Easy hairstyles & haircuts with rotating curls

Rotating curls give you hairstyles which make your hair look curly and manageable. These hairstyles have to be done with Instylers which rotate through sections of your hair and make it look curly. Just like flat irons, these to produce heat and set the hair after the rotation process is done. These let you have curls when you don’t have natural curls. These also sets your hair nicely when you find it difficult to manage your natural curls. In this article, we will go through some lovely hairstyle types which will let you know how to use the rotating iron to make these rotating curls.

Waterfall curls with front braid hairstyleWaterfall curls

Wavy hairstyles with plaits

This hairdo stresses on the waterfall braid type which you would have to do with some expert help. Have your have turned into a waterfall braid till the crown zone. Follow a tutorial if you haven’t done this style before. The hairdo which follows after the braid if the curled hairdo which represents the water fall. A lot of women like to keep their hair straight, but curling makes it look a little more apt. After the braiding process, use your Instyler to section out hair vertically. Use the Instyler properly in every section to create the perfect curls.

Side-swept curls hairstyle

Side-swept curls hairstyle

This hairstyle is apt for any occasion. From parties to family functions, you can use this for numerous clothing as well. Part your hair from one side and let fringes get side swept if they aren’t as long as layers. Let the hair get curled half-down after which you simply need to sweep it down the heavier side of the sectioning. Let bangs flow on their own on the thinner side of the sectioning.

Half-up waves with half-down with rotating curlsHalf-up waves with half-down curls

Balayage hairstyles for medium length hair

When you have long hair, you can easily make two hairstyles with the length. Rather than making your hair absolutely curly and unmanageable, opt for something like this that lets you manage your hair with ease. Let the first half or quarter stay like how your hair would usually be, it depends if you have permanent straightened strands or natural wavy curls. Use the rotating curl iron for the following length of your hair and have it used up to the tips. Make a section in front to let the bangs fall heavily on one side. Brush back the rest of the hair and let it flow down the shoulders.

Back-pinned hair with curlsBack-pinned hair with curls

Let your hair stay as it is in for the first quarter of the length and then make have it curled up to the tip. This hairstyle is a little messy, so it will make your hair look natural and stylish. Take sections of hair from the two extreme sides for pinning it at the back. Make a small braid and pin it to make it look a little more interesting. Let the rest of the hair flow with the curls as you divide three sections to fall down the shoulders and also at the back.

Puffed hair with rotating curlsPuffed hair with curls

Long black hairstyles with plum highlights

Curls are sometimes a little unmanageable, especially if curled from root to tips. Try out this hairstyle where you have to puff your hair on the mid-scalp zone and then let the rest of the hair flow on its own! Make a puff on the scalp and pin it well. It should be tightly fastened as the rest of the hair would be heavier and the style should be carried well. Back brush the rest of the hair and then use the curling iron to curl up the hair to the tips.

Side-parted absolute curlsSide-parted absolute curls

Women who don’t have natural curls love this hairstyle as it gives them a different look. This hairstyle will need your hair to be curled all through so that you get the perfect curly haired look. These curls make your hair look naturally curly and give you a very distinctive look than what you might have usually carried. Part your hair from one side and let the heavier sectioning fall to the front. Let the thinner section fall back and carry it off with casual to special wears.

Middle-parted hair with curlsMiddle-parted hair with curls

Different varieties of waterfall hairstyles

Although this hairstyle is quite common, this is one of the most easy to manage. Have your hair nicely washed before you run a rotating iron through it. If you have two colors or highlighted hair, it will suit the style well. Part your hair from the middle and curl the hair in vertical sections. Leave a gap in-between, so that the style has equal distance between each wave. Let the hair flow down from both sides of the shoulders and carry it off with casual wear.

Half down curls with ponytail hairstyleHalf down curls with ponytail

We usually like to keep our hair straight with ponytails as they are more manageable. But here we have an example which will break through the stereotype. Have your hair back-brushed to the crown zone and make a slight puff. Pin it up and then run through the rotating iron half down your hair. Tie a high ponytail and let fringes or layers fall in front. You will notice that the first half of the ponytail has a similar styling while it would be curled up towards the end.

Top knot long straight curly hairTop knot

Dark brown hairstyles with plum highlights

Top knots or hair buns get a very usual look when you try it out with this hairstyle type. Buns mostly have straight to wavy hair, while this one turns out to be really unique. Have your hair curled up from root to tips. This will make it absolutely curly, after which you can create a top knot on your crown area. Tie it like you usually do. Also switch over to usual buns, for different occasions. That would be a similar tie up around the nape of your neck.

Beach waves with flat iron hairstyle with curlsBeach waves with flat iron

At the end, we want to share a unique way to have rotating curls. What do you do when you don’t want to spend on a new Instyler and want curls with what you have? This hairstyle will get you the perfect beach waves with a flat iron! Part your hair from the middle and make two separate sections down the shoulders. According to the thickness of the hair, make further sections or twist the entire bunch of one side three times. Run the flat iron through the section and let the heat do the twist prominent. When you loosen the hair you will get perfect beach waves, which will make your hair look curly without a curler!

Waterfall waves hairstyle with rotating curls

water waves

Easy hairstyles for sarees

This sort of curling is when you have the exact amount of the gap between two waves. These waves can be easily created with a curling iron. The trick to make this hairstyle look beautiful is to have long strands of hair. If your hair is long already, you don’t need to stress. You can choose to add some hair extension to make your hair look long and then use curling rolls on them. Have your hair nicely waved up and part the hair from one side. Let the heavier side fall in front and the rest fall back.

Curled bob hairstyle with rotating curls

Curled bob

When you have bob hair and you fuss about not trying various styles, why not curl them up and give it a new look. Bob cut usually has one style to follow with little variation. So switching over from all straight to all curly would be quite an exciting thing to try. When you use a curling iron to curl up all the hair from root to tips, you have to make sure that you don’t hurt your scalp. Other than that you are sure to experience a new look for yourself.

Crown sectioned hair with rotating curls

Crown sectioned hair with curls

Top balayage hairstyles for black hair

This is another hairstyle which needs all your strands to be curled up from root to tips. What makes this one a little more manageable is the sectioning that you do around the crown zone. Take strands from two extreme sections and have it met below the crown. Use pins to fasten them and then you get layers of curls. Follow this style with casual to party wear and flaunt your lovely locks.

Middle-brushed hair with curl down-do rotating curls

Middle-brushed hair

This hairstyle will have less to do, but a lot of ways to flaunt. If you have medium to long hair, let the first half or quarter of your hair stay wavy while you curl the rest of it. Brush your hair from the middle to create partitions and let the hair fall down the shoulders. This is perfect to manage your hair to parties and casual occasions.

Popular updo hairstyle with curly hair


The hairstyle with curly updo is ambitious as a hair bun at the nape. The hair is divided into two halves and a first part rotated you and a bun is created. Repeat the same on the other side and fix it next to the first bun with bobby pins. This will leave you a few strands as you frame on your face.

Top bridal wedding hairstyle with curls


Wedding is the great part of woman’s life and every one wants to be amazing, inspiring with wedding. This hairstyle makes you look stunning at your wedding. The bride held around the world for peace and their own cultural ideals is important and has a new look with a marriage hairstyle. This can reduce the final and gives a wonderful look with a modern attractive hairstyle.

Cute easy & simple hairstyle for long hair


The simple and easy hairstyle with a long hair make you look beautiful. This hairstyle is best in summer and gives a half up hairstyle. The long rolled hairstyle makes you look pretty cute. The simple, stylish hairstyle is best for oval face shape. Try this hairstyle for any occasion to look simple with trendy fashion.

Best prom hairstyle with bangs


The long hair with rolled hair make you look beautiful with bangs. The soft, smooth golden hair color idea with side swept bangs make you look gorgeous. This hairstyle best suits for oval face shape. The bangs and fringes with wavy rolled hairstyle, make you look pretty cute and cherish with a light makeup.

Best curly rolled hairstyle with wedding hairstyle


The best curly hairstyle with rolled fringe hair strands make you look like a doll. The side swept bang hairstyle with blue colored eye balls simply make you look as a pretty cute doll with small faces. This hairstyle can add volume to your face shape. The curly hairstyle for the wedding is classic and beautiful.

Best mermaid curly hairstyle for party


The classic bump hairstyle can be tried by pulling your hair straight back and secure it with a barrette. The half up and half down hairstyle is best for girls with a simple stylish look. After applying a texturing gel, dry your hair naturally, then use a small hair styling wax on the fingertips to pull your hair to one side. Grand a three inch section of hair and twist it up on the same side. Simply hold the twist and pin it with a Bobby pin that matches your hair color. Lastly, loosen the rest of your hair by brushing with a boar bristle brush.