How to curl hair beautifully with Instyler

Soft bouncy curls are always beautiful and admired by all as they   give a romantic look to a woman. They are suitable for all occasions during the day or night and go well most dresses…  Even if one is not born with bouncy and glossy curls there is much method which can curl the hair that can stay for a day or two. These methods make the use of a curling iron, a flat iron, hair rollers, braids or scrunching to create curls on all kinds of hair.

Methods to curl hair with Instyler

Diwali decoration lightsThe curling iron requires heat to curl the hair. Hair is curled in small sections with the curling iron. The size of the section of hair will determine the size of the curls.   Bigger sections of hair will create bigger, looser curls, while smaller sections of hair will form smaller, tighter ringlets. Wrap the section of hair round the curling iron from the end of the hair. Hold the iron in place for a few seconds before releasing the curl. Pin the curl for a while. Repeat the process for all sections.  Set the curls and use a hair spray.

Flat iron to get soft curls


The flat iron can also curl the hair. Different settings are required for the flat irons to be used for curling hair. It is better to use a thin, flat iron to curl the hair because a flat, paddle-style flat iron will not create proper curls. Again, working on smaller sections on the top and bottom part of the scalp of hair will result in better curls. You can try this while attending a party outside.

Hair rollers to curl your hair


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Hair rollers of different types, shapes and sizes can be used to curl hair.  These hot rollers, which curl the hair more efficiently, but tend to damage the hair. Velcro rollers and foam rollers are easy to use, but the curls take a longer time to set. Small curlers give tight curls and large rollers give big loose waves and are perfect for adding volume to the hair.

Scrunching to curl your hair with natural look


The Scrunching of hair to form curls is done on wet hair only. There are many curling sprays, gels and lotion used to scrunch the hair. The curling mousse is the most popular product that provides the most defined and long-lasting curls. Scrunching the hair is done by grabbing a small section of hair in the hand and crumpling it up towards the scalp. It is the same motion that would crumple a piece of paper.  The process needs to be repeated a few times till the required results are achieved.

Braid hairstyle with curl


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Making braids are another method to curl the hair. It is done by making braids of wet hair and then letting them dry. Wash, brush and towel dry the hair. Then apply a curl enhancing gel or mousse. The size and number of braids on the scalp will determine the strength and appearance of the curls. Leave the braids overnight or for at least 4-6 hours before opening and brushing them.

The Instyler to style your hair


The Instyler is a new hair styling tool that is used to curl hair straightens, polish and style hair. This new design works effectively as it polishes each hair strand individually.   It surpasses all the other methods of curling hair. The secret of this instiller iron lies in its rotating heated polishing cylinder, and four rows of aligned bristles. It has three temperature settings which can be adjusted according to the required. But it is advisable to start from the lowest setting.

When rotating hot iron of the instyler is put through the hair, the first set of bristles sort and separate the hair strands gently. Then the rotating heated polishing cylinder gently glides over the hair and polishes, straightens, curls and styles each strand. Finally, the second set of bristles gives a finishing touch on the hair. The rotating hot iron uses less heat than other traditional hot tools.

Instyler for curling hair


Easy hairstyles with rotating curls

The first step in using the instyler to curl hair is to clean and dry the hair. Next set the heat of the Instyler to an appropriate setting. Start working with an inch section of the hair   near the neck. Wrap the section of hair on the instyler and then close the barrel. Heat the rotating barrel and make a curl.  Release the curl and keep it coiled up and keep it secure with a clip. Repeat the process until the whole head has been curled. Now remove the clips and let the curls cool down. Then brush out the curls with a paddle brush. Finally, sweep all the hair on the left side and use a spray to keep them intact.

The Instyler can also be used as a curling tongs   by wrapping a section of hair that is about 2 inches   around the cylinder. Hold it for a few seconds and more if tighter curls are the aim.  Remove the cylinder; loosen the curls with the fingers running through the sections of hair.

Curl strands to get perfect hair curl


This single tool helps to get different curl. The straight hair can be curled using these tools to get beautiful hairstyle. Use these three tools according to your hairstyle. Depending upon tightening and loosening of the tool knot, you can curl your hair as perfect, tight, and loose curl.

How to curl your hair with Instyler & how it will work on your hair


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The Instyler, when rotating on hot iron has a totally new styling and straightening tool. When you use this Instyler while rotating on hot iron with your hair for the first time of bristles make you look simple curls. It is gently sorted and separated for your hair strands. The rotating heated polishing cylinder has a gently glides over your hair with a smooth polishing. Straightening, and styling strands. The bristles puts a finishing touch to your hair. This also helps to leave you with a shiny and silky hair.

Some of the Instylers has a rotating hot iron’s that are patented, which will make your hair smashed and baked as the super intense heat. This has a flat iron with hot tools. The rotating hot iron uses less heat and has a traditional hot tool can give you better results. This is because of the rotating hot iron’s gentle heat with a rotating motion. The cylinder having polishes with your hair strands has an individual extreme heat and also gives the best results.

How to curl your hair using Instyler with a rotating hot iron


Curl your ear hair strands by rolling over Instyler cylinder. Leave the hair after some time to form curls. Similarly, curl your hair with the remaining hair. After completing the hair curling, then slowly brush your hair from up to down with the selected hairstyle.  The curling wand hair curls make you look detachable barrels. This will get a curling iron that can wand up to style your hair. This has a detachable barrel to get simple curling irons in it. Try this hair curling iron tools to have a simple detachable curl to get the most amazing benefits in less time. It is easy to use and saves your time when you are rushed into party to style your hair.

Tips and techniques to remember


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Proper curling will be done by placing the barrel of the Instyler at the top of the roots. Beautiful bouncy curls are easily created by holding the rotating iron on the section of hair for sat least 30 seconds.  Shorter flips can be created by wrapping the sections of hair around the Instyler and closing it slightly. This will allow the rotation to change the structure of the hair giving it a unique curl. Drop the curl by opening the cylinder. Beautiful, amazing and bouncing curls can be created with the Instyler of coarse, fine long or short hair. Small sections of hair will create tight curls and large sections will form loose curls. Small sections of curling close to the roots will form tight curls all over the scalp.

Though the Instyler does not possess bake the hair, but it must be kept away from the face because the heat from the radiation can cause burns on the face and develop irritation by overheating the skin.