select the best sleeping direction and position?

sleeping direction

Which is the best sleep direction?

Before placing the head and tail of a bed in a bedroom, the home owners consults with the experts. If there is a problem with proper sleeping position, Vaastu gets violated. This can also affect the well being and help of people sleeping in the particular room of the house.  Sleeping direction means head placement of an individual in an appropriate direction. Usually many people keep head either in north or west direction.

Magnetic effect

If you go for physical explanation, our planet has magnetic pole which is stretched from the north to south direction. Here the positive pole is placed at the north direction where as the negative pole is placed at the south direction. According to the health scientist, individuals also have similar magnetic stretch where the positive pole is place towards the head and the negative pole at the feet. Thus, position of out head with regards to Earth direction is very important to be considered.

Social spheres of direction

Along with the scientific explanation, direction of the help and feet at night also affects the social spheres. There can be conflicts between your peers and family members if the direction of sleeping is not correct. Your health is also going to get affected with the greater magnetic force of Earth. Once you get up in the morning, your day will start with headaches and heaviness of head.

The right direction to place your head

One of the position direction in which your head should be placed is the southern direction. After sleeping at night with your head in the southern direction, you feel really fresh and great once you get up in the morning. You will also feel fit and have full of energy in due course.

Head to east

  • Auspicious
  • Avoid day time sleep
  • Do not read nerve straining literature
  • Pronounce few mantras

Head to south

  • It is very beneficial
  • Brings freshness in life
  • You get energetic

Head to North- West

  • Very dangerous
  • Terrible dreams
  • Frustration in life
  • Irritability
  • Insensibility in emotions
  • Negative vibration
  • Decreased in soul power


According to astronomy, the planets in our universe revolve round the sun. The direction which is followed by the planet is west to east. Also the magnetic field of sun enters to human being head as we keep our head in the east position while sleeping. Similarly, the magnetic force exits from feet. According to the law of energy and magnetism, cool head and warm feet is the most desirable outcome. But, if you are sleeping in the reverse side, i.e. placing your head in the west side, hot head and cool feet will be its result. Thus, your morning will be very unpleasant.

You must have heard your grandmother and other elderly people speaking out your head position. Their words also have scientific explanation. It might not be linked with any spirit or unnatural element but has negative effect with planetary position.