Latest Pakistani mehndi designs – Dulhan pakistani henna designs

The Pakistani mehandi is black in color as opposed to the reddish or brownish color of the Indian style. The Indian style is mainly from Rajasthan and they have different skin tone than the Pakistani women. The fair Pakistani women prefer the black color and they use it to decorate their hands and feet.

57Pakistani Design for Full Hands

Top floral mehandi designs for hands

The designs on the palms look pretty much beautiful and splendid henna patterns. The thick models below the wrists have well synchronization of lining designs.

56Peacock Full Length Leg Mehndi Design

The intense designer look transcends from the feet up to the height near the knees. Four peacock drawings below the knee add beauty to the intensity of the design.

55Pakistani Back Palm Mehndi Design

The back side of the hand consists of great designs and patterns, that can influence your eyes quickly. The Central large floral part adds beauty to it.

54Sober and straightforward Leg Mehndi Design

The feet have simple designs of straight-line patterns. The anklet like design around the ankle adds a spectacular traditional vibe to the plan. It serves an overall sober and straightforward look.

53Wrist Focused Mehndi Design

The wrist parts of the pattern emphasize more about the beauty of the tradition, and the henna imprints on the fingers give a bold look.

52High Textures of Leg Henna Design

The texture of this design is just thick, and the patterns that flow across it add the intense look. Though the floral part shows some tenderness.

51Half Heart in one and the other Half in another

Gujarati mehndi / henna designs for hands

To make your Mehendi Design speak for itself on the occasion of your marriage or engagement you should a design which is more like romantic.

Romance is best defined through heart so drape one corner of your palm with half heart and the next corner of the other palm with the other half. When you stick the palms together it makes a full heart.

50Traditional Full Leg Mehendi Design

Mehendi Designs are a part of the traditional take over occasions and it has to look really good to be noticed. If you are making it to a wedding function or you are the bride, then always go for designs that have remarks of tradition and covers your feet elegantly.

49Fill it with love and same sort of patterns

The love for patterns is what is going to take your Mehendi design to another love. Using the patterns of leaves, boxes with flowers, round flowers and paisley on both your hand or legs will be a good choice to make, Also, simply choosing the exact looking floral patterns is a great choice.

48Jaipuri Style Mehendi Design

When you have a list of occasions coming to grace your house whether it is some puja or celebration then go for this Jaipuri style Mehendi design. This one is majorly for the married women.

47Easy Vintage Style Mehendi Design

If you have some love for vintage designs, then you can easily do it yourself for your legs. The best way to make vintage designs look ethereal which however they are, is to make the same type of design on both legs and even hands.

46Circles and Temple Pattern Mehendi Design

This is a vintage Mehendi design for the brides who prefer full hand and full leg rich Mehendi. It is an attractive design.

45Royalty mixed with some Love

Best mehndi designs for legs

This Mehendi Design is good to go for all the poses you have to give at your post marriage shoots. It has patterns of all kind which is going to make your hand look awesome.

44Circular Motif and Bracelet style Mehendi Design

A Mehendi looks beautiful when it has been carved on your hands beautifully, leaving some spaces just like the circular motif design on the middle of the feet. Whereas in the other design the corners of the feet have flowers as base and then the beautiful peacock head design continues.

43It is all about Hearts and Flowers

Flowers have an enhancement on designs especially Mehendi design so one should never miss drawing some flowers. Apart from that if you are thinking of wedding seasons then heart is yet another design which more like too good to go.

42For the love of Flowers

Flowers being the most selected pattern to draw as a Mehendi design, it is always beautiful to choose it for your wedding. It gives a sweet look and is good for women who prefer fluke kind of designs.

41Mojari Print with Hearts and Circular Flowers

Nothing looks more perfect than a simple yet rich design of Mehendi on your feet. Going with Mojari prints that has with either hearts or little flowers on it looks sweet, and draping some big round flowers with it makes it the best design for Leg Mehendi.

40A rich paternal design for both hands

Usually the brides should carve the same kind of Mehendi design on both her hands so; this design has the exact same patterns for both hands. The rich mixture of peacock heads pattern and circles or triangular patterns with flowers on borders is too good to go for an easy Mehendi design.

39The Print Style Mehendi Design

Best flower mehndi designs for legs

When one talks about prints it is like a rich mixture of designs with no blank space nowhere. If you are looking for a bridal design, then this design is going to be perfect. It is like following a particular pattern for one side, then change the pattern for the other side.

38Churidar Style Mehendi Design

This Back-Hand Mehendi Design is good to be called Churidar Style Mehendi Design; it looks great when you are wearing a full sleeves outfit. This Mehendi Design is a match between little patterns draped in detail as well as flowers also done in fine detailing.

37Lace Style and Floral type Mehendi Design

For the back of your hands, a Mehendi design that has lace like patterns and then some flowers is always the perfect choice to make. While for your legs you can keep it simple, by drawing an easy design that has flowers with hints of paisley prints.

36Peacock and Floral Prints

Most of us don’t know why peacock heads or peacocks become an integral part of a Mehendi design. Peacocks make the occasions more auspicious. Floral prints on the other hand are left alone are very pretty to make for a wonderful design.

35The look of traditions for Bridal Mehendi Designs

Nothing will make the bride look more perfect than some traditional wear even if it is just a Mehendi Design. Carve a traditional pattern on the center of your feet and then use a thick border like pattern for the ankles.

34The Complete Bridal Package

If you are the bride this season then look for someone who is good to go with the Bridal theme of draping quality Mehendi designs on both hands and legs. For example, this artistically rich design in the picture has lotus and leaves.

33Chequered and Mogra Patterns

Easy circle mehndi designs

Draping your hands in some finely drawn flowers that leave equal spaces in between two different flower designs give more of a clean look.

Choose to draw rose flowers in the middle and then draw patterns of your choice all around it. If you like haphazard designs, then don’t forget to draw every design in details.

32All about Triangular Patterns

You can make your legs look creatively beautiful if you choose to draw some easy triangular patterns on it. You can fill the triangles with dots. Also you can make some borders of the triangle and then fill it with little dots.

31Pakistani Mehendi Design

The Mehendi design which resembles of heavy Churidar or lace borders has got its remarkability from the Pakistani culture. This Mehendi design looks heavily made and requires expert hands.

30Leaves and Flowers with some hint of love

Drawing flowers and patterns of leaves has always been an old age practice when it comes to Mehendi Designs. For the wrists you can draw a pattern that looks like a bracelet that has hearts in it.

29Border Designs and Full length Peacocks

You can choose to deal with mesmerizing peacock to cover your feet. Drawing a full-length peacock which has feathers draping down till the toes is easy and looks great. Also, you can choose to just make some borders on your feet which can be circular flowers and hint of paisley prints.

28Dulha-Dulhan Mehendi Design

The Dulha-Dulhan Design is the perfect Mehendi design for the brides who want to describe their love of life as well. It has patterns of Sehani and Dhol as well.

27Back Hand Mehendi Design

Gujarati mehndi designs for full hands

For simple yet sweet occasions like engagement parties or home warming occasions one looks for easy Mehendi Design. This Mehendi Design is easy to pull up if you are do it yourself.

26Paisley and Diamonds

Making the Paisley patterns is never too old for a Mehendi design, moreover anybody can draw it. Complementing it with some diamonds is a unique choice.

25Enrich your hands or legs with intricate patterns

The same kind of patterns for both hands and legs is truly lit especially when you choose intricate patterns to grace the occasion. You can mix and match different patterns like paisley print, flowers, circles, etc. for creating an artistic pattern.

24Arabic Style Mehendi Design

Arabic Style Mehendi Designs are so much in use and most of the people who use don’t know its exact origin. They look wonderful and use patterns that are extra-ordinary and not basic. You can add some glitters if you want your hands to draw some attention for a night time function.

23The Simple Floral and Petals Design

If you like to keep it simple but definitely beautiful then you should choose the prints of flowers and leaves on your hands. Since this design looks clean and is easy to draw, you can do it yourself.

22Jewelry Style Mehendi Design

Women love wearing hand jewelry for engagement occasions so, introducing jewelry style Mehendi design to it is another creative thing to do. It makes for a simple, sweet and eloquent Mehendi design.

21Pakistani Bridal Mehndi Design

New mehndi designs for feet

This gorgeous mehendi covers the entire palm and reaches all the way to the elbows. The use of spiral designs, geometric patterns and floral touch to this mehendi makes it an extremely gorgeous design.

You will see how neatly this mehendi has been done and the way it leaves small spaces everywhere, enhances the articulate work. If you want to shine on your special day then this is the mehendi you pick.

The tips of the finger are left untouched, which gives it an extravagant look. This design is perfect for brides. You can even apply it if there is a function that you have to attend.

20Full-hand Mehendi Design

This is another design that is famous among brides. The intricate designs and touch of black mehendi all over your hand will set you on the right path of beauty on your special day. Look closely at the beautiful work done on the wrists, that reaches all the way to the elbows.

The design is similar on both the arms and when the palms are brought together, one can see the formation of a heart. Hide the letter of your soon-to-be husband’s name somewhere. This traditional mehendi is perfect for every woman who is about to tie the knot.

19Simple Mehendi Design

After going through heavy and intricate work of mehendi, this will seem like a life-saver for those who are nowhere near getting married. Apply this sophisticated yet traditional design on your palms for an upcoming function, event or festival. The spiral designs on each finger along with the beautiful design all over the hands make it an eye-catching beauty.

18Beautiful Pakistani bridal foot mehendi

Why would leave out those beautiful toes? Let them look as beautiful as the rest of your body does with this gorgeous design. The neat floral work on the foot along with the right filling all the way, makes it so appealing. Don’t leave behind your toes.

17Heavy Pakistani mehendi design on foot

If you don’t want to leave behind an inch of your beautiful foot behind, then this is the perfect Pakistani design for you. About to be a bride? Pick this design that is an accumulation of a lot of styles and designs.

The undoubtedly traditional touch to this mehendi makes it so striking. When all the focus is about to be on you, you have to do something to look worth- while. This mehendi design will take care of that.

16Spectacular Foot Mehendi Design

Not a fan of cumulated mehendi work? Want something simple yet arresting? Then, how about this style? The clean and simple work all over the foot and toes make it such an impressive design.

Perfect for every woman who wishes to make their feet look pretty. Even a bride can pull this off on her special day. And, for all those ladies who are not the bride but still desire to be pretty? Ask your beautician to apply this design for you.

15Pakistani flower mehndi design


New bangle henna mehndi designs

This is mostly seen in different festivals and it has become unavoidable part of these rituals. This one decorates just the two fingers and the design travels straight down to the wrist area.

The designs are patterns with swirls and lovely curves. The palm is also designed and the whole finish is sophisticated art from different parts of Arabia.

14Pakistani mehndi design for hands


This design is intricate and some stones and crystals cover the internal part of the design. The beads and jewels make the curls look gorgeous and elegant. The hand looks beautiful with the simple designs that cover the fingers and some part of the hand.

13Pakistani mehandi design


This is done in wedding ceremony. The bridal attire glitters more with this mehandi and the designs are significant of the new world of marriage. The dark brown and black color creates magic and the outline is done with black mehandi. This makes it bold and becomes the glory of the bride.

12Pakistani mehandi design


This design is made with red mehandi. The color compliments the bride to be and the mehandi with the accessories give a glamorous look to the whole bridal dressup. The mehandi is in intricate design and is filled up with golden color that matches the bride’s jewelries.

11Pakistani mehandi design

mehandi 5

This is yet another simple design from the Pakistani mehandi style. The design is simple and is done with common designs and curls. The small bird and other designs make it a beautifully depicted hand that wears this design.

10Pakistani mehandi design

Pakistani mehandi design

The design is best for the festivals where all wear such beautiful designs. The hands are filled up with the black colored mehandi and the designs are complex curls and designs imitated from jewelries.

9Pakistani mehandi design

mehandi 7

Best full hands mehandi designs

Hands look simple and youthful with this design. The fingers are given the mehandi touch and the palm and the back of the hand is designed with a few simple curves with nail polish matching the hand.

8Pakistani mehandi design

Bridal Mehndi Design For Hands

Hands in reddish mehandi makes it the bridal wear for many. The gorgeous dress up matches the designs that are mostly floral. The nail polish glitters with the mehandi and the dressup.

7Pakistani mehandi design

mehandi 9

Glittering hands with the mehandi as the back drop makes the wearer beautiful and stunning. The crystals and glitters work intricately to bring a classical aura to the hands. The dressing and jewelries will give the owner of the hand a complete look.

6Pakistani mehandi design

mehandi 10

This design is for the brides who are eager to meet the future groom. The intricate designs and the patterns are from the time when the queens used to decorate their hands with mehandi.

5Pakistani mehandi design

mehandi 11

Design of your hands will be effective for any festivals and get together. This is very rich in the intricacies and has a sophisticated touch. The top of the fingers are done in complete black color so that they look solid and strong. The fine designs give the delicate touch.

4Pakistani mehandi design

mehandi 12

These are designs on the feet. The legs are done in dark mehandi color and a light orange shade. The floral design suits the beauty of the feet and gives it an elegance that jewelries would have failed to add.

3Pakistani mehandi design

mehandi 13

Try top engagement mehndi designs for hands

Another design for the feet is done in the reddish colored mehandi. This one has got several small and detailed designs that suit the sheer sandals. The nails are done in crystals to match the shoes and the gorgeous design.

2Pakistani mehandi design

mehandi 14

The black mehandi looks stunning on these feet. The floral motif and the leaves make the feet look youthful and glowing. The designs are not very complex but the outcome can stop the heart throb of many.

1Pakistani mehandi design

mehandi 15

This one is again for the hands. The brownish shade of the mehandi is for bridal wear or for Eid celebrations. They must match the hue of the dress the lady wears.