Signs & Symptoms of Baby Boy During Pregnancy

Wow! I am sure that the title itself is so exciting to know if there are real symptoms to guess who the joyful bundle that you carry in you. After all, that’s a wonderful part of anyone’s life, when the lady carries the joy and love inside her.

It’s very common that everyone including the “to be mom” gets so many questions along with the excitement and happiness.

Not because of any other reasons, but to know if it’s a cute boy or a pretty girl for whom they should prepare their home to welcome. Here, we have got few genuine symptoms of baby boy, that are said to be nearly matchups to guess it. Let us quickly have a glance at sins of boy during pregnancy.

Remember, these are just myths which are working for few women, and not for the others. So, request you not to go only with these myths, but just eat healthy and be happy to welcome a healthier and happier prince or princess.

Signs & Symptoms of baby boy during pregnancy

Signs during your pregnancy that prove that you are going to have a baby boy:

Lustrous hair and skin

Sleeping well during pregnancy

It’s an old wives tale that when you are carrying a boy in your womb your skin is more likely to be pimple free and you find her hair to be thick and shiny.

Sleeping position

During pregnancy you tend to be exhausted and tired very frequently and easily. If you sleep more towards your left then it indicates that you have a baby boy.

Very less mood swings: During pregnancy, you usually tend to have mood swings but researches show that women carrying a baby boy have lower levels of estrogen and get very less mood swings.

Linea nigra

If it’s a boy your Linea Nigra tends to go past your belly button and more towards your breasts.

Pupils dilate

If you are carrying a boy, you will notice that your pupils will dilate when you look in the mirror.

Leg hair

When you notice that your hair on your legs start growing faster during pregnancy, it is an indication that you are carrying a boy.

Headaches: It it’s a boy then there are chances that you get frequent headaches.

Nipple color

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If your areolas become dark and brown then it confirms that you are carrying a boy.

Skull theory

Many moms believe this is a true theory. In your ultrasound, if you will see that the baby has a sloppy forehead and a square jawline then it’s a boy.

Hand test

If your hand goes slightly inward when you try to cup the side of your bump then it indicates that you are carrying a boy.


The old wives tale says that when you lie in bed dreaming about the little girls then there are chances that it’s a boy.

Food habits that prove you are going to have a baby boy

Food habits can vary from one woman to other. But there are some odd traits that kind of match in all women when it comes to noticing the baby’s gender:

  • The salty and sour tastes better: When you have random cravings for potato chips or may be feeling like finishing off a whole bottle of pickles, you can be sure that it is a baby boy. Baby boys make mothers crave for sour and salty food products.
  • The crust of the cake is your piece: Do you always go for the crunchy outside part of the cake and try to avoid the slices in between? It might just be a sign that you are going to have a baby boy at home.
  • You feel like vomiting when you smell something weird: When you are generally carrying a baby boy, you get to feel uncomfortable with any kind of weird and pungent smell. This can be smell of eggs or ginger or garlic for that reason.

Body signs that prove that it is a baby boy

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Whenever you are expecting a child, your body goes through a lot of mental and physical changes. Some of them can indicate if you are going to have a baby boy:

  • Your skin shines: a prince charming always comes as a shine on his mother’s face. You would feel a glow on your face that doesn’t go. This indicates that you are going to have a baby boy soon.
  • Your skin feels dry: mothers who feel that their skin is dry and keep applying lotions and creams to find their skin still dry are going to be mothers to sons.
  • Your feet feel cold: if you always feel cold as far as your feet is concerned and you feel the need of covering your feet with socks all the time, you are going to give birth to a baby boy.

Other sayings

Though it sounds odd, there are funny sayings that often say if it is a baby boy or a baby girl. Let us take a look at few of them:

  • Which way does your wedding ring swing? Take your wedding ring and tie it to a thread. Now, hold the other edge of the thread and suspend the ring over your palms. If the ring moves to and fro, it is a baby boy.
  • The hairline of your first child: It is said that the hairline at the back of the neck of your first baby can often tell you if it is a boy or a girl. It is said that when you check the back of your first baby’s hairline, if it is straight, it has to be a baby boy.
  • Daddy’s weight: Notice your husband’s weight while you are pregnant. If he stays the same he was, it is going to be a baby boy.

Myths about baby boy symptoms

Let me take you through those mostly believed myths.

Carrying position

It is believed that the carrying position also confirms the sex of the baby during pregnancy. If the mother is carrying the baby at a low position, then it might be a boy.

Position of tummy: It is said to be a baby boy when the tummy position is low.

Morning sickness

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The lesser mornings without any morning sickness, the more chances to welcome a prince. This is mostly because of the hormonal changes that happens during pregnancy. It varies from women to women.

Age calculation with the month you conceive

Add your age to the number of month you conceived in, if the number is even, it’s a prince.

Food craving signs of baby boy: It is believed that if you crave for savoury and spicy snacks, instead of sweets, it is expected to be a baby boy.

Speed of baby’s heartbeat: While you go for ultrasound scanning, if you may find your baby’s heartbeat is less than 140 times per minute, it can be assumed as a baby boy.

Vomitings: If you have heavy vomitings for the first 5 months, it is also expected to be a symptom of baby boy.

Glow in the face: The lesser glow you get on your face, the more chances to welcome a Junior Master.

Urine color: It’s obvious that the color of urine changes during pregnancy because of the hormones effect. But it is said that if it’s dark yellow, chances are more to welcome a baby boy.

Breast size

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Usually, the size of the left side breast is always bigger than the right side one. But if you find the right side one to be bigger than the left side one during your pregnancy, please be ready to welcome a baby boy!

Cold feet

When you feel too much of cold on your feet, they predict it to be a symptom of getting a baby boy.

Dry hands

I know that it sounds strange! But yes that if you have dry hands along with the cold feet, it can be assumed to be a boy baby.

Weight gain

If you are gaining weight only around your stomach, again it’s a symptom to get the nursery painted in blue for the prince.

These are few highly believed myths by most of the women. However, most of the above said changes occur to every woman during her pregnancy, depending on her body nature and the hormonal balance in it.

Not necessarily all these have to be wrong as in few cases, they got their predictions wright. Whereas in few, they seem not to be working well.

Well, to all the beautiful to be moms out there, please keep imagining and enjoy all those feelings and ready to get surprised when your joyful bundle hits this world!

To all the relatives and friends, please wait for the surprise and keep predicting and enjoy the surprise on the day when that finally reveals.


Is Acne in pregnancy a sign of a girl?

Acne is common during pregnancy irrespective of a boy or girl. It happens due to increased hormone levels in first trimester.

Does carrying low mean boy or girl?

Carrying low usually means that the baby has moved down to the pelvis and is ready to be delivered anytime. However, there are popular myths that carrying low means a boy.

Can a baby boy have a heart rate of 170?

The general heart beat rate for both babies irrespective of gender is 140-170bpm.

Are boy babies usually late?

A few research/studies show that 66%of the times first born child are born late than the due date as compared to the second child irrespective of the gender.

Do you get fatter when pregnant with a girl?

It is a myth. A pregnant lady puts on weight due to several body changes and factors related to pregnancy. The gender of a child does not affect the mom’s weight in anyway.

Which parent determines the baby’s gender?

The father of the child determines the gender of the child. Sperms carrying X chromosome turn into girl child while the Y chromosome turns into boy child.

Which side of the womb does a baby boy lie?

Babies can lie on any side of the womb irrespective of the gender.

Does line on belly mean boy?

There is a popular belief that the line on belly known as linea moving towards the north is a sign that the women will deliver a baby boy. However, it has no scientific proofs.

Do boy babies kick more?

The old lady tales say that boy baby’s kick more. However, the kicking of the baby depends on how active the baby is and several other factors apart from the gender.

What are cravings for a boy?

Different women may have different cravings in different trimesters. The gender of the child has no effect on the mothers food cravings.

Does the severity of my morning sickness indicate anything about the sex of the baby?

Morning sickness may vary for different women and even for different pregnancies in the same women. Studies suggest that severe morning sickness is a common occurrence for women carrying a girl child because of higher hormonal levels.

Is it true that I am supposed to have less acne and more lustrous skin with a baby boy?

There are no medical grounds to confirm such an urban myth. Hormones affect different women differently irrespective of the gender of the would-be child.

I crave savory and salty food. Does it mean I am carrying a baby boy?

There have been no conclusive studies to support the belief that food cravings can accurately predict the sex of your child.

How can I legally know the sex of the baby?

In India it is illeage to know the sex of the baby in the womb. Certain blood tests such as free cell DNA are performed to test genetically inherited conditions like Down syndrome. These tests also reveal the sex of the baby.

How can I figure out the sex of the baby by ultrasounds?

You can figure out the sex of your baby by the ultrasounds done between 18-20 weeks. The ultrasonographer can examine the genitals of the baby on the screen for different markers to suggest a girl or a boy.