Easy hairstyles & haircuts for sarees with face shape guide

No matter if you wear a saree on a regular basis or, occasionally, it is always special because it makes you look special. To look best in a saree, getting the right hairstyle is as important as wearing the right jewelries with it.

However, many of us are not really keen to visit the parlor to get a special hairstyle every time they put on a saree. So, here is a collection of hairstyles that you can get at home easily without spending much time on it and look flawless. Read on,

Loose messy bun for every face shape

Loose messy bun for every face shape

Simple hairstyles for silk saree

How sexy would it look when you are wearing deep neck blouse that is completely shown off with a loose messy bun? Isn’t it amazing? So, it’s time to show your beauty with boldness while wearing a perfect hairstyle with your backless OR deep neck blouse. Are you thinking whether it suits your face? Well, you do not need to worry at all because of loose messy bun suits every face shape that you can undoubtedly try for the best look.

Loose curls for oval face shape

Loose curls for oval face shapeSimplicity is the best beauty and when it comes to wearing chiffon saree this proverb is proven exactly correct. A woman needs no excess of pieces of jewelry and fancy frill saree if they are wearing lose curl hairstyle with chiffon saree. This is the hairstyle that makes you look gorgeous and attractive without extra efforts. This is one of the best hairstyles that suits every face shape but the attraction gets double with oval face shape and long face shape.

Sleek low bun for heart-shaped face

Sleek low bun for heart-shaped faceWho does not want to be the center of attraction? Do you want to stop the heartbeat of people for a second by your beautiful and sexy look? I know the answer is yes. A sleek low bun is a perfect hairstyle with embodied saree. If you have a heart-shaped face so, you must try it to steal the attention of all.

Side braid milkmaid bun for oval face

Side braid milkmaid bun for oval face
Side braided with bun hairstyle

The gorgeous beauty basking in the valley of joy with a rich emerald saree adorning a beautiful braided milkmaid bun. The bun looks double the pretty with carnations decorated on it to charm the look and bring out a lovely persona. The lady with oval face has a beauty of winning hearts by experimenting with a plethora of hairstyles. Oh yes, everything looks stunning! So, next time when you’re heading to a wedding or family gathering, don’t forget to weave your hair like this.

Loose messy curls for heart shaped face

Loose messy curls for heart shaped face
Open messy curly hairstyle for saree

Ain’t nobody looks as breath-taking as the very glorious Kangana Ranaut with her flawless skin and outfit-on-point, she paves a way to embrace her messy loose curls like a boss. You can totally amp up your look this season with this surefire hairstyle that will steal glances at the extravagant event. You can also spice up the monotony by going overboard with shining hair grips or dazzling hair accessories to up your hair game.

Dreamy retro half up half down hairstyle for pear face

Dreamy retro half up half down hairstyle for pear face
Half up half down hairstyle for parties

Easy simple hairstyles for silk saree

Let the dreamy princess in you whirlwind in a gorgeous hues of rainbow in her eyes and cascading waves in her hair. Let the people melt with this retro chic half up half down hairstyle; easy to make, and will instantly add oozes of oomph to your look. Take a section of your hair from the top and clutch them together, you can weave braids from the twi ends and clutch too. Now, curl the ends of your hair and stylishly play with them back and forth.

Back to school bouffant ponytail for long face

Back to school bouffant ponytail for long face
Easy ponytail hairstyle for saree

Remember the old-school ponytail our mothers forcibly used to make? Yes, just add a little twist like our diva Deepika Padukone did and enchanted us with this extremely heart-winning hairstyle. Add a pretty bouffant with your regular high-ponytail and leave everyone speechless. This simple yet minimal hairstyle is certainly going to turn up the heat and make you the talk of the town.

French braided high bun for round face

French braided high bun for round face
Simple high bun french braided hairstyle

This extremely elegant lady knows her style way too much, the way she has worn the crowning glory French braided bun is no less than a Queen. We love the details of her bun with French braids interweaving into each other and thereby forming a nest of high bun. Paired with a sheer pristine white saree for an event, Dia looked every bit of gorgeous.

Simple wavy half up half down hairstyle for long face

Simple wavy half up half down hairstyle for long face
Pretty wavy half up and half down hairstyle

So what you got that pretty long face and wondering what hairstyle to go for with a beautiful saree? We got you covered. Get your bangs and style them right with an astonishing half up half down hairstyle just like the charming Shruti Hassan. This timeless hairstyle is indeed easy and attractive, tuck your hair from both ends in a clutcher or band and let the rest beturned into soft waves for a party look.

Braided crown with a low bun for sleek long face

Braided crown with a low bun for sleek long face
Stylish low bun hairstyle with braided crown

Sonam Kapoor is all about avant garde fashion and this time again, her eloquence speaks volume when she adorned her hair with a crowning jewel-like braided hairstyle complimented with a low back bun neatly tucked with perfection. Get the look and strut the town wearing a statement saree to steal the spotlight.

Side swept open hairstyle on saree

Side swept open hairstyle for oval face
easy open hairstyle for saree

Best hairstyles to suit your saree

Open hairstyles can look glamorous with saree. Here you see a side swept open hairstyle pattern with light curls at the end. The hairs have been swept to one side of the shoulder, while one part has been left at the back the other section has been pulled to the front. The curls added to the length of the hairs complete the style. This is a simple and easy hairstyle to get and it can look best with any type of saree. Just do not forget to add the curls with a styling rod.

Low bun with back puff hairstyle for traditional saree

Up do bun hairstyle for engagement for long face
Easy updo bun braid hairstyle for bridal saree for long face

Low buns look absolutely classy with sarees and when you add a back puff to it the hairstyle can transform your total look. Read on to know how to get this easy hairstyle. Part your hairs at the front and let them hang loose.

Collect your hairs at the back of the head; brush them and create a small puff at the back before tying the hairs in a loose low bun. Now you only have to collect strands from the hairs at the front and fix them with the bun at the back.

You can also leave a few locks framing the face lose to complete the look, but do not forget to add curls to them.

South Indian braid with middle partition hairstyle on pattu saree

Simple south Indian hairstyle on saree for oval face
Traditional braid easy hairstyle for pattu saree for oval face

When you are looking out for easy hairstyles for sarees, braids have to be one of the best choices at hand. Different variations are possible in braids, but what you see here is the most simplest of all. Here the hairs have been parted in the middle and then light puff has been created at the front through the sides.

All the hairs have been collected at the back of the head, they have been divided into three sections and a simple and tidy braid has been done. The end of the braid has been secured with a band and then a gorgeous kundan accessory has been added to accentuate the look. Also a few locks have been left loose at the front to add softness to the look.

Open hairstyle with an up do on designer saree

Open hairstyle with an updo for round face
Another easy hairstyle for saree: Latest fashionable open hairstyle for designer saree for oval face

This is an open hairstyle but what makes it look so special is the up do from which the hairs flow down. Here the hairs have been collected at the crown instead of the back of the head. Light tapered puffs have been created from both the sides and the hairs have been secured on the crown itself. The whole length of the hair has been left hanging loose right from the up do. The light curls added to the length of the hairs give this hairstyle the right touch. This hairstyle is easy to get and looks absolutely gorgeous with saree.

Loose side tie hairstyle for saree

Loose side tie hairstyle for diamond shape face
simple and easy hairstyle for sadi for diamond face

When it comes to the easy hairstyle with sarees, side tie styles can actually make a good choice. The best thing about this hairstyle is that they are pretty simple to get and can look fabulous even with the most simple sarees. Here the hairs have been swept to one side and then they have been tied at one side of the shoulder. The rest of the length of the hair has been left loose. Additional of the curls at the end and the highlights are the other points to note here. To tie the hairs at the side you can either use a band, or you can also wrap it up with a thin section of your hairs.

Side swept short hairstyle for long face with traditional saree

Superb easy hairstyle for saree: Side swept short hairstyle for long face
Short hairstyle for fashionable sari for long face

Easy hairstyle ideas for college girls

If you have short hairs, even then too you can style it rightly with a saree and it will give you a smart look. Here as you can see the hairs have been parted normally and at one side, they have been pulled to the front to get a face framing look. The natural curls on the hairs look absolutely gorgeous. Always pair a short hairstyle with a stylish blouse to get the right look.

Back bun hairstyle with accessories on pattu saree

South Indian hairstyle for wedding saree
Bun style hairstyle for pattu saree

Buns always look classy with sarees and when decorated with the right accessories they can look absolutely gorgeous. Here you can see that a simple bun has been made at the back of the head and then three layers of floral garlands have been used for covering the base of the bun. Another heavy kundan central piece has been added in the middle of the bun to complete the look. This hairstyle is absolutely easy to get and you can always limit the use of the accessories to match with the occasion. If it is a wedding hairstyle, you should go with all the hair accessories as shown in the picture.

Braided bun hairstyle in wedding saree

Braided bun south Indian hairstyle for traditional saree
Braid bun hairstyle for wedding pattu saree

This hairstyle looks complicated, but it can be done with ease. To get this hairstyle, collect all your hairs at the back of your head and tie them in a ponytail. Now part the hairs in three sections to do a simple braid; leave the lower one third portion un-braided and instead simply twist it to one side. Now you have to make a bun with the braid starting from the outside and the lower twisted section should be placed at the center of the bun. Attach the bun with sufficient bobby pins so that it does not open up easily. The use of the floral garland covering the bun is strictly optional, but it can be a nice way to hide the bobby pins and to make the bun look perfect.

Low side bun hairstyle for party saree

Low side bun for oval face
Simple side bun hairstyle for designer saree for oval face

Low side buns are easy to get and they can give you a very soft look ideal for sarees. To get a loose side bun, collect all your hairs to one side of the head, just above the shoulder and then make a low bun. You will need to fix it properly with bobby pins. You can opt for any style at the front to get the look of your choice. This simple hairstyle can be ideal for everyday as well as for occasions.

Chignon bun hairstyle with designer saree

Hairstyle for long face with saree
Latest bun style bridal hairstyle for designer saree for oval face

Chignon buns look absolutely classy with saree. These buns are easy to get and can add a zillion dollars to your look. If you have front locks, this hairstyle will look even more perfect on you. Collect two bunches of hairs from the two sides and tie them together at the back of your head. The next step is to pass the hairs round through the band created by the smaller hair sections. You will need to pass the hairs twice to get the round look and secure it with bobby pins. Let the locks at the front hang loose.

Open hairstyle with front puff on pattu saree

south indian hairstyle for round face
Easiest hairstyle for saree – medium hairstyle with curls on pattu saree with traditional appearance for round face

This is a hairstyle that can give you a modern look with a saree. Simply back brush your hairs at the front and create a puff. Now you only need to comb all the hairs at the sides and at the back to complete the look. You can also add some curls to the hairs hanging down or pull the hairs at the back to the front from over one shoulder. The addition of mangtika is also optional.

Middle parted open hairs with curls haristyle for saree

Middle parted open hairs for long oval face
Newest free hairstyle with rings for designer saree for long face – This hairstyle makes your life easier

If you have long beautiful hairs it is very expected that you will love to show them off. Simply part your hair in the middle and let the hair flow at the front from over your shoulders. Add the curls to the ends and complete the look with a mangtika. If you are taking this hairstyle on a casual day, just remove the mangtika and you are done.

Fishbone plait with puff hairstyle on designer saree

hairstyle for round faced woman on designer saree
fishtail like modern hairstyle for round face

Top wedding hairstyle idea photos

This variation of braids is very popular because they quickly add a special touch to the overall look. Collect all your hairs at the back of the head; create a puff on the crown and fix the hairs there with bobby pins. Now do the fishbone plait right from the back of the head and cover the whole length of the hairs leaving only a small part at the end and secure with a band. This hairstyle looks simple and can add a very soft look to anyone wearing a saree.

Top knot hairstyle on silk saree

knot style hairstyle for silk saree
Top knot hairstyle for designer silk saree

The straight and heavy hair is the dream of every girl. You can follow different hairstyle with simple straight hair and twisted on top and straight open hair. The fashion trendy hairstyle is rapidly changing nowadays to give a stylish look and can add extra volume to your face. This hairstyle idea adds a change in your overall look.

Best hairstyles for party on traditional saree

bun updo hairstyle for round shape face on designer saree
Simple and modern fashionable hairstyle on designer saree for round face

The top braided bun with fringe hairstyle in silver color saree make you look gorgeous. The hairstyle with simple jewelry is best for a party and any wedding occasions. Side swept bang and crown braid with top up do bun hairstyle makes you look beautiful. Try this hairstyle that best suits for oblong face shape.

Stylish hairstyles for saree

hairstyle for medium length hair and cotton saree
Medium length hairstyle with highlights for saree for oval face

Easy wavy hairstyles with golden highlights

This hairstyle best suits for medium length wavy hair. The side swept bang with wavy curly hair and light brown highlights on pink saree gives a glamours look. The pink eyelash and light brown fringe haircut upto the shoulder adds more beauty and turns everyone’s attention.

Side swept curly hairstyle on saree

curls medium hairstyle for sexy look
Side sweet curls hairstyle for designer saree

The side swept curly hair on shoulder bared with her white, silver, and baby blue saree looks beautiful. The layered haircut with simple curls is good for any occasion. You can brush your hair either side, left or right according to your wish and drape your saree over the same shoulder to look beautiful. You can have natural curly hair with different methods or by using hair rollers overnight.

Modern stylish hairstyle with saree

easy hairstyle for wedding saree
Free hairstyle for wedding saree

A high teased back hairstyle with hairsprays and using other padding techniques to look beautiful. Try these cases with clips and hair extensions which make you look beautiful. The side swept crown like bangs with a bouncy loose hairstyle gives a beautiful look. The big butta earrings and heavy designed saree, beautiful bangles, and jewelry add more beauty to your hairstyle.

Simple side messy braided hairstyle with saree

modern hairstyle on saree
Trendy hairstyle for oval face on saree

Easy hairstyles with rotating curls

The side swept messy braided hairdos with chiffon silk saree add gorgeous look. The Bengal taunt saree will bring a quaint touch with this hairstyle. The hairstyle with a messy side plaited braid hairdo makes you look good and pretty classic.

High bun for oval face with gorgeous saree

A high bun can give a different look to the oval face shape. It will add more volume to the sides of the face which will make the face appear more circular. Adding some puff at the top of the head adds to the length of the face and balances the face shape perfectly. The locks left loose from the sides of the ears highlight the contours of the face.

One side open hairstyle with chiffon saree for small face

If you have a small face that is wider towards the middle part, getting a hairstyle with a heavy top puff can be a good idea particularly to be paired with a chiffon saree. The top puff adds to the length of the face and thus balances the wider middle section. At the same time, the open hairs taken to the front from one side of the shoulder help in balancing the wider part of the face.

Hanging back bun for long face

Wavy hairstyles with plaits

For longer faces a hanging back bun can go very well with an aristocrat silk saree. The hanging back bun here has been done in a messy way and it hangs right on the neck. The hanging back bun adds dimension to the longer face shape and makes it look more contoured. This type of hairstyle is ideal to be paired with silk sarees.

Long braided hairstyle for oval face

A round face is considered perfect and to give a long face a round look nothing can be better than this hairstyle.  The long braid is perfect to match with the gorgeous saree. Here the hairs have been combed neatly from over one side of the forehead, which has covered a good part of the forehead and has given the long face a more round look. The light puff at the back of the head makes the hairstyle perfect to be paired with a saree.

Fishbone plait hairstyle for round face with pattu saree

For girls with a round face and small forehead this hairstyle can be perfect. Here a high puff has been created on the head, which has added to the overall length of the face. Fishbone plaiting has been done with the length of the hairs and only a small part has been left untied at the end. The addition of the metal decorations on the long plait adds to the overall look of this hairstyle and makes it perfect to pair with a pattu saree.

Base tied one side open hairstyle for silk sarees

Balayage hairstyles for medium length hair

This is a simple hairstyle that is ideal to pair with silk sarees to get the soft feminine look. Here the hairs at the front have been parted at the middle. A crown puff has been created and the length of the hairs has been tied at one side, taking the open part to the front from over one shoulder.  The use of the flowers to tie the base of the hairs gives this hairstyle the perfect look to match with the saree.