Latest Layered hairstyles & haircuts for long hair round face

Round faces are circular in shape which makes you look chubby even when you’re not. The prime hairstyle tip is to try styles which would slim down your face. Your hairstyle should work to the fullest and widest parts so that your cheekbones and chin slim down. The longer your hair is, the better your layers, and this, in turn, makes your hairstyles fashionable.

In this article, we have listed down some of the best hairstyles which you can try with your layered cut. These hairstyles are not just for style, but to also slimmer down your face shape and make you look cute.

Find the perfect haircut & hairstyle for round face shape

Side fringes wavy look

Side fringes wavy look

Everyday simple hairstyle ideas

Side fringes are every round face girl’s personal favourite. Side fringes are known to give toned look to your otherwise chubby face and hence make you look sexier!

Mid parted layered hairstyle

Mid parted layered hairstyle

The mid parted hairstyle with layers hanging on both sides give a subtle sharpness to round faces. It gives a thinner area of face visibility and hence that makes the face look better and toned.

Mid parted wavy hair

Mid parted wavy hair

Mid partition gives a balanced look to your face, and when added with wavy hair hanging at the end, it makes one look better! Mid parted wavy hair look is an everyday choice for people with round face.

Mid parted messy curls

Mid parted messy curls

Messy curls are the most in demand as per the current trend. When messy curls are clubbed with mid parted hair at the crown it makes your otherwise round face look smaller and thinner in size. Well, what else you want?

Side drawn bouncy look

Side drawn bouncy look

Easy hairstyle ideas for college fest

Most celebrities opt for a side drawn bouncy look at award functions and ceremonies. This look gives you a sizzling touch and makes one’s face look more toned and balanced.

Middle-parted messy waves for round face shape

Middle-parted messy waves

Layered haircuts look so stylish that they need a minimal of styling. In the picture below, we see a beautiful round-faced girl, who has her long hair shaped in layers. The color of the hair shines brightly under the sun and she has let it open.

The hair looks naturally wavy and has been parted from the middle. This is one of the easiest hairstyles for round faces, which makes the face look sleeker and yet has the features prominent enough.

Side-brushed hair for women based on your face shape

Side-brushed hair

If you have layered haircut, which let the initial layers stay fringed, you can have a lot of variations to try. Have all your all nicely waved with Instyler and then part it from one side.

Let the fringes fall on the heavier section, while the rest of the hair is brushed back and then fallen down from the shoulder. You can let the thinner section fall out like bangs to the side, and enhance the look a little more.

Straight hair parted from the middle for round face shape

Straight hair parted from the middle

This is quite different from the hairstyles we just saw above, the layered cut has been formed towards the end of the strands and there too, it makes quite a lot of difference. Have your hair nicely straightened and curled towards the tips.

These will make the layers prominent in every layer. If your layers are shorted than the hairstyle below, you can still continue with the style. Have your hair parted from the middle and let the layers fall down equally and look beautiful.

Middle-parted straight hair with curved tips

Middle-parted straight hair with curved tips

Best hairstyles with highlights

These kinds of hairstyles are apt for round faces, as they have most strands falling on both of either sides of the hair, which in turns makes the face look slim. Have your hair parted from the middle and then curved to the tips.

The long fringes which fall in front have been waived with Instyler so that they don’t look too straight and artificial. Have the hair comb back and forth to make the strands a little fluffy. The curved tips would give prominence to the layers and make the style look more attractive.

Most flattering top-knot with fringes hairstyle

Top knot with fringes

Round faces needs at least one part of the face to be covered with hair to make their expressions and features more prominent than the shape of the face. When you want to do a bun, you must have some style in front, to not let the entire face grab the attention.

Make a nice top knot, after you have sections your strands in front for a fringe. If your layers are longer, you can make bangs and brush them to the side. Have the knot pinned up properly and have a two-way effect to your look.

Best flattering back-brushed ponytail hairstyle

Back-brushed ponytail

When you want to do a regular ponytail and not let the strands fall in front, have your layered hair pinned up around the mid-scalp to crown zone. This will keep them intact and then you can continue with your hairdo.

If you want bangs to fall in front to hide your cheekbones of your forehead, you could do that too. So, a regular ponytail can be followed with round face to make it look just as stylish as all other hairdo would look!

Side parted hair with fringes & long layered hairstyle

Side parted hair with fringes

Different varieties of waterfall hairstyles

Sometimes we layered cut are extreme – half up-do and half down-do. If you want to have your haircut into fringes and then have the next layers on the tips, you can try out this look.

When you keep your hair open, the fringes hide you the forehead and the strands can fall down smoothly.You can opt for curly to messy hairdo with this cut. All you have to do is simply have the haircut and then part the hair from one side. Let the fringes fall and creates its own style!

Straight hairdo long layered hairstyle

Straight hairdo

One of the best hair types to flaunt the layers that you have is having your hair straightened. They make the haircut so prominent and the hair looks styled on its own too. Have your hair nicely washed and then straightened.

Part the hair from one side and then makes fringes fall on the heavier side of the section. This hairstyle is easy and suits the face shape well too.

Best stunning long layered hairstyle with bouffant and fringe

Bouffant and fringe

Long black hairstyles with highlights

Round faces can also experiment with hairstyles which have a lot to do with the strands at the back. This picture for example, has a bouffant done up at the back along with fringes equally divided in the front. Have you have nicely straightened to follow up this hairstyle.

Let the fringes fall in front so that you can section out the next layer for the bouffant. Make a lower bouffant, which isn’t too huge and can easily flow for the rest of the hair. What makes this hairstyle more stylish are the hair colors used.

Curly hairstyle for round face shape

Curly hair

Curly hairstyles can be easily carried off with round faces. When you have curly hair, you can either have the lower portion curled while the above layers are wavy, or has it entirely curled up. In the hairstyle below, we see side parted fringes, with waves up layers and which are finally curved up towards the lower section.

This hairstyle is quick and easy, while it is also preferred with your face shape. Rather than adding a lot of Bobby pins to make twists and rolls, have your hair curled up and let it fall open. If you skillfully curl up every section, you will get curls in each layer and make your hair look better.

Most flattering regular braids hairstyles for round face

Regular braids

Easy hairstyle ideas for college girls

Braids become so much more interesting with style when you have layered cut. This is because you have shorter strands to leave for creating fringes or bangs.

Comb out shorter layers in the front and then back brush the rest. Create a regular braid or choose the one which suits you best. Flip it to one side and wear anything you want to suit it with!

Laced braid long layered curly hairstyle

Laced braid

Laced braids for the crown are nice styles to try. When you have layered hair, you give some more chances to style it up. Make a lace, braid by sectioning out your hair from one extreme corner.

Place it across to the other side and pin it up. Let the layers fall down from both sides of your shoulder. You can also have the hair curled up for the perfect look.

Side-parted bouffant and bun for round face shape

Side-parted bouffant and bun

Simple hairstyles for silk saree

When you have to make a bun with layered hair, you can make fringes for sure, but then you can also part them from one side and brush them to the side. This one it to add another example for your layered hair, so that you have maximum of variations to do.

Part your hair from one side and make a small bouffant on the heavier section. You can also create a braid across and then make the puff as seen in the picture below. Finally, make a bun with the longer layers at the back.

Bouffant and side-swept ponytail hairstyles

Bouffant and side-swept ponytail

Unlike the ponytail hairdo we saw above, this hairstyle consists of longer layers in the front. You can simply comb them from the middle and then brush the longer layers to create a small bouffant. Use the rest of the hair to create a ponytail and then side-sweep the hair to one side.

Pretty hairstyle for layered long hair


The hairstyle best suits for long layered light brown hair color. The mid part hair with side swept bangs layered hair are good for round face shape. The hairstyle with free, open long layered hair make you look good. The hairstyle gives a simple fashion with curls on the shoulders at the hair edges.

Natural black color with long layered hairstyle


The simple long layered hairstyle best suits for round face in dark black hair color. This hairstyle is good for thick curly hair. Simple long layered center parted natural black hair color looks pretty good.

This hairstyle gives a frame effect over the cheeks with the curly thick hair. This is the best long layered wavy hairstyles with highlights for round face.

Best long layered wavy hairstyles for round face


The best long layered wavy hairstyle is a current hairstyle with solid appearance. This adds a daring look with your hairstyle. This will organize our hairstyle with a photograph and has a classy look with formal, casual, and formal look. It will take less time and free to try for various lengths and hair textures.

Long layered haircuts for round face shape


The long layered haircut best suits for round face shape. The hairstyle has a stunning look with a pretty cute look. Try this long hair with layered curls.

The front puff with curls and side rolls gives a beautiful look. Hairstyle with curls up to shoulder gives a gorgeous look. Try this hairstyle for party and any other occasions.

Hairstyle for thin layered hair


If you have thin hair and are worrying to try a new hairstyle? Here, you can go with different hairstyle that best suits for round face shape. Try this cute layered hairstyle for thin hair.

Simply mid side swept bang with straight layered hair. On the other side leave the fringe and leave the straight hair on shoulders which give a pretty cute look.

Latest fashion long layered hairstyle


Center parted hair with long layered hairstyle is popular and latest trend to follow. This hairstyle best suits for round face shape. Try this hairstyle for outing and parties.

Simple fringe hairstyle with curl up to shoulders has a gorgeous look. This center parted thick wavy hairstyle with a round face is simply beautiful.


• What are the best layered hairstyles for long hair with a round face?

Layer cuts that frame the face, such as long layers with side-swept bangs, are best for long hair with a round face.

• Is it possible to achieve a layered look with long hair and a round face?

Yes, it is possible to achieve a layered look with long hair and a round face.

• What kind of bangs look good with a layered hairstyle for a round face?

Side-swept bangs are a great option for a layered hairstyle with a round face, as they help to elongate the face and draw attention away from the roundness.

• What types of layers should I look for when styling my long hair with a round face?

Soft layers that frame the face are best for styling long hair with a round face.

• How can I create volume in my layered hairstyle for a round face?

Try styling with a round brush while blow-drying, with the ends of your hair turned outwards to create a more angular look.

• Is there a way to make a layered hairstyle more flattering for a round face?

Yes, adding layers that start around mid-length and framing the face with soft layers can help to make a layered hairstyle more flattering for a round face.

• What are some tips and tricks for styling layered hairstyles for a round face?

Some tips and tricks for styling layered hairstyles for a round face include framing the face with long layers, avoiding a center part, and using more volume at the crown of the head.

• How do I prevent my layers from looking too bulky on my round face?

Try to keep your layers on the shorter side and opt for more voluminous layers around your face to create a more flattering look.

• Should I use product to help me style my layered hairstyle for a round face?

Yes, using a styling product can help you create a flattering layered look for your round face.

• What are the best tools to use when styling layered hairstyles for a round face?

Round-barreled curling irons, flat irons, and round brushes are great tools for styling layered hairstyles for a round face.