Best direction to sleep – Sleeping positions

The best sleeping position indicates the direction of placing the head while sleeping. Several studies have given their decisions according to their perspective.  There are pros and cons of each position and it is left to the individual to make their decision according to their capability.

Sleep is an important element which every individual would require performing well in their day to day life. If you cannot sleep for a night, the entire process of your morning will be disrupted. Sometimes sleeping position also play an important role in getting proper sleep. There are also some sleep hygiene tips that will help you get proper sleep. The experts advices different sleeping positions for different types of health issues. Each sleeping position can be found to be the best among certain sleeping positions.


[su_spoiler title=”Is sleeping in the fetal position right?” open=”no” style=”default” icon=”plus”]Yes. Most people prefer to sleep in this position. This posture is a good choice for people as it improves blood circulation in the body. For a comfortable sleep, place a pillow between your knees to relieve pressure.[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Is spooning sleeping position right or wrong?” open=”no” style=”default” icon=”plus”]Spooning is an effective sleeping position, especially for couples. This sleeping position induces the release of oxytocin that promotes bonding. This sleeping position decreases stress, helps to sleep more quickly.[/su_spoiler][su_spoiler title=”Is sleeping on your stomach with a pillow a good choice?” open=”no” style=”default” icon=”plus”]This sleeping position is effective for degenerative disc disease. While putting a pillow on your abdomen, this sleeping position benefits you from the stress that is on the space between your discs.[/su_spoiler][su_spoiler title=”Is the yearner sleeping position helpful?” open=”no” style=”default” icon=”plus”]Yearner sleeping position can be a good option if patients suffering from breathing problems. If you have arthritis, do not sleep in this position. So choose your sleeping position wisely.[/su_spoiler]


As per Vastu Shastra, sleep is the most integral functions that can determine the kind of life we shall be leading, aspiring for and fulfilling. It must be kept in mind that the Hindu traditional way of sleep has been devised aeons ago by the brilliant minds and we must follow the guidelines which are as follows:

Vasthu shastra perspective of sleeping position

Healthy foods for better sleep

According to Vasthu Sastra sleep plays an important role for a person to keep healthy. They claim that the south west position is best as positive energy is stored in this place.

Sleeping in the wrong direction can lead to several health problems. The best undisturbed sleep in a peaceful environment is to keep the head towards the east. The second best position for sleeping with head placed towards the West and the third possible choice for sleeping is with the head towards the South. These positions are believed to provide positive energy to the person and it also helps in improving the circulation of the blood.

Sleeping with head towards the North is forbidden in the Vastu Shastra theory. According to them the magnetic field of the earth which lies from the north to south direction are very strong. The energy levels of a person are thrown out of balance with this overpowering field. There are chances of the development of certain difficulties in sleeping and children having frightening nightmares. This position can also cause blood pressure problems, sleeplessness and increase of cholesterol

The Best sleeping direction – Head towards the south

Vastu Sastra is one of the ancient technology through which people make their life smooth and happy. As per Vastu, if you choose a proper sleeping position, it will make your life happy and beautiful. If you are facing lots of problem in your personal life and want to remove this problem, you can use this remedy. Start sleeping head towards the south position. It creates positive energy on the body and makes your health better; it will also improve your fortune as well. If you will sleep towards south facing, you will get peace of mind.

Head towards the east – Offer positive energy and power

If you sleep with the head towards the East side, you will get lots of benefits as per Vastu. If you sleep on the west side, you will feel the positive energy on your body. If you daily sleep in this position, it will remove the entire health problem from your life. It will offer remarkable improvement easily. This position is also best for the students, it increases their confidence and concentration as well. It will also increase the memory too.

Few tips always remember during sleep as per Vastu

  • It’s always better to avoid sleep under the beams. Basically, if you sleep under any heavy thing, it will provide you different types of mental and health disturbances.
  • If your room includes sharp corner, do not position bed in that area! If you sleep in the sharp corner, it creates very stressful and harmful effect on your body and mind. It will reduce your energy level as well.
  • Don’t keep unwanted things below your bed and don’t create it like a storeroom. It is always better to keep free below the bed to provide positive vibe!

Sleeping towards north

Better position to sleep right

This is considered to be the dysfunctional sleeping position for it invites negative energy and everything shall go for a toss if you practise sleeping with head facing towards north. It is believed that your wealth, prosperity, job, family and peace; all will go down the drain. Sleeping with head facing towards north is how the dead body is placed.

Sleeping towards south

This is considered to be the best sleeping position and believed that many celebrities, sportsmen and even, politicians sleep with their heads facing towards the South direction. This results in rise in fame, prosperity, wealth, success and emotional acknowledgement. You will seek peace and contentment from within.

Sleeping towards east

This is an ideal sleeping position for students and young learners for it enhances memory, concentration and inclines you towards spirituality and inner-peace seeking. It will help increase retention of memory and proves to be a bliss for those working in logical and rational departments at work.  It will open up your logical min even during sleep and repairs the maladies.

Sleeping on the west

Again another wonderful sleeping position mechanism which embraces richness, wealth, fame and prosperity of the person. You must practice sleeping with your head facing towards West region every night to notice some considerable and substantial changes in your life.

It is further proven scientifically that a person must sleep like a baby in a knee chest position. This allows your back, chest and head to be in its natural state and doesn’t exert any pressure or pulls muscles from the vital body parts.

When you’re imitating the baby-like sleep position and try to feel the amateur vibes just how you were inside the mother’s womb, on the left side your right nostril will activate. This will put added pressure to your heart ad muscles and is not a favourable sleeping position especially if you just ate dinner right before you lie down. Also, the right nostril of your nose is directly linked to the left hemisphere of your brain that controls logic and rationality. This will not help you have a deep sleep.

While f you sleep on the right side, your left nostril will activate and this in turn will put less pressure on your heart and muscles too. The left nostril is directly connected to the right hemisphere of your brain which will halt everything running in your mind. It will pause your logical and rational side and you can sleep without any worries like a baby.

Which is the best sleep direction?

Tips to avoid bad dreams in sleep

Before placing the head and tail of a bed in a bedroom, the home owners consults with the experts. If there is a problem with proper sleeping position, Vaastu gets violated. This can also affect the well being and help of people sleeping in the particular room of the house.  Sleeping direction means head placement of an individual in an appropriate direction. Usually many people keep head either in north or west direction.

Magnetic effect

If you go for physical explanation, our planet has magnetic pole which is stretched from the north to south direction. Here the positive pole is placed at the north direction whereas the negative pole is placed at the south direction. According to the health scientist, individuals also have similar magnetic stretch where the positive pole is place towards the head and the negative pole at the feet. Thus, position of out head with regards to Earth direction is very important to be considered.

Social spheres of direction

Along with the scientific explanation, direction of the help and feet at night also affects the social spheres. There can be conflicts between your peers and family members if the direction of sleeping is not correct. Your health is also going to get affected with the greater magnetic force of Earth. Once you get up in the morning, your day will start with headaches and heaviness of head.

The right direction to place your head

One of the position direction in which your head should be placed is the southern direction. After sleeping at night with your head in the southern direction, you feel really fresh and great once you get up in the morning. You will also feel fit and have full of energy in due course.

Head to east

  • Auspicious
  • Avoid day time sleep
  • Do not read nerve straining literature
  • Pronounce few mantras

Head to south

  • It is very beneficial
  • Brings freshness in life
  • You get energetic

Head to North-West

  • Very dangerous
  • Terrible dreams
  • Frustration in life
  • Irritability
  • Insensibility in emotions
  • Negative vibration
  • Decreased in soul power

According to astronomy, the planets in our universe revolve round the sun. The direction which is followed by the planet is west to east. Also the magnetic field of sun enters to human being head as we keep our head in the east position while sleeping. Similarly, the magnetic force exits from feet. According to the law of energy and magnetism, cool head and warm feet is the most desirable outcome. But, if you are sleeping in the reverse side, i.e. placing your head in the west side, hot head and cool feet will be its result. Thus, your morning will be very unpleasant.

You must have heard your grandmother and other elderly people speaking out your head position. Their words also have scientific explanation. It might not be linked with any spirit or unnatural element but has negative effect with planetary position.

Spiritual perspective of sleeping position

How to avoid sleep while working

According tothe spiritual perspective theEast- West direction with feet facing to the West is the best position to sleep.  According to them sleeping with feet facing to the West has a spiritual effect on sleeping.


  • The Actions of God are aligned between the east and the West direction. We get better frequencies of these action and they give us power to do our actions when we sleep with feet facing the west.
  • The five vital energies near the naval are activated by the transfer of the frequencies of the Action of God. These help in the purification of the vital body and make us energetic.
  • In the morning the satvik or pure frequencies enter the body from the east as our head is facing the east while sleeping with our feet facing the west. These satvik frequencies make us pure and we start the day with a positive note
  • The dawn also brings to us the pleasant seven ripple frequencies coming from the sun from the East direction when we sleep with our feet facing to the West. These seven ripple frequencies are very beneficial. They make the body move in the desired action and help in the body functions.

Sleeping position according to feng shui

Feng Shui Perspective recommends that   the bed can be placed facing the West, East, and North West, South east or South West with some advantages through Feng Shui.

West facing

On facing the bed on the West one receives contentment and the best conditions for a good sleep are created. This contentment can lead to an easy life with low motivation. Hence this position is suitable for who are well settled in career.

East facing

Sleeping on a bed facing to the East makes a person enthusiastic to perform new activities.The feelings of ambition and growth are enhanced. Hence it is the best position for a youngster who has just started his career.

South east facing

Sleeping on a South East facing bed promotes the communication skills. It guides the person in leading an active life full of creativity.

South west facing

This position helps in calming down the restless persons and in giving them peace. It creates a feeling of settled life.

Bed positions that need to be avoided according to Feng Shui are North, South and North East.


Sleeping with the facing to the North can create sleep disorders and develop laziness in the person according to Feng Shui. It can be suitable for elderly people who can benefit the calmness and peace provided from this position.


Best tips for good sleep

South positioning of the bed to sleep is considered to be bad as there is high energy surrounding it.

North east

Sleeping with the bed placing in the North East direction can frighten the person with unbelievable nightmares.

Best sleeping positions for each condition

Sleeping on side-avoid snoring

If you do snore too much while you sleep, sleeping on a side will be the best. Snoring can be really difficult sometimes as it is very disturbing when you are in a public place. But, if you wish to stay away from the problem of snoring, it is always better to sleep on a side. Rather it will be the best position for all those who actually snore.

Sleeping on back-prevent wrinkles

You can even stay away from the problem of wrinkles if you can sleep on your back. These days people are getting wrinkles now and then. Due to pollution and stress people suffer from wrinkles even if there are not aged to get wrinkles. The best sleeping position in this situation is sleeping at the back.

No star fish position-avoid shoulder pain

People accidentally get shoulder pain while working throughout the day, stress or driving. If you too are suffering from the same problem, better to avoid the star fish position. If you get the star fish position, this can give you trouble of shoulder. Yes, the shoulder pain can be drastic.

Best sleeping position for acid reflux

Today, people suffer from the problem of digestion. The acid reflux is also a problem suffered from many individuals. There is also a sleeping position but adopting which people can get a treatment of the acid reflux. There is also a scientific reason behind it. You can get away from acid reflux problem if you can regularly try sleeping right at the back.


• What is the best sleeping position?

The best sleeping position is typically one that is comfortable and allows for the spine to be in its natural alignment.

• Is it okay to sleep on my stomach?

It is not recommended to sleep on your stomach as it can cause neck and back pain.

• What are the benefits of sleeping on the right side?

Sleeping on the right side may provide health benefits, such as improved digestion and better circulation.

• How can I avoid sleeping on my back?

Try sleeping on your side with a pillow between your legs for added support.

• Is it better to sleep on the left side?

It depends on the individual and their health needs, as both sides have their own benefits.

• Are there any risks associated with sleeping on my stomach?

Yes, sleeping on your stomach can put strain on your spine and neck, leading to back and neck pain.

•Is sleeping in the fetal position right?

Yes. Most people prefer to sleep in this position. This posture is a good choice for people as it improves blood circulation in the body. For a comfortable sleep, place a pillow between your knees to relieve pressure.

•Is spooning sleeping position right or wrong?

Spooning is an effective sleeping position, especially for couples. This sleeping position induces the release of oxytocin that promotes bonding. This sleeping position decreases stress, helps to sleep more quickly.

•Is sleeping on your stomach with a pillow a good choice?

This sleeping position is effective for degenerative disc disease. While putting a pillow on your abdomen, this sleeping position benefits you from the stress that is on the space between your discs.

•Is the yearner sleeping position helpful?

Yearner sleeping position can be a good option if patients suffering from breathing problems. If you have arthritis, do not sleep in this position. So choose your sleeping position wisely.