Easy and simple mehndi designs for palms

Wearing henna on the hands is an Indian tradition with an appeal that you cannot deny even today. Wearing henna is considered auspicious and it makes a part of many special occasions. There can be extreme variations in henna designs, while you can opt for designs that are traditional and full covering, there are also modern and sleek henna design patterns for palms that can go pretty well even with the western wears.

The other good thing with henna designs is that you always need not to opt for the complicated patterns, you can easily get easy and simple henna designs on your palms that will look no way less than their complicated counterparts. So, if you are not really looking for a full-fledged complicated henna design, here is a collection of the best easy and simple henna designs for palms that you can pair up with different types of outfits for different occasions.

48Beautiful, floral pattern Mehndi designs

Bridal mehndi designs for hands

Let the eyes of every person pop out with this gorgeous and one of a kind design. You really don’t need any special occasion for this attractive design. It is small and simple, with clear designs. The entire Mehndi design is made up of floral and leaves pattern. So, for any reason or for no reason you plan on looking gorgeous, this is the design you choose.

47Traditional full palm Mehndi designs

If you want beautiful portrayal of Mehndi art work on your palms, you can go for this. Although it doesn’t reach high up to your elbows, it has designs and patterns that give it an extremely traditional and gorgeous look. Simplicity being the major beauty of this Mehndi, it can be worn for casual reasons. Your wrists get a beautiful touch of mehndi work too.

46Minimalistic mehndi design

A work of art in its simple and sophisticated design. The use of decorative pots and miniature flowers on your palm will look so unique that you have no idea. If you are in the mood for some beautiful and simple design of mehndi then this is perfect. It will stay on your palm and will look so neat. Wear it with any outfit and you will still look beautiful and sophisticated.

45Gorgeous Mehndi design

Not a fan of heavy mehndi work? Then, this clutter free design will suit you. The touch of flowers on the upper and lower portion of your palm is what makes this design so gorgeous. The black colour of the mehndi with its floral pattern and spiral designs makes it a winner.

44Simple mehndi design

It is an extremely simple yet great look for those who want minimalistic art work on their palms. This mehndi design covers almost eighty percent of the palm. It has the work done on only the forefinger, which gives it an extravagant yet simple look. The floral and geometric patterns make it so attractive. This design can be made by almost anyone. All it needs is the right manner of filling gaps.

43Floral work mehndi design

Classic mehandi designs for your beautiful hands

Another great choice for those who love simplicity. This mehndi design concentrates on the centre of the palm. The pattern is extremely simple and neat. The spiral design with the art work of leaves on it gives it a beautiful touch. You can even do this on your own. It is that simple and easy to make.

42Lotus henna design

It is one of the popular and simple henna designs, which most of the girls prefer for any home occasions. It is one type of floral design. This design represents grace, purity, and femininity. This design also has a meaning, it shows joy and happiness symbol. In the henna design, simple design looks more attractive and fun as well. You can draw a little curve or slant of your palm and you can also do this back of your hand.

41Arabic henna design

If you are the best henna designer, then you should try this design. It is the best design for the wedding parties, anniversaries, etc. who love flowers for them it is the best. You can start by adding small lotus and then small different types of lines. Start the top of the hand. You need to add one flower with another and link up! It provides gorgeous look on your hand. And make your hand beautiful. You can design for both hands easily.

40Curve henna design

If you need simple and smooth design, you can try with the curve design. It is one of the popular henna tattoos. With this design, if you add some semi-circle and little border, it will look awesome. It provides special look on hand. If you are planning to go to the wedding party or anniversary or any other occasion, then hire a designer, and draw special henna design is the best for every girl.

39Minimalist leaflet henna design

Gorge on this festive special enchanting minimalist henna design which shall look absolutely ethereal on young tender palms. Adorn this delicate leaflet pattern exuding charm of the jewel elegance as you step down the aisle and embellish your hands with dazzling blings to notch up your fashion quotient. Don’t forget to add your personal touch of grace and poise as you stun them with this gorgeous artwork. Also you can try this on your own and add those strokes of blissful art to reminisce the good old days.

38Intricate designer handcrafted henna design

Top floral mehandi designs for hands

Soul-stirring henna design with a personal touch of imperfections just add bounty of beauty to those sleek slender palms. Adorn this gorgeous Arabic inspired henna and flaunt your signature style this wedding season with a twist. Put your glam face forward as you rock those pretty palms with this effortless, ethnic and easy henna design artwork that will remind you of the old-world charm and transport you to the royalty of the Mughal period. So, embrace yourself and paint your hands with this exotic take on henna designer artwork.

37Floral henna art design

Go contemporary with this easy to-do breath-taking floral henna art design that is enough to woo the onlookers. This minimalist form of gorgeous appealing visual art is you need to escalate your panache and take you from fad to fleek instantly. Set those eyes on fire as this graceful henna design features the intricate floral patterns inscribed immaculately. You can further try to full those empty spaces with sheer henna and let it dry to unfold the magic. This will perfectly suit long sleek palms and is ready to be taken for weddings!

36Geometric layers henna art design

Effortlessly chic and charming for young girls at school, try this beautiful attractive geometric layers henna art design. This eccentric form of henna art is quite popular in the Middle East and Gulf countries where the women generally go for statement minimalist henna art designs that can be easily curated at home. So, go ahead and experiment such quirky henna design with your friends and sisters to get your henna game strong.

35Pretty simple henna design

You don’t really need an occasion or special event to feast on henna painted hands. Ditch those excuses and paint your palms with the aromatic hues of henna as we give you minimalist statement designs to try. The layers of geometric lines and play of perspectives is all you need to specialize in for learning and acquiring this interesting skill. Get your henna ready and apply the formidable concoction on your petite palms and let them sit and stare at your spectacular art.

34Jewelry inspired henna design

Adorn this jaw-dropping henna design art and embrace beauty in its raw form. Ditch those heavy embellished jewelry and embrace the naturally panted hands with the henna artwork. You shall stand apart with this classy and cascading artsy creativity exhibited through henna. Make sure you don’t leave huge spaces in the henna, allow it to pop up bright and vibrantly.

33Box by box easy henna design

Gujarati mehndi / henna designs for hands

Look tough on the outside but the secret to this mesmerizing henna design is to create big boxes at considerable gaps. All you need is to fill the spaces with henna and create some artistic strokes of designs in between. Voila, your pretty hands shall do all the talking and hey, flaunt it out that you made this. It’s simple, effortless and worth the compliments.

32Basic blinging artwork henna design

At first, this breath-taking henna design looks like the gorgeous hand jewelry featuring a mandala work henna designing printed on your palms, resonating the nawabi regal style. So, get a high on ostentatious appealing charming henna design artwork that will totally slay and make you look no less than a princess on the wedding extravaganza. So chic and effortlessly charming, get your artistic streak on.

31Abstract art floral henna design

Look absolutely flawless in this resplendent abstract art floral henna design as you adorn the quirky pattern and flaunt it effortlessly. Let your creativity juices flow as you try to experiment more and fill in the gaps, however, the minimalist visually appealing henna design is awestruck and we can’t help but fall in love with this adorable design.

30Single peacock stylish henna design

Pretty peacock mehndi design for palm

Check out this beautiful and yet simple henna design that you can easily get on your palms for a special occasion or even without any occasion. Here the head of the peacock has been drawn towards one side of the palm and the decorative tail has covered the middle section of the palm mostly but not the whole of the palm. Intricate designs have also been made on all the fingers. The design on the index finger joins with the peacock pattern at the center.

29Henna design with net and paisley patterns

Paisleys mehndi design on palm

This design starts from right below the wrist and extends till the ends of the fingers, but if you take a close look you will understand that it is not a very complicated henna design. The paisleys at the middle of the palm have been placed in an artistic way and nets have been used mostly for covering the skin. The blank spaces within the design work as highlighters making the design more prominent and attractive.

28Disjoint floral henna design for palms

Simple traditional mehndi design for palm

Best mehndi designs for legs

Check out this beautiful disjoint floral henna design which is intricate and stylish. This design can go perfectly with traditional wears as well as with western wears. Here a line of design has been done covering the sides and the base of the hand in a “V” shape. Placement of the floral patterns at the base of the “V” adds heavily to the overall look of the design. The design at the middle of the palm also has a “V” shape which maintains a gap with the pattern at the side and base of the palm.

27Net based traditional henna design

Elegant mehndi design for palm

This traditional henna design is not very intricate, which makes it easy to get. The design starts from the wrist and covers till the ends of the fingers. An interesting pattern has been drawn centrally on the palm and vines have been drawn to cover the fingers. A netted pattern is present for covering the thumb and the palm surrounding the base of the thumb finger. The tips of the fingers have been filled with henna.

26Simple angular henna design for palms

Beautiful wedding mehndi design for palm

This uncomplicated henna design can be a good pick for occasions as well as without any occasion. Here the flowers have been drawn on the palm in an angular fashion, starting from one side at the base of the palm to the finger at the other side. Similar floral patterns have also been drawn on each of the fingers. The gaps between the disjoint designs have been filled with small square dots.

25Disjoint floral henna design

Flower mehndi design for palm

If you are looking out for a henna design that is really simple, this one can be a good option. Here the design has started from the wrist and disjoint flowers have been drawn at the three corners of an imaginary triangle on the palm. Half of the same floral design has been drawn on each of the fingers as well. Angular vines and small floral designs are present within the bigger flowers.

24Centrally placed circular henna design

Bridal mehndi design for hand

This simple yet beautiful henna design can actually add a gorgeous look to your hands. Here a floral pattern in layers has been drawn at the center of the palm. The upper section of the fingers has been covered with intricate patterns and the base of these designs has been given an inverted “V” shape including all the fingers. This design is very artistic and has a professional look to it.

23Easy circular mehndi design for palms

Easy mehndi design – round henna design for palm

If you are looking out for an easy circular henna design, this one can be a good option for you. Here to cover the palm a circular pattern has been drawn centrally. Small floral designs have again been added from the outside of the central floral design. Disjoint similar floral patterns are present on all the fingers.

22Floral vine henna design

Henna design for palm

Latest pakistani mehandi designs for hands and legs

This design has a very modern look to it, which makes it ideal to be paired with sarees, lahengas as well as with western dresses. Here the floral vine has started from below the wrist in a linear fashion and has covered the palm in an angular way to reach the fingers. The tip of the fingers has been covered with disjoint designs that are not very intricate but bears similarity with the primary floral vine design.

21Artistic floral henna design for palms

Arabic mehendi design for palm

Check out this beautiful and simple henna design which can actually win you many compliments. Here three flowers have been made on the palm in an angular fashion, leaving some parts of the palm blank. Another smaller flower of the same pattern has been made on the index finger and the distance between the flowers on the palm and on the finger has been covered with vines. A net like pattern and smaller paisleys has been used on the upper section of the fingers.

20Bridal henna design

Beautiful indian king and queen henna design for both palms

This bridal henna design does not look simple, but it is certainly much more easy than most of the bridal henna designs. This design does not cover the whole of the palms; it only covers one side of the palms. The figures of dulha-dulhan might look complicated but if you are fluent with drawing, it is one of the easiest figure patterns that you can place in a henna design. There is one circular pattern at the base of each of the palms and the figures have been placed on both the palms in a position so that they stand close to each other when the palms are joined.

19Henna design with dulha-dulhan pair

Latest mehndi design for palm or hand

The primary attraction of this bridal henna design is the central paired figure of dulha-dulhan. The figures are the primary pattern present on the palm and the intricate decorative designs have covered the hand and the fingers. The design on the hand, which has been extended to much below the wrist includes a beetle leaf shape, with a lotus design within. The design on the fingers look similar, but a close observation reveals that there are differences in the patterns on each of the fingers.

18Angular floral and paisley based henna design

Perfect palm mehandi design

Here the design on the palm has started from one corner and has extended to the other side of the palm. Half flowers along with paisley patterns have been used to come up with an intricate vine design which looks beautiful. The vine patterns have been continued on the index finger, at the base of which the primary vine design has ended. The other four fingers have similar patterns that cover the whole length of the fingers.

17Stylish, shaded henna design for a modern look

Traditional mehndi design for palm

This stylish mehndi design is quite simple to get and can be a good pick for any occasion too. The central design on the palm follows an angular pattern and paisleys have been drawn at the base of the design which extends on the wrist starting from the base of the palm. The whole length of all the fingers has been covered with designs that include different types of paisleys and petals. The use of shades in the flowers has given this simple henna design for palms a completely new dimension.

16Unique bridal henna design with trumpet pair for palms

Trumpet mehndi design for hand

Best flower mehndi designs for legs

This unique henna design is ideal for brides. The design is intricate and covering, but it is not very difficult to get. The central attraction of this design is the trumpet pair which has been drawn at one side, covering some part of the palm and some section of the wrist. The trumpet pair has been placed within a decorative beetle leaf shape. The whole of the palm, the fingers as well as the wrist has been covered with intricate traditional henna patterns.

15Paisley based intricate henna design

Simple mehndi design on palm

Here the design has a centrally placed paisley pattern on the palm. There are intricate work within the paisley pattern as well as on the hand and fingers outside the paisley. A blank space has been left after the paisley which works as a natural highlighter for the design. The fingers have been covered with intricate patterns but the tips of the fingers have been left blank which gives a fresh look to the design. There is also a band type design on the wrist.

14Artistic floral vine design for palms

Another easy mehendi design for hands – Simple floral mehndi design for palm

In this mehndi design the centrally placed pattern is of a floral vine with three flowers at different lengths. A blank section has been kept around this central floral vine which extends in an angular pattern. The wrist and the fingers have been covered with curved dotted lines that are easy to draw but give a perfect covering look to the whole design. There are also some leaf designs on the section below the wrist.

13Traditional intricate henna design

Latest flower type mehandi design for palm

This traditional henna design starts from below the wrist and covers the wrist like a wrist band. There is an angular central pattern on the palm that includes different types of paisleys. A section of the palm has been left blank just after the central pattern, to highlight it. The fingers have been covered fully with intricate designs.

12Mehndi design for palms, with a heart

Amazing heart shaped henna design

This mehndi design has been done in a fashion where the two palms work as a set. Joining the two palms will complete the design. The design is basically flower and paisley based. Half of a heart or beetle leaf pattern has been made on sides of the two palms. Bringing the palms together completes the heart pattern. The design is intricate and covers the fingers as well. However, while the thumb of both the hands has been covered fully, the tip of the other fingers has been left blank.

11Easy heart shaped henna design

Easy mehndi design for palm

Easy circle mehndi designs

This heart shape based henna design is simple and easy to get. Here a central design has been done which includes multiple layers and some extending vine like patterns at the corners. Apart from the central heart shaped design, a similar design has been done right at the base of the palm covering the wrist. The tips of the fingers have been filled with henna and half circular designs have been done just after the filled section.

10Jali work mehndi design for palm

Traditional mehndi design for hand

There can be different variations in mehndi jali designs and here you can see that the jali pattern has been nicely combined with floral designs. The design starts from the wrist and covers till the fingers in a zig-zag pattern. The jali design makes a slanted “Z” shape to cover the palm. Flowers and other patterns have been added beside the jali design to complete the look.

9Full palm henna design for weddings

Latest arabic mehendi design for palm

This full palm henna design is not much complicated but it is very intricate. A beetle leaf shape has been made at the base of the palm, and intricate designs of different types have been made covering it from the sides. The tips of the fingers have been filled with henna and the length of the fingers has been covered with angular jali work. This mehndi design can make a perfect pick for weddings and any special occasions.

8Stylish single flower based mehndi design for palms

Simple mehndi design for palm

This beautiful and unique henna design has a simple and artistic touch to it. Here a flower has been made at the center of the palm and extending vines and paisley designs have been made towards the two corners. Intricate covering mehndi design has been done on the sides of the palm and on the other three fingers. This design looks very artistic and can be an ideal pick for any occasion as well.

7Floral disjoint easy mehndi design

Simple jewellery style mehndi design for hand and fingers

In this design bunches with three flowers has been made at the base of the palm, one towards the inner side of the palm and the other, at the base of the thumb. These designs have been joined with vine patterned curved lines. The fingers have floral patterns and curved vines coming out of the floral designs covering the length of the fingers. The designs on each of the fingers are unique.

6Trendy henna design with disjoint floral sets

Simple flowers mehendi design for palm




Gujarati mehndi designs for full hands

This trendy disjoint floral henna design can give your hands a beautiful look. Here the first floral bunch has been done on the wrist area and the second bunch has been placed on the palm along with vine patterns. The design does not cover the palm fully but is extended till the base of the thumb and index fingers. There are also floral and paisley patterns covering the length of the index fingers, while the other fingers are left uncovered.

5Linear modern henna design for palms

Very simple mehndi design for palm

This outlined henna design has a touch of simplicity to it which makes it special. Here the design has been only outlined and not filled in fully. The bunch of three flowers has been placed on the palm and artistic vine designs have been extended towards the wrist and the middle finger. All other fingers have been left uncovered.

4Intricate disjoint floral and paisley henna design

Awesome mehndi design for palm

This beautiful and stylish henna design has a unique feel to it. The primary floral and paisley design starts from one side of the palm and extends till the tip of the index finger in a slanted pattern covering the whole length. Another long pattern has started from the other side of the wrist and has covered the whole of the thumb. Intricate patterns with jali work at the tip of the fingers have been done on each of the other three fingers.

3Easy circular henna design for palm

Easy circular mehndi design palm

New mehndi designs for feet

This design starts from a central circular pattern. Paisleys and other designs have been drawn outside the circular pattern to cover some parts of the palm. Intricate designs have been done on all the fingers and also on the wrist area leaving a blank space between the central pattern and the designs on the wrist and fingers. In this henna design shading has also been used for a unique look.

2Creative angular henna design for palms

New mehndi design for palms

This simple henna design starts from one side of the wrist with a full flower and then extends towards the index finger. Half flowers have been drawn on the palm along with artistic curved patterns that give the flowers a complete look.  Designs are present on each of the fingers but they are not fully covering. Small floral patterns have been drawn on the blank space of the palm beside the primary design.

1Floral and checker board combined henna design

Most beautiful mehndi design for hand

In this design two disjoint floral patterns have been made on the palm in an angular position and a checkerboard design has been placed in between those floral patterns. The design covers till the tip of the index finger with floral and checkerboard patterns. The tip of the other fingers has been covered with checkerboard design but the fingers have not been covered fully.