How to avoid sleep while working

Individuals with very hectic schedule at office fail to complete the task at office. This makes them bound to bring the task at home and work throughout the night. The sleepless night can extend with a cup of coffee. But, in the next day morning once he enters the office premise, incomplete sleep will start bothering him. For the first few hours he might be able to manage keeping his eyes open in front of his colleagues and boss. But, there after sleepiness will surround him from all corners. To avoid such situation, try not to work at night compromising your sleep. There are another group of people who keep on spending sleepless night while watching television. Even this will create a sleep lag and gives rise to sleepiness while working.

Ways of avoiding sleep while working

Make a schedule

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You must follow a routine of sleeping and waking up on a regular basis. For example if you are waking up around 7 am in the morning, going to sleep will be mandatory between 10 pm – 11pm every night. Medical science has also proved that 7- 8 hours of sound sleep is very essential for every individual to stay healthy physically and mentally. Thus, you must make a schedule of sleeping at night and waking up in the morning and stick to the time to stay energetic while working in the day time.

Healthy meals

Sometimes people do not get sleep without having sleeping pills. Rather, their ability of sleeping in a natural way gets over. This can be a reason behind improper food habits.  Even if you skip meals or do not consume breakfast, lunch and dinner, this can affect your sleep. But, if you can regularly consume the healthy and nutritious food on a regular basis, good sleep will automatically take place as soon as you lie down on the bed with the pillow under your hair.

Duration of sleep

Some people are working at night and hardly sleep for some hours in the morning. But, whether it is in the day or at night, proper 7 hours sleep will be an important consideration in order to stay away from the sleepiness during the day when you are working at home or office. If you are too busy with variety of task that are not allowing you to sleep for 7 – 8 hours, it is highly important to prioritize the tasks and eliminate or postpone which are not very important.

Avoid napping

People take a short nap in the afternoon or in the late evening. If you have a habit of taking nap very late , this might disrupt your sleep at night. Thus, you must either stop taking nap or take the nap little early during the day. People taking nap once coming back from office will really disrupt your night sleep. Thus, it is advisable to avoid napping if you actually wish to get a healthy sleep at night.

Yoga or pranayams

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You must take out some time from your busy schedule and practice Yoga. This is a spiritual exercise which might not involve too much of jumping and hard activities like cardio exercise but will make your mind and body refresh with some breathe in and breathe out activities. If you are not aware of Yoga steps and pranayams, there are Yoga centers where you can admit yourself for going ahead with such exercise.  You can also visit some websites dealing with Yoga run by the popular Yoga centers. The videos associated will actually guide you to accomplish with this activity. Once your spiritual mind and body becomes calm, you get enough exposure to concentrate in your work and even sleeping at night without any disturbance will be easier.

Away from night caps

Some people have a habit of drinking alcohol at night and coming back with a weathered mental and physical state at home. There is a wrong thinking among people that alcohol helps in giving you a sound sleep at night. But, this is not a true fact. Rather, alcohol is the reason of interfering your deep sleep which you might not have realized. You may feel drowsy till the time you have the affect of alcohol. But, once the affect is removed, you will suffer from sleepless night as the alcohol will not allow you to sleep throughout the night. Even if you can sleep early in the morning, once you wake up, your entire head will start paining like hell. You will absolutely feel drowsy when you are in front of your boss the next day in your office.