Healthy foods for better sleep

A sound sleep at night is not only the best stress buster; it also ensures the proper functioning of the internal systems in our body. If you are struggling to catch some sleep night after night, chances are that insomnia must have hit you. Lack of sleep may occur due to depression, pain, high blood pressure etc.With regular exercise and healthy food habit, you too can enjoy a sweet dream all night long.

A mood-off day or a thoughts loaded mind may sometimes won’t let you feel asleep. For some people the situation is same on everyday, for them sleeping time is a horror time though the bed is very close their eyes won’t travel for continuous long sleeping journey hours. If you are one among them how will you hitch-hike the problem! If none is your answer then follow the below home remedies to treat the sleeping problem. How ever a chronic sleeping disorder needs the treatment of your doctor.


How to get rid off sleeping disorders

One of the good food to get good night sleep is cherry. Cherries contain a special kind of chemical named melatonin that has the capacity to grip body’s internal clock. So eat a handful of cherries to get the happy sleeping time, especially eating tart cherries before few hours to go to bed eases your problem. If you are unable to get fresh cherries, a serving of glass cherry juice or dried cherries will also works the same. Drink two glasses of cherry juice daily to get rid off the problem chronic insomnia.


Taking a glass of warm milk just before to fall on the bed will aids to sleep without disturbance. You will absorb tryptophan amino acid from milk that acts like precursor to brain chemical serotonin, indeed these chemicals helps for the better sleep. Along with that, milk also aids for the stimulation of melatonin production. In reducing the stress and other nerve fiber problems, calcium present in the milk works in the optimum level.

Jasmine rice

As of the reports eating Jasmine rice in your dinner instead of all other rice kinds will easily push you to bed. This is because of the presence of high glucemic index in the jasmine rice that sturdily digests the food and helps for the secretion of glucose into the bloodstream. It is also heading top because of its production of tryptophan and serotonin in the blood, the chemicals which helps to fall asleep.


Bananas are known to have sleep encouraging muscle relaxants magnesium and potassium. They are filled with vitamin B6 that is needed by the body for the encouragement of the sleep hormone melatonin.

Mash a banana and mix it with a glass of milk, drink this banana smoothie before going to bed. Follow this simple home remedy daily for gradual change in your sleeping habits.


Almonds, the power houses of proteins, vitamins and minerals helps to promote your sleep very well. Mineral magnesium relaxes your muscles and makes you fall asleep, and the rich amount of protein in the almond nuts stabilizes your blood sugar levels while you are sleeping. So eat 10 or more almonds before you are getting ready to sleep, swallowing a tablespoon of almond butter will also eases your sleeping disorders.

Follow the above homemade remedies to enjoy your bedtime at its best and to have a fresh day without the laziness left by improper sleeping.

A whole grain diet

Healthy foods for better sleep

To know about the foods that can help you to doze off peacefully, you have to have an idea about the deficiencies that cause insomnia in the first place. Generally sleep disorders and restless leg syndrome obstruct the relaxation of the nerves and muscles. You need foods that are rich in magnesium to promote sedation by improving the blood circulation. Whole grains like wheat, millet, and oats are enriched in magnesium. Besides that, these are low on calorie so, you can sleep more and slash down some fat at the same time.

Foods with high GI 

GI is the abbreviation of glycemic index. The higher the glycemic index in the food, the longer you doze off. Foods such as jasmine rice are wonderful sleep boosters because of the high GI base. It improves the production of tryptophan that allows amino acid to reach the brain. It also cuts down the blood sugar level which directly reduces the anxiety, tension, mental turbulence that perturb your sleep.

Fish for fine sleep

Eating fishes can make you snooze faster and longer due to the selenium present in it. Fishes of sea water such as tuna, halibut, and shellfish increases the level of serotonin that relaxes the mind and increases the duration of sleep. Salmon fishes like salmon is full of vitamin B6 which regulates the production of a sleep-boosting substance called melatonin in the body. Taking down a plate of delectable smoked salmon or grilled tuna is likely to fill your eyes with golden slumber.

Take high carb diet

Carbohydrates can significantly increase the level of amino acid in the bloodstream. This increases the production of tryptophan in the body. You have already come across the fact that tryptophan controls the excretion of a hormone called serotonin which acts as a sedative. Eating a bowl of oatmeal or cornflakes with milk can make you fall asleep fast. Combining carbohydrate with another sleep-inducer like milk can be of tremendous benefit in treating insomnia.

Drool-worthy cashew nuts

A fistful of tasty cashews can also bring up the amount of hormones like serotonin that encourages the sleep. Cashews consist of vitamins and minerals like magnesium that are essential in the body for adequate sleep. If your body lacks minerals, you won’t be able to sleep properly. These nuts are high in calorie to don’t go on munching these all day long. Just 5-6 pieces in a day or cashew paste with milk before sleep should be enough for a profound sleep.

More magnesium, more snooze

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Magnesium deficiency in the body is one of the most frequent causes that lead to annoying insomniac nights. To put the night owl in you into sleep, you need to consume whole grains which boast of magnesium. Barley, green vegetables, spinach, nuts are high on magnesium. The dual strength of magnesium and calcium is the best cure for sleeplessness. Every time you hit the market, do not forget to purchase these food items.

Herbal tea for relaxation

Exam time pressure, workloads,deadlines,emotional stress-there are plenty of reasons that makes you turn left and right, upside down on the bed for the entire night. When you try to wake up in the morning, you get up late and end up feeling too weak to do any work. A good sleep is the only way out. If excessive stress is the reason behind your unwanted sleepovers, you should try herbal teas like chamomile tea, green tea an hour after the dinner. These teas relax the mind, lowers the blood pressure and you feel the urge to sleep quickly.

Lycopene for sound sleep

Studies have found that lycopene rich foods can considerably improve the sleeping conditions. Increasing the body-locker hormones (serotonin and melatonin) should be your aim.Lycopene will assist your body in fulfilling that target by quickening the process of tryptophan production in the body. Tomatoes, papaya, watermelon, all types of grapes are the best sources of lycopene.