Latest Balayage hairstyles & haircuts for medium length hair

With all the A-list actresses of Hollywood getting the Balayage hairstyle, it has become the latest trend now. The specialty of Balayage hairstyle is that it gives a very natural finish to the hairs. Balayage is actually a hair dyeing technique where the colors are painted by hands, according to the features of the person getting the hairstyle.

There are extensive variations in Balayage and it can be done with various colors, starting from shades of caramel, brown to purple, blue and red. Balayage hairstyles look stylish and natural and can give one the most desired look. Balayage hairstyle can go nicely with any hair length and hair color. This article will include some of the latest Balayage hairstyle ideas for medium length hair. Read on,

Bronde hair color with Balayage highlight

Bronde hair color with balayage highlight

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This Balayage highlighting is looking really gorgeous and distinct. Here the color variation between the upper part and the lower part of the hairs is extensive, but yet the whole thing has matched seamlessly due to the intelligent use of the Balayage highlighting on the tresses. Get this hairstyle if you are looking out for something trendy.

Dark brown ombre with Balayage

Dark brown ombre with balayage

In this hairstyle the highlighting is present, particularly on the lower 2/3rd part of the hair length. Use of light caramel with shades of brown has given this hairstyle a distinct look. You can sport this hairstyle in any season and with any dress without looking out of the place or overdone.

Brunette Balayage highlights

Brunette balayage highlights

Dark brown hairstyles with highlights and lowlights

This brunette Balayage hairstyle rightly accentuates the soft curls giving it a fresh look that is sure to be liked. Here the dye has been used from the very top of the head, but in an irregular fashion to get the desired finish. This curl accentuating Balayage looks flawless and can add a lot to your overall appearance.

Balayage on layers

Balayage on layers

If you have medium length hairs and a layer cut, this Balayage dyeing style can be a good option for you. As here the dyeing has been done on straight hairs hence the brush strokes look quite prominent. The other thing to note in this hairstyle is that here the ends of the hairs at both the layers have been colored to the lightest shade.

Light brunette Balayage highlights

Light brunette balayage highlights

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This Balayage highlight looks absolutely gorgeous and yet natural. Here the light highlights have been used strategically on the edges of the tresses to get the right look.

This Balayage highlighting can look best on medium length hairs with volume. However, if you miss the volume, have a talk with your hair stylist before you opt for this idea.

Balayage with low lights

Balayage with low lights

This is another example of Balayage hairstyle that looks unique and yet natural. Here the lighter shades have been used on the edges of the hair locks and also at the ends. This Balayage highlighting gives a total new dimension to the hairstyle and most importantly, does not look overly made up. Get this hairstyle during summer to complement that sun-kissed look.

Light brunette hair with Balayage highlight

Light brunette hair with balayage highlight

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This perfectly highlighted hairstyle has a unique look to it. Here the hair strands with the highlights have been dyed right from the top and has been mixed flawlessly with the natural light brunette shade of the hairs.

This hairstyle is ideal for medium length hairs and can even go well, even if your hairs miss the volume.

Caramel Balayage on dark, medium hairs

Caramel balayage on dark medium hairs

The interesting thing to note in this hairstyle is that the color of the hairs at the root has been left to be dark, while the color of the hairs by the end has been dyed to blonde. The color variation between the top and the end of the hairs is extreme and yet it has a natural tone, particularly due to the use of hand painted Balayage highlighting technique.

Layered haircut with Balayage highlights

Layered haircut with balayage highlights

Braid hairstyles with hair highlights

The Balayage highlights used in this hairstyle accentuate the layers pretty well.

The dye has been majorly used towards the lower ends of the hairs and the intensity of the color has increased as it has reached the full length. This hairstyle for medium hairs can be a good option for an occasion or even without any occasion.

Balayage melt with berry and red

Balayage melt with berry and red

This is a gorgeous Balayage hairstyle that can look pretty cool on the black hairs of medium length. The highlights accentuate the curls throughout their lengths but they are present only on some of the tresses. Get this hairstyle for a unique look this summer.

Caramel Balayage on brunette hairs

Caramel balayage on brunette hairs

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You can actually play with the Balayage hairstyle when you have medium length hairs. However, depending on the color of your hairs and the volume some style might suit you more.

This hairstyle is perfect for light haired beauties and the caramel Balayge looks absolutely stunning on this hair color and cut. The dye has been used more towards the ends of the locks with the help of flat brush instead of the tapered ones.

Turtle shell hair color with Balayage

Turtle shell hair color with balayage

This wavy hairstyle looks natural and stunning. Here the hair color has been used in such a way which gives the hairs a golden brown look along with curl highlights. This is a perfect Balayage hairstyle for medium length hairs and it can go well with any skin tone.

Dark brown hairs with light brown Balayage highlights

Dark brown hairs with light brown balayage highlights

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The use of light brown dye on the dark brown hair color has given this hairstyle the perfect look. The lighter shade of the dye highlights the hairs perfectly and yet matches seamlessly with the base color.

The lighter shade has been used with tapered brush towards the upper section of the hairs to get a more natural looking finish.

Caramel Balayage on brown silky hairs

Caramel balayage on brown silky hairs

For medium length hairs this Balayage hairstyle can suit perfectly. Here the locks near the face have got the lightest shade while the highlights have been painted throughout the hair with small and less-deep strokes. This hairstyle looks more beautiful, particularly due to the silky finish of the hairs.

Brunette hair with light blonde Balayage highlights

Brunette hair with light blonde balayage highlights

Hairstyles with golden brown highlights

This gorgeous Balayage hairstyle can give your look a totally new dimension.

Here the highlighting has been done on the lower half portion of the hair length and the light blonde shade has been matched pretty well with the base hair color by using small brush strokes. This hairstyle is ideal for medium length and can be perfect to get the right look in any occasion.

Light Balayage highlight on dark medium length hair

Light balayage highlight on dark medium length hair

This is a classic example of flat brush Balayage highlighting done for accentuating the curls perfectly. This hairstyle has a unique look to it and can look gorgeous on medium length hairs with volume. Here the highlight density is much more towards the ends, which complete the look.

Brunette hairs with red Balayage highlights

Brunette hairs with red balayage highlights

Easy wavy hairstyles with golden highlights

If you are looking out for a low maintenance hair color the Balayage can be a perfect fit for you. Balayage gives a natural look to the hairs and you do not really need to touch up repeatedly as soon as there is new hair growth.

This brunette hair with red Balayage highlights looks high maintenance, but in fact they are really easy to maintain.

Purple Balayage on dark curly hair

Purple balayage on dark curly hair

Get something vibrant and trendy on your hairs with this purple Balayage highlight with a hint of red. This hairstyle does not surely look natural, but it can be the new sensation when done in the right way. You can get this highlighting on the hair of medium length.

Simple loose waves Balayage bob haircut


The loose wave’s haircut with a long bob looks pretty. The loose waves can give you a youthful, carefree feel. The hairstyle can be for any occasion such as work, outings, school, etc. This hairstyle looks simple and can be tried daily to get ready in a few minutes. Mid part your hair and leave the wavy hair strands upto the shoulder to look gorgeous.

Latest wavy hairstyle with medium length waves


This hairstyle looks great with a contemporary casual look with hair color shades.  Style your hair with an off center parting that has a dark roots and has a harmony with a flattering medium blonde shade around the top. The font style with framing waves on forehead. The remaining hair is loosely waved and added width at the sides with a lighter shade of blonde.

Blonde Balayage hairstyle


The blonde Balayage with a thick golden highlights and are paired with a darker, chin caramel tones. This medium brown hair can complement the light, platinum blonde tresses. The hairstyle makes you look beautiful. Mid part your hair and from side bangs with fringe haircut. The end curls have a fringe haircut with heavy voluminous hair on shoulders.

Trendy fashion dark Ombre hairstyle


Dark Ombre hairstyle looks simple and inspiration with a pretty look. Try this simple, straight hairstyle for a fashion look. The best trendy hairstyle with an Ombre hair looks simple and beautiful. The stylish, simple hair makes you look pretty simple and look good. This is the latest trend best hairstyle.

Simple shiny blonde hairstyle with medium length hair


This hairstyle best suits on shirts with medium length hair. Mid part your hair with a wavy brushing to form fringe bangs. The hairstyle makes you look good with a gorgeous look. Simply try this trendy hairstyle with a stylish look just similar to bob cut hairstyle. Latest fashion haircut with fringe wavy hairstyle looks pretty simple.

Butterfly loft unique salon and spa hairstyle


The simple curls with fringe haircut give a beautiful look. Curls at the ends moves along with a wavy look. The best stylish butterfly look has a salon and spa with wavy light brown highlights on black color hair. Style your hair like a butterfly shaped curly, wavy hairs.