Best cute short layered haircuts for round face shape

Layered hairstyles are really stylish because it gives your hair a style when you’re absolutely tired to enhance on one. Layer cuts are prominent both for short and long hair lengths. In this article, we focus on layered haircuts which are shorter and which are solely for round faces. Round faces are face shapes which look circular and which don’t a rounded chin. Even if you are thin, your face tends to make you look chubby. Well, just like the long hairstyles, even the short ones are going to make your round face look good and the features would be more expressive and appealing. Round faces are suited with hairstyles which hide one side of their face, it could be the forehead, one side of the cheeks, etc. When your hair is cut short, you need some tips and tricks to enhance your styles.

Straight hair with side-parted hairstyles for round faces

side partition

Hairstyles with golden brown highlights

Have your strands nicely straightened to follow this hairstyle. Once your hair gets the lengthiest strands it could be styled into, part it from one side. The layered strands are going to fall down and you might also have fringes falling on the front. Don’t let the strands disrupt your face, so have it swiftly swept at the sides. You could also section your hair in a criss-cross way like the picture below and make it look a little more stylish.

Fringed pixie short haircut for round face shapeFringed pixie cut

When you have the layers cut like a pixie cut, you can have a lot to do with hairstyles. The easiest hairstyle is to let fringes cover the forehead. Comb the front section of your hair and have it nicely straightened if it has any other style. This will let the fringes fall perfect. Brush the rest of the hair back and let the layers flow as they are. It covers your forehead and lets the rest of the face grab attention.

Cute best looks with short fringed bob haristyles

Fringed bob

Dark brown hairstyles with plum highlights

If you have your layers growing into a bob, you can try out this look. This gives a regular bob the authentic layered touch and adds a new look to your hair. Have your hair nicely styled with a curling iron, to let it roll towards the tips. This will make the tips curved and you will let the layers flaunt perfectly. Have your hair parted from one side and then let the fringes fall in front. This will cover your forehead, after which you can let the rest of the hair fall down from both sides of your cheeks.

Best haircut with wavy layers for round face shapeWavy layers

If you have wavy layers already, you will have little to do, but if you don’t, you can have the tips of your layers curled to the exterior side. This will bring in a curve which will flaunt out the layers perfectly. These are one of the most common hairstyles with short hair, and the round faced women can try them to flaunt their facial expressions a little better. Let small strands fall in front and then have the hair parted from the side.

Middle-parted messy waves short hairstyles for round faces
Middle parted

Best hairstyles with highlights

One of the best ways to make your face not look too round is by having strands fallen on both sides. These hairstyles are easy to manage irrespective of the length of you’re having. To follow the hairstyle below, have your hair parted from the middle. Now have the layers styled in messy waves. This will bring in the exact look and feel. If you have fringes coming on your face, you can push the layers in the back of the ears.

Long to short layers round face hairstylesLong to short

If you want to have an authentic bob, which is why you want to have your haircut from long to short strands, you can try out this look for your initial trial. When you have a round face you can easily choose to have front fringes and let the layers crop down for the next layers. This way, you can simply part your hair from the middle, flaunt the fringes and let the rest of the hair stay short. When the hair grows longer, you will be able to make a proper bob.

Hairstyle for round face shape with curly wavesCurly waves

Different varieties of waterfall hairstyles

It is good to try out different hairstyle types, even when you have short hair. Although, making your hair curly would shorten the strands a little more, but you can still try it and make it look nice. Have your hair nicely washed and brushed and then use a curling iron to have it curled. Don’t make it too curly like the absolute curls, but make it look partly wavy. After styling, part your hair from one side and then let the hair fall.

Best side swept haircut for round face shape
Side swept

Sometimes trying out bold hairstyles, which would let all of your face, prominent, is a nice way to experiment styles and to see what could suit you the best. Try these sides swept spikes with your pixie short hair and make them look like never before. Have your hair nicely washed and brushed back. Use gel formulations to set the hair. Make sure the spikes don’t look stick tall, but be slightly wavy instead.

Wavy hair with curled tips for round face shape
Wavy hair

Hairstyles with lowlights

When your hair is growing from short to medium, you will have more to do with the styles. Although the hair will not be long enough to be tied, but you can still try out styles which would let you flaunt your layers. Have your hair nicely washed and brushed. Part the hair from one side and then style to make it halfway wavy. Finally, curl up your tips and let the hair fall through both sides of your cheeks.

Straight haired bob short hairstyles for round faces
Straight haired bob

Bob cut can be best flaunted when your strands are styled straight. This lets the haircut, get more prominence and lets every layer show. Your hair will have to grow slightly long to try this out. If you already have it if you want to have it cut this way, you can try out the look. Let the strands get nicely straightened and then brushed to one side. Let the fringes fall in front while the hair on the thinner side be pushed behind the ears.

Best waved haircut parted from the middle for round face shape

Waved hair parted from the middle

Medium length black hairstyles with blonde highlights

Take your flat iron and wavy the short layers upwards. This will give a curve to all the layers and make it look really cute. Do it for initial layers of your hair and then part the hair from the middle. You are supposed to get the look which is similar to the picture below. If it doesn’t suit your face changing the partition to one side and not in the middle.

Pixie short hair with wavy layers

Pixie short hair with waved layers

If you have very short hair and you want to spike it up a little, have it slightly waved up with your flat iron. This will make the shortest layers look a little messy and add some style. This is better than having all the layers fall like chapped strands of hair. Messiness is the key to make a pixie hair look pretty!

Best ideas for short hairstyle with fine hair of all spikes

All spikes

Long hairstyles with highlights and lowlights

If you think your face can carry the all spike look, then you can try out this hairstyle with your short hair. When you have newly cut your hair short and it is actually in very tiny length, you can try out the all spiked look. This is apt for a changeover and would be a good try for an experiment. Give it a go and see how your face shape and attire suits the style.

Forehead fringes round face hairstyles

Forehead fringes

The front layers of your hair will make forehead fringes as it gradually gets to the medium length. If you have cut your layers like this then you will have it readily available to style. Leave your hair open and let the forehead fringes make lovely fringes for you. The rest of the hair can be back-brushed and carried openly. Try out this hairstyle with casual wear!

Best short layered hairstyles with highlights


The top best dark brown hairs with short layered highlights are best suitable for round face. The hairstyle has bangs that match for a fine thin hair. The best enhancing short layered hairstyles with brown highlights look good. The layered haircut with fringe hairstyle bangs on the forehead and ear locks are best and good looking.

Latest trendy soft messy crop braided bangs hairstyle


The hairstyle with forefront has minds to think about it as a princess’s.  This hairstyle makes you look fairy tale with romantic waves. This is found to be throughout the layers and has a braided bang with a gorgeous and personalized touch. This is unique hairstyles that are adorable with a round face hairstyle.

Fashion short cute voluminous layered hairstyle


The best fashion trendy hairstyle with a short layered hair gives amazing look. The hairstyles you have chosen and are suitable with a round face shape are interesting with an excellent hair for you. The best choice that best suits for you is to start trying with all of them. The way is to go with a different look with strikes and curly short haircuts.

Simple stacked bob haircut for round face shape



The bob haircut is the best way to style your hair and best suits for round face shape. This haircut is simple and easy to wear a funky hair, which is good to cut and count them. The best way to choose this hairstyle is trying new look to look beautiful. The fringe or an odd funky haircut is simple and best to choose your hairstyle.

Trendy pixie haircut for round face


The best easy haircut that best suits for round face shape is pixie haircut. This is one of the lots with a short edge layer that are absolutely best with a perfect way for round face shape. This will help to choose the right haircut with short layers that are running from the crown and can spread out with the other parts of the head.

Edgy short haircut best for round face


The best way to try different hairstyles with a fashion world is short haircut. Most of the teenagers try to adopt short haircuts with edgy ends. This hairstyle with a deep side parting and the remaining hair are pinned up with a bang that can best fit for you. This hairstyle can give a good way to try a different positive energy.