What is an instyler and how to use it?

You all must be aware of the stylers available in the market. The stylers creates wonderful image of your hair, such that you can get a lovely look. Only the dress and makeup is not all that you require looking beautiful. Also the hairstyle creates wonderful image of an individual. You will feel really awkward when the dress is gorgeous and the hairstyle is really outdated. But, with the help of instyler you will be able to create gorgeous hairstyles everyday.       There is a ceramic coating over the instyler that makes it damage free to the hair.

What is an instyler?

How to curl hair with instyler

The Instyler is a new hair styling tool that is used to straighten, polish and style hair. It contains a rotating heated cylinder and four brush bristles. This new design polishes each hair strand individually.  It is a not a brush, nor a flat iron but it is a rotating hot iron which helps in styling and straightening the hair. The secret of this instyler iron lies in its rotating heated polishing cylinder, and four rows of precision-aligned bristles. It has three temperature settings which can be adjusted as required. But it is advisable to start from the lowest setting.

Difference between flat iron and instyler

The instyler is different from a flat iron in a way that the flat iron styles the hair by compressing, mashing and heating the hair between two hot plates. The hair are virtually heated and baked in the process.  The instyler on the other is a handrotating heated cylinderwhich givesthe hair the heat that is required to style the hair. It   does not bake or heat the hair excessively like the flat iron because cylinder is constantly moving. The instyler can be used as a styling tool to do flips, curls, straighten and add volume to the hair which a flat iron cannot do.

Uses of an instyler

The instyler rotating hot iron gives lift and fullness to the hair right from the roots. It makes the hair shinier, bouncier and fuller of life in any other styling tool. It can straighten the toughest hair with ease. It created incredible volume to the hair and gives them shine. The changes in the hairstyle can be made in just a few minutes.  The results achieved by instyler can last for a full day. There are two sizes OD barrel in it. The original one has a 1 ¼ inch barrel which can be used to curl, straighten and give volume to the hair.  There is another new  smaller one which has a  ¾  inch  barrel which perfect  to straighten, create tight  curls and bang on  short hair.

How does an instyler work?

Diwali decoration lightsThe instyler contains a heated rotating barrel. The heat setting option is there for medium, coarse and fine hair.  There is also curved ceramic floating plate which is used to smoothen the hair without crushing or flattening them. Then there are two rows of bristles. The first row of bristles separates the hair and the second row of bristles

When rotating hot iron of the instyler is put throughthe hair, the first set of bristles sort and separate the hair strands gently. Then the rotating heated polishing cylinder gently glides over the hair and polishes, straightens and styles each strand. Finally, the second set of bristles gives a finishing touch on the hair. The rotating hot iron uses less heat than other traditional hot tools.

How to use an instyler?

Instyler for curling hair

The first step in using the instyler is to clean and dry the hair. Next set the heat of the instyler to an appropriate setting.    Start working with an inch section of the hair   near the neck. Wrap the section of hair on the instyler and then close the barrel. Heat the rotating barrel and make a curl.  Release the curl and keep it coiled up and keep it secure with a clip. Repeat the process until the whole head has been curled. Now remove the clips and let the curls cool down. Then brush out the curls with a paddle brush. Finally sweep all the hair on the left side and use a spray to keep them intact.

Instyler to straighten hair

How to use instyler for short hair

Curly hair can be straightened with the instyler from the roots by taking a ½ inch thicksection of hair, and hold it tight close to the roots and close the instyler in start rotation. Then slowly stroke the section of the hair with the heated rotating barrel. This should be done on top of the roots as well as on the bottom of the roots till the roots turn smooth. Then slowly draw the InStyler down between the hair to the tips to smooth and style the whole section.  Now  gather a section of hair and position the cylinder side of the instyler towards the scalp and glide it straight down through the hair from roots toward ends , without angling the cylinderThe straightening of the roots before doing the complete styling will create a complete finished style from the tips to the roots.

Short hair styling

Extra body, volume and heightof short hair can be created by the over directing technique of styling. This technique is done by positioning the cylinder side of the instyler toward thescalp, hold the rotating cylinder near the section of hair and hold it for a couple of seconds. Then gently glide the instyler while pushing in the opposite direction and keeping the hair tight against the cylinder. Continue this process on all sections of hair. This will give extra lift and volume to the short hair

Instyler for fine and thin hair

Again the above technique of over direction   by the instyler gives lift and volume to the fine and thin hair. In this process make use of the instyler at the roots of the hair with cylinder towards the scalp.  Now slowly push it towards the centre of the head. Keep the tension and glide it towards the tips.  Now set the hair with a firm up spray

Instyler for bangs

Easy hairstyles with rotating curls

Instyler rotating iron can be used at the roots for creating bangs. Place the cylinder under the bangs and close it. Now glide the instyler up and back towards the centre of the head. Maintain the tension and move to the centre of the tips… Hold it for a longer time to get the best results.

Use of instyler

Get versatility in hairstyle

Who would like to go with a single hairstyle? It is the time for you to go versatile in all respect. With the help of this Instyler you will be able to get a straight hairstyle at first and then after few days hairstyle with curly hair can be easily adopted. Also it is quite easy to use. Just wrap your hair over the styler and go ahead with styling.

Hair without frizz

There are many harmful cosmetics products in the market that can leave your hair dull and frizzy. But, once you are in the process of using the instyler, you can easily get the frizz free hair. This is a type of rotating iron straightener that helps in smoothening your hair. It will also not bake, crush or flatten your hair. You will be able to get smooth beautiful and attractive hair.

3 heat setting

Best hairstyles with highlights

The instyler comes with the spectacular 3 heat settings that create styling in every level making your hair smoother, attractive as well as lusturous. It has the technology of heating it in just the period of 30 seconds. Even you don’t have to worry about its getting overheating. The particular styler will automatically shut down once it has become too hot. The automatic shut off feature works really well and helps the user in great ways.

Rotating technology

The rotating technology of the styler is the most effective thing that you can realize. The rotating motion along with the curved shape will be a beautiful look to your hair.


The instyler has recently become a very popular hair styling too all over the world. It can be used on all types of hair—curly wavy, straight, fine or coarse.  It can also be used for different purposes as discussed in the above article.