Ideas for short length black hairstyles with plum highlights

People think that long strands of hair make numerous styles possible, but they have seldom thought how unique the look of short hairstyles can workout.  Ladies have hundreds of ways to make their hairstyle stand out. One of the best ways is unique highlights which are bold and commendable. In this article, we have chosen some of the top short hairstyles, which have a black base and which have also been highlighted in plum. Go through these pictures and see how you can make good use of this style. Make sure you are ready to carry them and also to know what exactly to wear.

Bob haircut with longer strands in front


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This is perfect for you if you already have a bob which is growing. If you want to posses it instead, have your haircut short and keep the strands in front longer than the regular bob. Her hair has been side parted and it falls down to her shoulder. The back of the hair has been cut short and curved to make a perfect bob. The side-parted look helps us to see that she highlights have been in perfect division and is suiting her face.

Short hair with long bangs


This hairstyle is perfect if you already have short hair. This girl has let her bangs go longer in front and they are creating fringes for her. This is the typical ‘emo’ look which was quite in trend, but they also come with a funky factor and grabs people’s attention! The black hair color has been added with plum and reddish highlights. This is like a pixie cut hair which can also be spiked or brushed back. Thus, you will have more styles to do with this cute looking hairdo.

Wavy tips for a Bob


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You couldn’t ask for a sexier look to this cute hairstyle! This hairdo is going to make you look immensely pretty, especially if you face has sharp features. The strands of the hair, from the sides, come down beautifully and take a wavy turn. The hair has been cut in layers, which is why you have strands falling on your face and then making longer layers for the wave. The shiny plum highlights are glowing under the sun, and it is absolutely amazing to gaze at!

Straight hair with forehead fringe


This is yet another bob haircut, but it has a slight difference in the look. This is only for women with straight hair. The sides of the hair come down naturally like they should, while you have perfect forehead fringes covering up the zone. The highlights have been added only to the sides of the hair and because they are straight and bobbed, they come down and take a curvy shape.

Pixie Cut Hairdo


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There are innumerable pixie cut hairdos which you can try with short hair, and this one is one of the easiest and common. While one side of your hair is absolutely chopped short, the other side has wholesome strands to make the bangs highlight the color. The picture stars a lady in a car, who is sun-kissed and she highlights her plum hair color which suits her perfectly.

Messy hairdo with highlights


If not for all events, there will surely be some parties where you would just want to flaunt your messy look. Messy hairstyles are really sensuous and overwhelming. This lady has side-parted her hair is an oblique way and the strands are let loose. The fringes fall on the face and add to the beauty, while the plum color shines on both the sides of the parted hair.

Straight hair with curved ends and two shades of highlight


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When you straighten your short hair and it takes up a curved tip, you can style it in many ways. You need this kind of hair to make a perfect bob as well. This girl had added blonde and plum highlights to her black based hair and they are giving her quite a number of colors. If you are up for mixing two or more colors along with plum, make sure that they contrast well and make the colors distinctive enough. You can also shorten the strands or make a bob.

Even bob with straight hair and forehead fringes


This hairstyle lets you have an uneven shaped bob. Just because your hair is straight, you can significantly differentiate the look with the ones above. There are long strands on the left side of her hair while the bob is shorter on that side it. The opposite side has a longer length of the curve and the fringes are regular for the forehead. The highlight has been made just after the fringes and they shine due to the area of coloration. This is perfectly suit a woman with an oval face shape.

Pixie cut with messy hairdo


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This hairstyle is not as messy as it looks. You simply cannot let it be and expect it to look like this. The hair has been cut short and they have been overlapped in parts. The bangs are longer in the front and they haven’t been chopped off from any side. The bangs have been highlighted with the plum tone, and look beautiful under the light.

Reveresed Bob Hair with highlights


This looks like a reversed bob hairdo where the curve of the bob falls in front and covers the entire forehead zone. Unlike other bob styles, where the sides are fuller with your strands, this hairstyle brings most of the hair over your forehead. They have also been cut short enough to keep the hair off the face. Very unique, the strands come down in an oblique shape and the cover an eye on the right side. The shiny plum highlights make the hair look bright while the volume makes the style precise.

Face long hair with longer layers in front

Face long hair with longer layers in front

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This hairstyle can be created when your bob hair just got a little longer. You can also have it chopped off, by keeping longer layers in front and keeping the back as long as your face. The highlights applied to the hair are concentrated on the front layers, of both the longer ones and the ones on the side.

Pixie bob spike and straight streak

Pixie bob

The pixie bob is when you have is cut short like a regular boy-cut, but you have long strands in front. This lets you highlight these longer layers and also gives some opportunities to color the strands standing at the back. If you think you can carry this hairstyle for all occasions, have your hair colored this way. You will have lesser ways to style it once cut and colored.

Straightened bob with layer across the face

Straightened bob with layer across the face

Wavy hairstyles with plaits

Although you cannot carry this hairstyle casually, you can try it out because it’s very unique. You don’t have to put your hair across the face and you can sweep it one side. Have your short have straightened so that you get the exact shape for all the hair at the back, and you have long layers in front. The lengthy layers are going to carry the plum highlights and make your hair look appealing.

Pixie short with wavy strands and spike

Pixie short with wavy strands and spike

This hairstyle is again a wacky hairdo as it’ll reflect the boldness in your. If you have wavy hair naturally, it will just happen to you and you don’t have go for much styling. If you still want to run a styler over, make sure you don’t touch your scalp. The strands are supposed to be brushed in front and the longer ones can create the spikes. The strands in front would also be the ones highlighted!

Black hair & violet, plum highlights


The hair in black and violet color with plum highlights gives an outstanding look. This hairstyle looks with a straight long front bang on forehead covers one side of face completely. Style your hair that covers complete forehead and others on one side. Try this haircut idea to style your hair to look beautiful.

Short layered dark black hair color ideas


The awesome pixie haircut with heavy side swept bang hairstyle. The haircut is layered with jagged edges. The hairstyle looks like a plum highlight with straight short dark black color hair. The bob haircut makes you look fashionable with side swept bang. Try this black short layered haircut to look beautiful.

Pixie cut dark black color hair idea


The short black hair color with Pixie cut are fantastic and suit you. If, you have planned to style your hair with this new idea, try this haircut. This haircut will be most compliments and make you look and feel and attracts everyone. Try this hairstyle that makes you look and feel urge.

Best purple and dark black hair color ideas


The deep hair color with this hairstyle, make you look stylish. The deep purple highlights with hair color of plum highlights are good. Try this hairstyle that covers the forehead with streaks on back. The layered streaks make you look beautiful and best suits for round face.

Asymmetrical bob haircut with violet and light brown color


The asymmetrical hairstyle has the perfect haircut for women with slight wide side and has an addition of color to it. Asymmetrical hairstyle give a chance to play with style and they never made is imagined and possible. Try this hairstyle that will decide your look and had fun with hair color. Try to implement a new look with different color and haircut.

Bob haircut with plum highlights


The hairstyle best suits for silky straight hair. The side swept the hair with forehead and leaves them as it is. The straight hair with layers that covers ears to make you look beautiful. Try this hairstyle for a party with eye shades and light makeup to look stylish.