Long black & brown hairstyles & haircuts with highlights

Long hair has been a fashion for a long time, but due to lack of scope in maintenance ladies cut their hair short, which enables them to keep their hair well maintained.

The highlights look really amazing once it gets properly settled down over the long and attractive hairstyle. People are trying out a wide range of colors in order to create highlights.

You can now get a variety of hairstyle options with long black hairstyle along with the highlights. Most of the hair will be having a natural color which you need to modify and get some. Here are the few long black hair hairstyles and long brown hairstyles with highlights.

Long black hair hairstyles with highlights 

16Light copper highlights for long black hairstyle

Ideas of long hairstyles with highlights and lowlights of light brown and black color

Try this beautiful and hottest hairstyle for your long black hair along with highlights.

As you can see in the picture the dark color hair dropped at the back of the lady makes her look attractive.

But, if you can see very carefully, you can view light highlights placed over the hair. This highlight makes the hair much more attractive. You can easily this highlights right at your home.

15Natural brown hair with off white highlight

Do you have a long brown hair? Then try this brown hairstyle with highlights. This is a very simple hairstyle adopted by the lady with the fizzy hair and highlights over the natural tone of hair.

The highlights make the hair look really distinct and create a present ability while you are out to wit your friends or create a gathering.

14Jet black with red highlights for long black hairstyle

Latest fashion short hairstyles with highlights and low lights

Hairstyle and highlight ideas for dark long hair women. Highlights are so much attractive that most of the people are willing to adopt the makeover.

Some people have a complaint that though they have dark black hair, the color for highlights does not sit. But, this is no truer today. You can now get the different color highlights over your dark hair.

13Highlight with natural look for long black hair

Hottest new highlights for long black hair. Lady modeling this highlighted hair has the rest of the hair jet black in color only a portion on one side with the natural burgundy tinge.

This looks really natural and appreciable as the color is not very distinct yet the hair is looking really gorgeous. You can ask your hair stylist to get you this style and you can look really awesome.

12Black hair with copper highlights

Top fabulous ideas of dark black & brown best hairstyles with highlights

Attractive long black hairstyles with copper highlights. The jet black color, high looks really attractive once you have created some highlights with a copper color.

This is regarded as one of the hottest styles adopted by ladies during the summer. After the highlights being done, the hair touching the shoulders and down are made curly to create a wonderful look. You can try this today and enjoy your looks.

11Long black hair with very thin highlights

A best and perfect hairstyle for long black hair with thin highlights. The hairstyle will ideally take you in the crowning glory, especially when you are willing to make a fashion statement.

This particular hairstyle will be really attractive and will easily make you fall on your image. Your total look will be ideally glorified with this particular hairstyle.

10Long Brown hair with copper color highlights

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Here is the simple hairstyle for long brown hair with dark highlights. If you have hair of medium hair, all hairstyles will be easily adapted with this hairstyle.

You can now surprise your friends on an outing with this particular hairstyle. You can now ask your friends to adopt this hairstyle or apply your talent in making this particular hairstyle.

9Black long hair hairstyle with purple and lavender shade

You can easily make alterations on your shade card when you are bored with a single colored hair. Mostly people have jet black colored hair. You can now try a different shade over the hair color.

The picture shows the highlight made with purple and lavender shades that ideally complement the look. This might be a hairstyle that will make you look different among the crowd.

8Burgundy highlights over black

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Black long shiny hair hairstyle with dark highlights. The hairstyle and the highlights portrayed over here is a little different as if the top portion of the hair is one color and the rest have another color.

The top portion of hair is having the natural black color, whereas the rest of the hair that is just below the shoulder line looks really attractive. This will give you a glittering touch once you are out in the sun.

7The bi-colored hair with highlights

Hottest new highlights for black hair. The dynamic finish on your hair is what you have been looking out for a long time.

You can now create a great theme with the spectacular view of such lovely color highlights as portrayed over the hair. The black color at the top and the blonde finish at the lower portion is attractive.

6Natural hair color with highlight

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This highlight is perfect for long straight hair. The long straight hair gives a spectacular look when a little highlight is placed at the back.

You can now ask your professional stylist to give you the same look with this particular hair color. This will give you a natural look on your hair without creating a divulgence. The brown hair is having the brown highlights to make a good fit. Try this hairstyle and surprise your friends today.

5Best blonde highlights for women with black hairstyle

Rich blonde highlights for long black hair. The best blonde highlights for American women with long hair. Mid part your hair with long straight wide open hairstyle, make you look good. The prettiest hair highlights for long hair gives a gorgeous look.

This hairstyle with many things that includes giving many hairstyles which make your highlight look good for pretty on your hair. This makes the highlight to become more enlighten and cool with highlight stripes long straight hairstyle.

4Fashion copper highlights in curly messy hair

Brown streaks highlights for medium length black hair. The hair color with brown streaks on black hair is good for party wear. Try this hairstyle with copper low lights on brown hair. The hairstyle with copper highlights up to shoulder length hair make you look beautiful.

Side part your hair with bangs with hairs in the front section. Try this hairstyle with brown colors like a strike make you look beautiful.

3Shiny layered brown hair with caramel blonde highlights

The light brown and slightly black hair make you look good. Brown strike as a layer in the middle of black hair makes you look stylish and beautiful with the fashion trend.

Brush your hair with front bangs on the forehead and leave the remaining hair on shoulders with loose and layers hairstyle. Try this blonde highlights for parties that can add gorgeous looks with two colored hairs.

2Fashion mix up blonde highlights

Amber with light brown and blonde shades that can combine and add highlights with ideas. The blonde highlights with side swept fringe bangs on forehead. The hairstyle with light brown hair color up to shoulder length hairs.

This hairstyle that makes you look more beautiful. The simple best hairstyle with light brown loose hair with light makeup.

1Loose waves long bob highlights

The loose wavy hairstyle with a platinum look make you look beautiful. The hairstyle that best suits for medium length hair. Side swept hair with fringe of two different hairstyle.

The straight haircut up to shoulder with light brown hairstyle and black hair color combination. The hairstyle best suits for party on western dressing. Simply makeup with this hairstyle, make you look beautiful.