Layered hairstyles & haircuts for long hair with side fringe

Layered hairstyles can come in numerous shapes and styles. From straight to curly hair, you have a lot to do with layered hair. The short layers which make fringes in front add volume to your hair while the longer ones make it look thick at the back. Layered hairstyles give a nice shape to the hair, which makes it attractive and easily styled.

When you have fringes as the initial layer of this cut, you surely have a lot to make out of the hair. Scroll through some lovely hairstyles below and choose the ones you can suit yourself with.

Equally divided fringe with a middle part

Equally divided fringe with middle part

Hairstyles with golden brown highlights

Fringes give you a natural up-do which is always different from what you carry for the rest of the hair. In the picture below, we see nice hairstyle which has been based on the middle partition done.

The hair has been parted from the very first root to the back. This also divides the fringes in front, and lets them fall on both sides. Let the fringes fall like this, while the rest of the hair falls back.

Take sections from the next layer and pin up on both sides. This way you only flaunt the fringes and don’t let other layers disrupt the look. Let the rest of the hair stay open and fall down from both sides of the shoulders.

Ponytail with equally parted fringe

Ponytail with equally parted fringe

Ponytails are usually not followed when you want to make your hair look stylish. This is mainly because most of your hair is brushed back and you can’t have it nicely styled. Well, when you have fringes falling in front, you don’t need to worry about this hairstyle.

In fact, it turns out to look different and can be copied for the same reason. Have your fringes fallen in front and parted equally. Brush back the rest of the hair and then put a banana clip to make it like you see in the picture below. You could also tie it with a band like regular ponytails.

Top-knot long layered haircuts with bangs

Top knot

Easy wavy hairstyles with golden highlights

Top-knots are usually carried out in the summers when you don’t want to sweat your hair and you also want to save it for maximum sun exposure.

Well, having fringes in front literally enhances this hairstyle so much, that you could even have it done for a romantic dinner! Have your fringes fallen in front and then parted from the side. Back-brush the rest of the hair to make the top knot. This way, you get a stylish look and also get benefited with a non-disrupted hairdo.

Chinese fringes with messy waves

Chinese fringes with messy waves

When you want to opt for a fringe cut, there are two basic styles you can choose from. One would be longer fringes and one would be the shorter ones. These short fringes look like the common Chinese hairdo, which can be pulled off with long faces really well.

If you have your haircut like this, you could try out the mess and wavy open hair along with the fringes fall in front. Have your hair washed and styled to make it look messy. Let the fringes fall down nice and straight. Brush the hair and let it fall open.

Crown pinned hair with fringes and bangs


Simple hairstyles for silk saree

Side fringes let you do a lot of styles at the back, while it has its own statement for the forehead zone. Have your hair nicely brushed so that you can let fringes fall in front.

Comb your hair at the back with the third layer of your cut and pin the hair below the crown zone. Let fringes fall in front and get parted from one side. Let the rest of the hair also be combed and fallen from the shoulders.

This is one of the loveliest hairstyle options to flaunt your layers. From the fringes to the lengthiest layers, all of them have their pattern and style to look good.

Cute best hairstyles with regular hair bun

Regular hair bun

Hairstyles which have to be brushed back are most benefited to have fringes. They get an opportunity to have it more enhanced and they fit perfectly too. If you have fringes in front you can make a regular bun to make it look much more beautiful.

Have your fringes fallen from the front and brush the rest of the hair back. Twist it and roll it to make a bun or have it clipped up. This will let you have the common hair bun look along with the fringes to add the style quotient.

Side-parted open hair

Side-parted open hair

Easy hairstyles with rotating curls

This is an easy hairdo which you can follow when you want to keep your hair open. Since, you have a layered cut, your hair would be more than happy to set it free and still retain a style.

Layered haircuts with fringes are perfect because then start from the tiniest strands tom the long ones. Have your hair nicely washed. If you have wavy hair have it blow dried. You could also have it slightly curling towards the tips to get the exact look.

Have the hair parted from one side, so that the heavier section has more on the fringes and then fall down smoothly.

Braided bun with long layered hairstyle

Braided bun

Bun braids are extremely stylish. They are rarely followed and, needs some expert help for sure, but one you have them done, they might turn out to be the best kind of bun! Have your hair nicely braided after up flow it upside down.

This is how you can make the braid. Tie it up like a bun in the crown zone. The fringes that fall in front, will let you have its own charm. So you technically get the best of both with the hairdo, in one hairstyle.

Bouffant with open hair

Bouffant with open hair

Balayage hairstyles for short length hair

Bouffants are often loved for the uplift the hair and give you a different look, they also disliked because all of your hair needs to be brushed back.

Well, with the fringes in your layer cut, you can set the front free for the side fringes and then carry on with the bouffant. Continue to brush from the mid-scalp zone so that you can have a bouffant and then have it nicely pinned. Let the rest of the hair fall down from both sides of the shoulders.

Messy up-do with braided down-do

Messy up-do with braided down-do

Regular braids are also followed for a casual look, but with your side fringes in front, you can make your hair look extremely stylish and party ready! Have the fringes fallen in front and then brushed to one side.

Back brush the rest of the hair for making a braid. Let the braid flow from the heavier section of your fringe partition. You might also have a lot of hair falling out due to your haircut, but that will just enhance the messy look a little more.

Side fringes with open waves

Side fringes with open waves

Layered hairstyles for long hair round face

The easiest and the most common hairstyle every girl wants to follow with casual wear is probably this! You simply have to make sure that the fringes are straightened while the rest of the strands fall down wavy.

Side-sweep the fringes and let the waves fall as they are. Carry them on the back, and from both sides of the shoulders and match any casual wear with it!

Back-pinned bouffant, curls and side-fringe

Back-pinned bouffant

At first make sure that your side fringes are sorted out. Back-brush the rest of the hair at the back and then create a bouffant. Pin up the bouffant properly and then curl up the rest of the hair below. Now place the curled hair down both the sides of your shoulders and you get the perfect hairstyle for a special event!

Bouffant with ponytail and side fringe

Bouffant with ponytail and side fringe

Balayage hairstyles for medium length hair

This hairstyle is similar to the one you just saw above. You just replace the curled open hair with straight hair ponytail.

At first chalk out the fringes on one side and then back-brush the rest of the hair. Make a bouffant at the back and pin it up well. Now use a regular band to make a ponytail and sweep it to one side.

Side-swept back braid and side fringes

Side-swept back braid and side fringes

Brush all of your hair to one side and then makes a braid at the nape of your neck. The front layers should be taken out to make a side fringe, so you have two separate styles to carry at the front and at the back. Side-sweep the fringes to the side when you have the braid fall down. This is quite a stylish hairdo which can be carried with numerous clothes.

Best long layered hairstyle


The soft, smooth hairstyle with a fringe layered haircut is best to try. The long angle layered thin hair can add a gorgeous look of thick hair. This textured layer at shoulders has angling at the longest points with the high volume hairstyle. This would be great with a U or V shape at the back.

Side swept bang layered hairstyle for long straight hair


The haircuts that best suits for round face shape and make you look gorgeous. This hairstyle with side swept bang over one side of face has an amazing look. The straight hair left free on the shoulder with fringe haircut has a beautiful look. Try this hairstyle which gives an oval shape haircut as a front look.

Simple long layered hairstyle with side fringes


The layered hairstyle for long hair can allow a stylish way to look stunning. This heavy bang with side fringes best suits for round face shape. Try this layered hairstyle and can be restyled as a bob style. The face will be framed beautifully with this fringe long straight hair.

Cute best side bangs with a wavy blonde hair color idea


The best way to have a long layered hairstyle with side bangs for a wavy blonde hair color. The simple great hairstyle with layered hairstyle and side swept bang on forehead looks beautiful. Lavender hair strands over light gold color hair gives a beautiful look. This hairstyle best suits for your face shape. Try this hairstyle that best suits for your face shape.

Best side fringe hairstyle for long hair with natural black hair color


The hairstyle with side fringe make you look beautiful. Try this side fringe hairstyle which is perfect with long layers, curly hair. The top bun hairstyle best suits for round face shape. Side swept fringe hairstyle with layers along with top bun gives a gorgeous look with natural black hair color.

Best blonde curly hair with layers for women with fringes


The hairstyle best suits for heart shaped face. Style your hair with side bangs for long blonde curly hair. The layers look best with a side swept bang curls looks pretty cute. Try this hairstyle for parties or any occasions to look beautiful. This hairstyle best suits with blonde hairstyles.