Latest pakistani mehandi designs for hands and legs with Photos

The Pakistani mehandi is black in color as opposed to the reddish or brownish color of the Indian style. The Indian style is mainly from Rajasthan and they have different skin tone than the Pakistani women. The fair Pakistani women prefer the black color and they use it to decorate their hands and feet.

[Pakistani mehandi designs for hands and legs in Hindi]

Pakistani flower mehndi design



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Top 15 floral mehandi designs for hands

This is mostly seen in different festivals and it has become unavoidable part of these rituals. This one decorates just the two fingers and the design travels straight down to the wrist area. The designs are patterns with swirls and lovely curves. The palm is also designed and the whole finish is sophisticated art from different parts of Arabia.

Pakistani mehandi design



This design is intricate and some stones and crystals cover the internal part of the design. The beads and jewels make the curls look gorgeous and elegant. The hand looks beautiful with the simple designs that cover the fingers and some part of the hand.

Pakistani mehandi design

Latest Beautiful Mehandi Design For Hands


15 Gujarati mehndi / henna designs for hands

This is done in wedding ceremony. The bridal attire glitters more with this mehandi and the designs are significant of the new world of marriage. The dark brown and black color creates magic and the outline is done with black mehandi. This makes it bold and becomes the glory of the bride.

Pakistani mehandi design

Beautiful simple mehndi design


This design is made with red mehandi. The color compliments the bride to be and the mehandi with the accessories give a glamorous look to the whole bridal dressup. The mehandi is in intricate design and is filled up with golden color that matches the bride’s jewelries.

Pakistani mehandi design

stylish mehndi design

mehandi 5

Best mehndi designs for legs

This is yet another simple design from the Pakistani mehandi style. The design is simple and is done with common designs and curls. The small bird and other designs make it a beautifully depicted hand that wears this design.

Pakistani mehandi design


Pakistani mehandi design

The design is best for the festivals where all wear such beautiful designs. The hands are filled up with the black colored mehandi and the designs are complex curls and designs imitated from jewelries.

Pakistani mehandi design


mehandi 7

Best flower mehndi designs for legs

Hands look simple and youthful with this design. The fingers are given the mehandi touch and the palm and the back of the hand is designed with a few simple curves with nail polish matching the hand.

Pakistani mehandi design

bridal henna design

Bridal Mehndi Design For Hands

Hands in reddish mehandi makes it the bridal wear for many. The gorgeous dress up matches the designs that are mostly floral. The nail polish glitters with the mehandi and the dressup.

Pakistani mehandi design


mehandi 9

Easy circle mehndi designs

Glittering hands with the mehandi as the back drop makes the wearer beautiful and stunning. The crystals and glitters work intricately to bring a classical aura to the hands. The dressing and jewelries will give the owner of the hand a complete look.

Pakistani mehandi design


mehandi 10

This design is for the brides who are eager to meet the future groom. The intricate designs and the patterns are from the time when the queens used to decorate their hands with mehandi.

Pakistani mehandi design


mehandi 11

Gujarati mehndi designs for full hands

Design of your hands will be effective for any festivals and get together. This is very rich in the intricacies and has a sophisticated touch. The top of the fingers are done in complete black color so that they look solid and strong. The fine designs give the delicate touch.

Pakistani mehandi design

simple arabic mehndi design for leg

mehandi 12

These are designs on the feet. The legs are done in dark mehandi color and a light orange shade. The floral design suits the beauty of the feet and gives it an elegance that jewelries would have failed to add.

Pakistani mehandi design

simple leg mehndi design

mehandi 13

New mehndi designs for feet

Another design for the feet is done in the reddish colored mehandi. This one has got several small and detailed designs that suit the sheer sandals. The nails are done in crystals to match the shoes and the gorgeous design.

Pakistani mehandi design

floral leg mehndi design

mehandi 14

The black mehandi looks stunning on these feet. The floral motif and the leaves make the feet look youthful and glowing. The designs are not very complex but the outcome can stop the heart throb of many.

Pakistani mehandi design


mehandi 15

New bangle henna mehndi designs

This one is again for the hands. The brownish shade of the mehandi is for bridal wear or for Eid celebrations. They must match the hue of the dress the lady wears.

[Pakistani mehandi designs for hands and legs in Hindi]