Fabulous ideas for best gorgeous hairstyles with highlights

You must be aware of the highlights over your hair invariably when you are looking out for a hairstyle that will surprise guests around. You can now have a look at the variety of hairstyles that will be having perfect highlights. You can now get wide arrays of colors by using which you can look really amazing with your hair. You can also choose an appropriate color among the wide variety of color palettes available in the market. You must know your favorite stars and celebrities in highlighted hairstyle. Even you could feel the pleasure of it when you yourself avail these particular lovely hairstyles. This article will give you an idea about the hairstyles with highlights to get a proper idea about it. Let us check some of it.

Top best fabulous hairstyle ideas with highlights 

Highlights on chin length hair 

 Highlights on chin length hair

Latest winter hairstyles with short hair & Short haircuts for women

The lady with the chin length hair is looking amazing with the blonde and gold highlights. If you have black color hair and that has a long length, you can absolutely get it chin length and go for the absolute hair color with the combination of gold and blonde one after another. Though it is one among the short hair, yet it is an attractive one to adopt.

Half blonde and half brown hairstyle

Half blonde and half brown hairstyleIf you can look at the hairstyle of the lady adopted in this picture, you can see a peculiar time in it where the top portion of the hair till the shoulder is totally having blonde color whereas the rest portion from there till the waistline is dark brown in color. You can adopt this fabulous hairstyle if you really wish to look different from others.

Magical curls with highlights 

Magical curls with highlights

Latest easy winter hairstyles for medium length hair

The hair type is wavy in appearance with curve features throughout the length. The basic color of the hair is black, but the highlights of golden and blonde has made a perfect finish. This particular hairstyle will be really suitable when you are willing making it accompanied by formal look. You can easily get it today and surprise all your friends.

Short hair with burgundy shine 

Short hair with burgundy shine

As you can see in the picture, the lady with blunt cut hair, which just touches the neck looks amazing when the shine and glitter of Burgundy is accompanied. The hair color is done in such an order that it does not look very odd with the distinct highlights, but the burgundy shine over hair looks amazing. You can be a center of attraction when you are alone with your friends with this smooth hair with burgundy shine.

Short hair with black and brown

Short hair with black and brown


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Winter hairstyles with elegant long hair cuts in winter that you have to try

This hairstyle would absolutely create an illusionary effect as someone will say the hair color is black where as others would say it is brown. Actually, it is a real combination of both. The lady with black hair, but very faint highlights of brown makes a great combination and creates an illusionary effect for whether it is black or brown. Along with it, this has a wet look that makes it well distinguished.

Fabulous brown hair with blonde highlights 

Brown hair with blonde highlights

Another attractive hairstyle combination is total black hair along with the highlights of blonde. The front portions and the end of the hair are blonde in appearance and the rest hair looks really attractive with a smart pinned just at the back. This also creates a very casual look after combining which you can create a lovely look.

Straight black hair with gold highlights 

Straight black hair with gold highlights

Best medium length black & brown hairstyles with blonde highlights

Most of the people have straight hair, but they don’t like it much and wishes to create a stylish look. But, I would say you are the luckiest person as this is the particular type of hair that is easily molded and can be created wonderful hairstyles. Look at the particular hairstyle adopted where the hair color of straight hair is dark black, but the highlights are created at the end of the hair with golden color. We can easily enjoy the look with this most suitable hairstyle. You can try this today and surprise everyone.

Messy knot with highlights  Messy knot with highlights

This is very simple hairstyle where the entire hair is not combed and is having a messy appearance. But over the dark brown hair the golden touch is accompanies to make it a perfect hair color. Along with the highlight this is having a messy hair with some portion left at the back of hair touching below the shoulder. The hairstyle will be suitable when you are going for a casual place with someone special.

Bridal looks with highlights

Bridal looks with highlights

Short glorious black & brown hairstyles with blonde highlights

The lady with brown hair has created blonde highlights along with an attractive hairstyle tied at the back. It apparently looks quite messy, but give an attractive look with small flower hair accessories. This has a spectacular view with popular highlights with blonde finish.

Light gold highlights on dark brown hair

Light gold highlights on dark brown hair

Get a messy yet an attractive look on your hair with a blunt cut image all over your hair. The lady with blue eyes looks amazing with the brown hair and highlights of brown color. This is a very simple hairstyle which you can easily adapt and be among the center of attraction. The light gold tinge to your hair makes a spectacular view all over.

Black hair with curves and gold highlights

Black hair with curves and gold highlights

Fabulous ideas for long black & brown hairstyles with highlights

The medium hair, which touches the shoulder with big curls touching your shoulders looks very attractive. Golden highlights over dark black hair is mesmerizing and worth mentioning. You can also have an impression that the highlights are done with blonde color. The lady looks really pretty with such an interesting hairstyle with little hair straight and less curly.

Straight hair with multiple highlights

Straight hair with multiple highlights

The multiple highlights over your hair looks quite fascinating, especially when you are not having the highlights with a single color but multiple colors.  The colors used to highlight it include white, red and black. The sequence is maintained to get a great combination with a smooth hair finish the look. Get this hairstyle today be the center of attraction.

Best cool hair color ideas for a gorgeous look


Try this hair color, if your hair is dull and seems to be lifeless. Try this spice up that can make you look by adding a hair color to your hairstyle. The wide palette of cool hair color will make it as much as easier to find the most suitable one for your hair complexion.  This hairstyle will feel comfortable and self confident. Try this hairstyle for drastic change to give an elegant look.

Fabulous hair color highlights ideas to style


The hairstyle best suits for your square face shape. The highlight hairstyle with color trends gives a beautiful hair color ideas. Light red color with side swept bangs and fringe on cheeks make you look beautiful. The side swept bang with highlights and are pinned back to show the layers. Leave the hair on shoulders with beautiful hairstyle ideas.

Long curly red hair with blonde highlights


The hairstyle is charming and also gives an attracting look with multi tones. The choppy layers with soft curl can refine the shape and can add a texture with the fabulous look. The hairstyle with long magnificent and cool look which is truly grabbing an attention and that made you look beautiful. The two colored hair with fringe make you look gorgeous.

Magenta hair highlights to give a gorgeous look


The hairstyle that is infinite and can shade for any taste and preference. The modern hair coloring techniques can adopt from styled images with open minded and creative. The best style for your beautiful transformation that you need of some inspiration. This will make you look at newest hair highlights and is loved by many of the people to have a unique look.

Hair highlights ideas with creative colors


The hair highlights with fun and creative colors make you look beautiful without any sacrificing natural hair color. You can just have a streak and highlights at the bottom half of the hair. This hairstyle makes you look beautiful with a gorgeous look. The hairstyle that can make you look beautiful with side swept bangs on forehead and cheeks.