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You must keep your head while sleeping towards the east direction in order to get an undisturbed sleep. Another good sleeping direction will be keeping head towards the west. If you can keep your head in such direction, it will easily supply positive energy in individual whenever they wake up. The blood circulation of individual will also be increased with the help of proper directional sleep.

Proper sleep helps in concentration in whatever work people are doing. This creates stress and tension.

Individuals can face variety of mental and physical complications if the sleeping position is not proper. Let us discuss about the sleeping position and direction which you must possess.

[Sleeping position tips in Hindi]

North south direction

You should never keep your head towards the north direction while sleeping as the magnetic field of the Earth is presently in north south direction. Sleeping in this direction has harmful effect as well. You will suffer from disturbed sleep and nightmares.

South west sector

Select the best sleeping direction

According to the expert, the most powerful quadrant in Vastu Sastra is the southwest sector. This is such an area where all the positive energy is stored.

Head facing south

Sleeping direction has some theories extracted from the Indian mythology. According to this, Lord Yama is the owner of south direction. He is usually known as the God of death. Thus, if an individual place his feet towards the south and head towards the north, he is definitely inviting the Lord of Death.

Apart from the concept of Indian mythology, there are some scientific explanations with regard to placement of the head and feet while sleeping. The laws of Magnetism as stated in Physics says, North Pole is known as a source of negative energy where as the South Pole is considered as a place for positive energy. If your feet are facing towards the south direction and head towards the North which constitute your brain, the brain, which has worked for the whole day and have become tired gets the negative energy, individual will not get revitalized as soon as they get up from the bed early in the morning. As a result, they will not be in a position to work effectively in the next morning as soon as they wake up. The efficiency of the brain will be reduced due to this directional vector.

The best direction to sleep

Both Indian Vastu Sastra as well as Chinese Feng she speaks about several geographical directions which will be favorable for placing the head while sleeping. Favorable directions for a person to place his head while sleeping are either south or East direction.  You will be saved from negative effects if you avoid the directions like north and west. You will be a quick learner, if you can place your head towards the east. People keeping their head towards the south will always remain virtuous.


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[Sleeping position tips in Hindi]

Facts on sleeping directions towards north

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Are you keeping your head towards the north direction while sleeping? This can be totally a wrong practice. Science says that the magnetic form that comes from the earth is present in north south direction. Thus, the strong field can give you number of troubles. You can get disturbance in sleep and also come across night mares.

Sleeping in bent position

Along with the sleeping direction, the position or posture of sleeping also plays an important role. If you sleep by bending your body towards any direction, you can get distress with the Tama predominant tiryak waves. This wave comes from the atmosphere and gets into your body. Due to this you can suffer from problems like unnecessary physical movement, sleepless night and restlessness while sleeping. It is better to keep your body straight while you sleep.

East west direction

Experts say that, the east west position is the best position for every individual to get healthy and sound sleep. The waves in this direction are positive and can provide all types of positive energy to your body. Ancient mythology also says that blessings of god are always present in this direction. This direction is equipped with Kriya shakti or energy of action. Your body will be filled with sattvik waves which will make five vital energy active. You can definitely get a sound sleep and get full energy to work after you get up.