyle.

20Front braid with open hairs

Simple hairstyle front braid and swirls at end for girls

This is a nice hairstyle for college going girls. Here the braid has been done at the front and the rest of the hairs have been left open.  The braid at the front looks like a band in itself while the layered curls adds to the overall appearance. If you have long beautiful hairs, do not miss trying out this nice hairstyle.

19Double layer back braided open hairstyle with curls

This semi open hairstyle with luxurious curls look romantic and can be an ideal pick for any college goer. The hairstyle is simple and is just perfect for colleges. To get this hairstyle do the braids from the two sides of the head and then pin them to the other side, through the back, so that one braid lies above the other at the back of the head. Curl the hair bunches with a curling rod, and you are ready to go.

18Layered hairstyle with caramel highlights

How to use instyler for short hair

You can easily get this stylish hairstyle if you have long or even medium length hairs. However, if your hairs are not long, you might need to get two long layers instead of the three shown in the picture. The layers look perfect and have been accentuated with the streaky caramel highlights. This hairstyle can be the right pick for any college goer.

17Unique semi open hairstyle for long hairs

If you have those long hairs, do not miss to get this beautiful hairstyle. First take two sections of hairs from the two sides at a height, tie them together with a band and flip the length through the base. Now do the second flip with the hairs collected from the sides below the first roll up. Repeat the same for the third time below the second flip up and finally let the tail hang lose on the open hairs. The curls and the highlights make this hairstyle look really gorgeous.

16Open curly hairstyle for college

If you have long lucious locks, you really need not to tie them up everyday while going to the college. Keeping your hairs open and flowing on your back can certainly give you the right look. Just add some curls to the length of the hairs to make it look more voluminous and natural. The use of the highlights and low lights in the hairs is no doubt important as it accentuates the overall hairstyle.

15One side pinned back semi open hairstyle

Easy hairstyles with rotating curls

This messy semi open hairstyle can give you a natural yet stylish look. You can get this hairstyle without spending much time on it and it is sure to give you the right look for college. To get this hairstyle first take sections of hairs from both the sides and pin them back together as shown in the picture above. Finally take a larger section of hairs from one of the sides, roll it slightly and pin it to the other side from over the volume of the hairs.

14The mermaid braid

This mermaid braid has a unique look to it that is sure to add a lot to your overall appearance. This hairstyle might look critical, but it is not really very difficult to get. For this hairstyle, part your hairs at the side of the head and do the crown bread from the front. At the side, you should roll the length of the braid and pin it back to do the heavy braiding. End with a band and wrap up a section of hairs around the band to complete the look. The highlights on the hairs make this hairstyle look flawless.

13Cross over braid open hairstyle

This one is a nice variation of the double back braided open hairstyle. here instead of making the side breads lie one above the other making two lines, the braids have been pinned back right after they have crossed each other. Adding the curls to the length of the hairs is a must to get the waterfall look. Also do not miss out on the highlights on the curls and the low lights on the straight hairs underneath.

12Double rolled up bun for short hairs

Curly hairstyles for saree

Yes, you can get this cute double rolled up bun even if you have short hairs. To get this hairstyle first comb your hairs as you like at the front and collect some hairstarnads at the back as shown in the image. Now twist the hair bunch and flip it through the base. Use bobby pins if needed. Repeat the same process for the hairs below the first rolled up bun to complete the hairstyle.

11Open curly hairstyle with highlights

This is another perfect college hairstyle for beauties with short hairs. Here the hairs have been curled nicely and the highlight in copper, along with the light blonde streaks bordring the bunches of the locks, look just perfect. You can get this hairstyle to look naturally beautiful in your college, without putting in much effort.

10Side swept open hairstyle for short hairs

Look your best in college in this easy side swept hairstyle. This one is ideal for girls with short hairs and can add to their overall look. Part your hairs at the side and then sweep the bigger section of hairs to the other side. Pin it back lightly and comb the rest of the hairs. Also do not miss the light puff at the back. The blonde haircolor has certainly accentuated the hairstyle, but you can also get this hairstyle, even if you are not planning to get the blonde hairs.

9Crown braided high ponytail for long hairs

Simple hairstyles for silk saree

This high ponytail with multiple crown braid style is unique and can be a good pick for college. Here the braids have been made on the crown as well as from the sides. The braids have been added together at a top back position where the ponytail has been made. The rest of the volume of the hairs have been left open. Blonde highlights on the black low lights look perfect on this hairstyle.

8Low chignon bun for short hairs

Low chignon buns are easy to get and you can get them even in a hurry. This one is a perfect hairstyle for girls with short hairs. Comb your hairs to the back of the head and do a small ponytail with a band, as shown above. Now flip the tail once through the base. Finally tug in the length of the hairs in sections as shown in the image above. Highlights or no highlights, this hairstyle will always make you look pretty.

7Bohemian top bun for college

This easy and simple hairstyle can be a perfect pick for any normal college days. Here a section of the hairs from the middle of the head have been collected at the top of the head and a normal rolled bun has been done with the hairs. The hairs from the sides have been left open. This hairstyle has a careless and chick look that can be perfect for the college going girls.

6Pixie cut hairstyle for college girls

Easy simple hairstyles for silk saree

Pixie cut can look really stylish and smart on college going girls. If you like to have short hairs and you are looking for a minimum maintenance hairstyle, then pixie cut can be the perfect pick for you. It is a symmetrical pixie cut hairstyle which has been parted from the side to give an asymmetric look.

5Easy back plait hairstyle for girls

This hairstyle is perfect for college going girls with long or medium hair length. Here the braiding has started from the base of the neck and has continued in a straight line from the back of the head till the top of the head. The length of the hairs have been tied in a high ponytail and left loose. This hairstyle can be a perfect pick for any special day in college.

4Ribbon tied hairstyle for formal college look

Best open hairstyles/free hairstyles for saree

To get a formal college going look what can be better than a ribbon tied open hairstyle like this one. Here the hairs have been combed to the back and a small section of it has been tied at the middle with a satin ribbon, creating a perfect bow.  The length of the hairs has been left open and nice curls have been added towards the end of the length.

3Side twisted easy half up hairstyle for college

Trending best hairstyles for pattu saree

To get this easy hairstyle which is perfect for college all you need to do is to part the hairs at the side of the head and then roll up a small section of hairs from the side, above one ear and pin it back. Comb down the length of the hairs from above the twisted roll. You can easily get this hairstyle even in the morning when you are hurried before going to college.

2Fluffy twisted hairstyle with fishbone plait

Best hairstyles for pattu sarees

If you have long hairs, try out this beautiful hairstyle for any special occasion in college. This hairstyle might look complicated but you can actually get it within minutes. Two sections of hairs have been rolled and twisted from the two sides of the head and pinned at the back before continuing with a short fishbone plait that lay on the length of the open hairs. The side twists have been fluffed perfectly to complete the look.

1Messy braided ponytail

Party hairstyles for medium hair with saree

Ponytails suit you most? Try out this messy braided ponytail hairstyle for the next day in college. Here a long braid has been made from the side of the crown and continues for the whole length of the hairs. A section of hairs have been used to tie the hair volume along with the long braid in a ponytail at the back of the head.


• What are some easy hairstyles I can do as a college girl?

Some easy hairstyles for college girls include messy buns, top knots, braids, half-up ponytails, and low buns.

• How do I choose the right haircut for my face shape?

Consider factors such as the size and shape of your face, the thickness of your hair, and your personal style preferences.

• What are some tips for styling my hair quickly in the morning?

Try putting your hair up in a loose bun or braid when it’s still damp, then take it out for beachy waves when it dries.

• What hair products should I use to keep my hair looking good?

A good starting point is to find a shampoo and conditioner that are tailored to your hair type.

• What are some easy ways to style my hair for special occasions?

Some easy ways to style your hair for special occasions include creating updos, curling with an iron, or using a volumizing mousse for added texture.

• I mostly wear casual Indian wear to college. Suggest some hairstyles that do not involve open hair.

You can make a rolled-up bun, a messy side bun, a sleek ponytail with a messy crown, or a stylish side braid.

• I have mid-length hair. Suggest a trendy but easy hairstyle to complement my gown for the prom party.

You can make an easy and quick half-up-half-down bun that looks equally classy on any casual or party wear outfit.

How can I create beach waves without visiting the parlor or purchasing high-end products?

You can easily do beach waves at home with a DIY sea salt spray and a curling wand. If you do not have a wand, search the web for some do-at-home alternatives.

Suggest some nice hair accessories for college girls.

Some good go-to hair accessories for college girls are scrunchies, fabric ties, headbands, and hair clutches.

• What other braids can I make in place of the classic three-strand braid?

Some other braids that you can try are french braid, fishtail braid, dutch braid, milkmaid braid, and waterfall braid.