Latest short hairstyles & haircuts with highlights and lowlights

Many ladies are adopting the short hairstyles these days as this helps them maintain hair properly. But, it is totally absurd to think that the short hairstyles have some patent hairstyles. Rather, the variation of hairstyles with short hair is more than that of long hair. You can now put various colors with highlights as well as low lights once you have short hair.

The hair stylists have made different variations with the categories of short hairs with imbibitions to low lights as well as highlights. This article will show you the variety of hairstyles in short fashion along with lowlights and highlights.

Short hairstyles with highlights and lowlights

18Blonde short hair with lowlights

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Since blonde hair it is light in color, low lights will really well as the darker shade over it will make a contrast and complement her look.

Look at the lady with a very beautiful blunt cut, which is having a drop over the shoulder. A slight reddish highlight is plagued with low light to create a spectacular look.

17Dark brown lowlights in blonde

This is another spectacular short hairstyle with blonde hair type where the low lights are in broader gap. This enables the viewers to have a spectacular view of this particular hairstyle.  You can also go ahead with this particular highlight or low light.

16Short waves with lowlights and mess

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These days the messy hairstyle has become a good fashion. You can see ladies making and creating a spectacular messy hairstyle and visiting parties.

This hairstyle is also the same theme. The waves are made either artificially or have been there naturally. Thereafter highlights are provided ideally with spectacular looks.

15White highlights over black bob style hair

If you have black hair, but the length is short, the highlights with light color will be much more appropriate.  The bob hairstyle is not out of fashion; rather you can easily get this type of highlights over the bob style hair. This is one of the most fashionable hairstyles adopted by many ladies around the world.

14Short hair with red highlights

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The lady is having a black hair but she has made the highlights with red color. This is also a wonder hairstyle adopted by many ladies who already has short hair.

The hair falling over the cheek of the ladies looks really attractive. You might not be able to see this highlight in darkness, but once you are under the sunlight, it will be visible.

13Copper highlights over black short hair

The lady with short, blunt cut is having black hair, which has a pale tone. She has created the copper color highlights over the hair, which has created a spectacular view. The lady of all age group can easily adopt it as it creates an emblem of dynamism with style. The blunt style haircut is quite suitable with highlighted haircut.

12Short hairstyle with several highlights and lowlights

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The blonde hair is here with the black color at the edges and several colored highlights as well as low lights throughout the hair.

The hairstyle is having some messy finish at the top of the hair. Over the rest potions the hair is straight with highlighted variations.

11Dark auburn hair color in short hair

The short and trendy haircut is backed with the dark auburn hair along with diligence. The original color of this hair is black, but over it highlight is done with a very pretty shade which is really complementing the look. You can easily go for a hangout with your friends after adopting this particular hairstyle.

10Short layered bob with highlights

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Great highlights can be done ideally over this short layered haircut and can be a great surprise for the spectators. If you want to stay different among the crowd, something different must be done in this regard.

Leave those conventional looks with long hair or simple hairstyle and dare to cut your hair short. Even after your short hair try to manage some highlights. This will certainly make you look beautiful.

9Red and white highlights on short hair


The short hairstyle should always be accompanied by some daring tone of shades while applying the hair color or highlights. This can be regarded as one of the daring tone with typical attitude.

This is one of the daring hair colors which very few people must have tried. The lady with total black hair with short cut has made highlights with white as well as a red color dye. The colors match with the outfit she is wearing.

8Rough waves short hair with highlights

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The haircut adopted by the lady in this picture is wavy with the roughness of the look. This is basically a form of messy hair that will surprise most of your friends.

This particular hairstyle can also be adopted by you if you have very less time in hand to go for other hairstyles. The black hair is applied with white color highlights which will make people confused whether the hair color adopted by the lady is white or black. But, it carries a great style which people can appreciate.

7Short hair highlights for elderly lady

Today, elderly ladies are also adopting short hairstyles as this removes the need of maintaining the long hair. The elderly lady is looking very pretty with the razor cut which is also associated with the eye enhancing bangs.

The black hair is having the highlights of copper color with a great enhancement in the looks. If you have crossed 40 years of age, this hairstyle can also be tried.

6Short hair, pastel hairstyle

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The lady has adopted the hairstyle which is quite different as compared to the crowd. You can see two red color hair streaks coming from both the sides which look really amazing.

This also has a touch of messy hair that will complement your look in the mass. People will be really surprised to have your view. Try it today and surprise people around.

5Best short bob haircut with lowlights

The bob haircut with lowlights gives an amazing look with a long blunt bang. The feathers over the side above one eye, make you look good. The length of the hair should be three fourth and is down her neck when wet. This hairstyle has all warm golden blonde hair with strawberry highlights. The little golden brown lowlights are brown and new for growth.

4Pretty best hairstyle for women over 50 also

Every woman wants to look pretty good with different hairstyle without any age variation. So, here we are presenting the hairstyle over 50 years. The pretty haircut for women make her look young and slightly makes which make her look good.

The hairstyle is best for women to attend any professional meetings. Simply fringe wavy bob haircut with fringes on forehead make her look good.

3Simple bombshell blonde highlights with dark hair color

The blonde highlights hairstyle is good with dark hair color. The hairstyle makes her look professional. Try this hairstyle for the party. Simply comb your hair back and brush them to form smooth hair open wide over the head with low simple curls. The hairstyle best suits on profession suits for any office meetings. Most of the women prefer this hairstyle to look beautiful nowadays.

2Simple fashion stylish bob haircut

The small selection of styles that are available for easy, quick hairstyle is bob cut hair. The haircut is simply preferred as professional look for any meetings. The hair color with reddish with bob side swept bang haircut make you look good. Try this hairstyle for any party with western wear on stud earrings that make you look more beautiful.

1Dark brown hair color with auburn lowlights

The dark brown hair color with light auburn highlights is simply superb. This hairstyle adds more beauty to you. Simply try this hairstyle with long side swept hairstyle. This hairstyle suits for straight hair with shoulder length hair. Try this hairstyle to be gorgeous and have a professional look.