Easy hairstyle & haircut ideas for college girls

Getting ready for college happens to be the most exciting part during the initial days. This is solely because we have less to do at school. Most colleges free us from uniforms and that gives us endless reasons to dress up well. Good clothes have to be matched with nice hairstyles, which is why we have listed you some of the best college hairstyles that you can try. These are not just easy to follow, but they are also separately chosen for separate college looks.

For example, the days you want to go nerdy would be different from the day you want to go all sporty. Scroll through the styles and check out how you can make your look different each day!

Middle-parted messy wavy hairstyleMiddle-parted messy waves

Simple hairstyles for silk saree

Yes, you have surely missed your hair staying absolutely open and doing nothing too grand. Keep your hair away from those tight braids or ponytails and simply set it free! This is easy if you have wavy hair of yours can have it styled half way down. Part your hair from the middle and bring two equal sections in front. Let them fall down two sides of your shoulders after which you can easily style them half-down. Make the waves and let it look natural and messy. This would be apt for an all time look, especially when you don’t have much time.

Bangs and ponytail hairstyle for college girlsBangs and ponytail

All set for the first college picnic or ready for the sport activities, you can surely make a non-disturbing hairstyle – the ponytail! You might anyway, not want to get rid of that absolutely would you? Have you have back-brushed and let bangs fall from both sides. Make a high ponytail and let it not disrupt the game.

Open hair and braid hairstyle for girlsOpen hair and braid

Layered hairstyles for oval faces

If you are die-hard fan of rock music, you won’t be unfamiliar with such a wacky hairstyle. To incorporate this hairstyle, you might like to wear some loose tees or shirts with denims. Part your hair from the middle up to the mid-scalp. Let long bangs fall down from both the side, while the rest of the hair has been back-brushed to create the braid. This easy hairstyle is quirky enough to make all the fashion lovers rethink their trends. This is definitely a unique try to get out from the mainstream styles.

Side-parted messy waves with braid hairstyleSide-parted messy waves with braid

This hairstyle is perfect when you have a prim and proper attire to carry. Giving a messy hair look to proper clothing would contrast and look apt. The nerdy glasses would make you look studious and create a different impression. Part your hair from one side and let bangs fall in front. Take the longer lengths at the back and make a braid. Don’t go for styling, let your hair remain unruly or messy, to make the look more prominent.

Wavy hair swept back hairstyle for college girlsWavy hair swept back

Prom hairstyles for shoulder length hair

If you want people to catch more attraction to your face, try out this simple hairstyle which will make it more prominent. Have your hair waved with an instyler with definitive sections vertically. Part the hair from one side and let the heavier section fall back and the thinner in front. If you choose a pair of spectacles which is going to suit your face perfectly, you might end up making this simple look gorgeous. Pair your hair to casual wear and carry it off to college with a glare!

Dual color flaunt with open hairstyleDual color flaunt with open hair

College life lets you color your hair. Most schools don’t allow you do so, but sometimes we often get through with a similar shade to the base color. Choosing a new color and styling the hair you want will definitely be a nice idea to try. For the simplest flaunt, color your hair with a different shade which makes both the shade difference. Part the hair from the middle and let it flow down the shoulders. The blend of open hair and colored strands would be quite exciting for early college days!

Side-swept fringes with open hair for college girlsSide-swept fringes with open hair

Wavy hairstyles with plaits

Haircuts get a new meaning in college days because you have so much more to try. From pixie short to layer long, you have so many haircuts you can choose from. If you have layered cut with small fringes, you can have your hair kept open. Let the fringes flaunt down the forehead and then let the bangs follow. The open hair look is anytime better than any other style you want to try. These are not just easy, but are free from the bands and pin which fasten your hair. Try to run an Instyler to make your hair slightly wavy and manageable.

Ponytails hairstyle for girlsPonytails

After all the stylish trials if you want to shift back to the back-to-school look, you should surely try a ponytail. If you were not allowed to carry a ponytail with long hair and had to make a braid instead, that too can be resolved with this style. Have your hair nicely straightened so that it looks perfect. Brush all the hair back and tie a high ponytail. Let your hair flow at the back and make you look like a school girl again. This hairdo would retain the innocence and charm of your school days!

Middle-parted twists and open hairMiddle-parted twists and open hair

Layered hairstyles for long hair with side fringe

This is one of the trending hairstyles and you must carry it to college for once. Have your hair parted from the middle and then take the initial areas to create two sections on both the sides. Take the sections to create a twist and then pin it at the side. For the rest of the hair you can keep it open or have it slightly waved with a styler.

Bangs and buns hairstyle for girlsBangs and buns

Hair buns are the styles which you probably never did in school. Hair buns are easy and followed because they are manageable. Follow this hairstyle especially during the summer to keep your hair away from sweat. To make it look stylish enough, let bangs come in front and flaunt. There are numerous hair buns which you can try. Choose anything from top knots to messy buns and keep your college hours hassle-free!

Wavy hair with back-pinned hairstyle

Wavy hair with back-pinned

Easy hairstyles with rotating curls

Section your hair for an inch and from the side, and then back-brush all the hair. Take two sections from both sides and then pin up below the crown zone. Let the rest of the hair fall naturally. You might be having straight, curly hair, but if it has a wavy texture then it will look prettier.  This is an easy style which you can carry when you need manageable hair.

Wavy hair with side ponytail hairstyle for girls

Wavy hair with side ponytail

Have your hair nicely waved with a curling iron. Your hair should not be all curly, but slightly messy. Part the hair from one side and then make a low ponytail. Make the ponytail loose and drop it down one side of the shoulder, preferably the heavier side of the sectioning. Carry it for all types of casual look be it college or any other occasions.

Twisted hair with side-swept puff hairstyle

Twisted hair with side-swept puff

Top balayage hairstyles for black hair

Have your hair nicely waved up and then add twist to make it look like swirls. Make three sections to do so, one on the left, one on the right and one in the middle. Now part your hair from one side and take the heavier section to make a side-swept braid. Pin it up well to fasten it and add lift with proper puffing. Use hair-spray if needed and let the rest of the hair fall down into three sections.

Side-parted waves for medium hair

Side-parted waves for medium hair

This is an easy hairstyle which you can try when you medium-length hair. If you don’t want a lot of styling to shorten the length of your hair, you can simply make waves and let it fall down. You can part the hair from one side or from the middle and carry regular western clothes with this hairstyle.

Twisted bun hairstyle for college girls to look pretty


The twisted bun hairstyle with rolled bun and curly, wavy hairstyle for long hair. The hairstyle best suits for college girls of summer. This hairstyle looks pretty and cute. The twisted bun for cute girls make you look beautiful and glamorous. Try this different hairstyle for college party and feast.

Curly and wavy hairstyle with golden brown hair color


The curly, wavy side swept bang haircut and fringe hairstyle, make you look beautiful. This hairstyle best suit for round face shape and has a brilliant look with gorgeous eyes. The eye with dark black liner on the fair skin tone and golden brown hair gives a pleasant look.  Try this cute hairstyle for curly hair with a short bob haircut.

Simple side twist braid with open long hairstyle


The side twist braid hairstyle gives a braided look with small sections of your hair from one side. Twist your hair with a small braid and is pinned at the back of the hair and similarly on the other side. This is the side twists braid hairstyle with long straight hair and tight ponytail.

Simply creative hairstyle ideas with ladder braid


The ladder braid hairstyle is really hard. Summer is the best time to style your hair and make you look different. Prepare two braids that look similar to a ladder. Simply, braid your hair with this hairstyle that makes you look beautiful. Try this stylish hairstyle in summer to look pleasant.

Best trendy fashion hairstyles for college girls


The trendy, perfect look hairstyle with the special occasion or any of the traditional functions. The best juda design, hairstyle with a long ponytail style for the wedding, which is easy to carry. The braided bun hairstyle for long hair is fashionable and makes you look cute.

Stylish knotted French braid hairstyle


The stylish knotted French braid hairstyle is best during summer. Try this different hairstyle that best suits for your face with a French braid started at the neck up to the top of the head and form a bun which is secured with a hair pin.