Healthcare Modernization – An Effective Way To Strengthen The Healthcare System

We all are living in a modern era where everything is transforming. Everyone wants to be in a better place living their lives in a better way. The standard of living has improved, and people have become creative and innovative in living out their lives. People want to grow in every area of their lives, be it their jobs, business, markets, etc. Growth is essential for healthy living. The quality of life matters most rather than the quantity. And this holds true even in the healthcare sector.

The healthcare sector is a very important sector where the quality of service matters to each one of us. In this modern world, everything is becoming digital. Technology has the power of transformation in all sectors and has proven to be a blessing for many of us. Technology has become a very vital part of the healthcare system, making it possible to save many lives and offer amazing services quickly. 

Digital Transformation In The World Of Healthcare

Thousands of people are affected by some sort of disease or other. Diseases not only affect the physical body but also cripples us mentally and financially. Digital transformation in healthcare not just helps patients get better treatment but also ensures that whole healthcare service providers make lives better.

The government has launched health ID cards for the benefit of the people. This card contains a 14-digit unique health identification number for all citizens and will serve as a health account.

Just like a bank account containing all the transaction details, this health account contains all the details of all the tests done, the doctor’s visit, each ailment you go through, medications taken for the ailments, etc. This card is portable and can be carried with you wherever you go. That’s why even if you go to another part of the country, you still can access all the information regarding your health and share the details with other doctors that you go to.

Now, forget about all the paper records which easily get misplaced and damaged over time, multiple visits to the healthcare center to get an appointment, collect reports, waiting in a long queue for your turn, and then if any document is misplaced then having to go through the same procedure again to make a file of records, etc.

You don’t even have to remember the dates and name of the medicines as it is all there updated in the system and just a tap away from you. You can access it anywhere, anytime, and share the information with anyone you want to share.

Merits Of Having A Health Card – 

Getting the Abha health card is your choice and can be linked to the personal details of a person. This is very helpful during an emergency as you can show all the details regarding your health whenever needed. The following are the merits of having an ABHA Card – 

  • Quick access to Digi Doctors – You can have access to any verified doctor at any point in time. This card is verified by Digi doctors over a secure environment enabling you to share your details without any worries.
  • Security – The card is highly secured and safe to be used. It allows you to share your medical details with the prefred person. Without your consent, no one has access to any information.
  • Voluntary opt-in and opt-out – It is purely your choice either to continue the service or avail of the facilities that the health card provides. If for some reason you don’t want to use the card and the services it provides, you can opt out. There is no compulsion to have a health Id card.
  • Digital Health Records – It becomes easy for you to track and access all your records, starting from admission into the hospital to the treatment administered till discharge, all at once.

Contribute your part towards the digital healthcare system by getting your registration done and creating your health card by following the instructions given on the official website. Avail all the merits it offers and live a healthy, blissful life.