Photos of best breakfast from all around the world

Delicious breakfast recipes are available for people to consume according to their nutritious value and taste. Preference of people around the world to intake breakfast will varies as they belong to different geographical boundaries with different food habits. Yet, the survey conducted has provided some astonishing results. People staying in Australia prefer having toasts, cold cereals and vegemite whereas Chinese prefers friend egg with spreads.

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Donuts are found to be one of the main breakfast recipes for people staying in United States. English people are found of oatmeal with some nutritious fruits spread over it as they do not wish to put on excess weight and at the same time stay healthy and fit. Germans prefers some fresh juicy fruits such as grape, citrus fruits with egg porch spread over avocado. Again, people travelling to Singapore can get the pleasure of consuming grilled bread with cooked cereals, butter, ham etc.

Sometimes it is also possible to avail just plain brown bread spread with butter in a layer and cooked cereal over it along with salt and pepper sprinkled over it. Thus, there are ample food recipes for travelers visiting at different parts of the world. Ingredients may be same but the preparation and taste will vary from a country to another. Enjoy your travel with tasty and mouth watering breakfast. Have a look at beautiful photos of breakfast from all parts of the world such as


25South India

24Maunabo, Puerto Rico

23North India

22Noshiro, Japan

21Bacolod City, Philippines

20Brighton, England


18Michigan, United States


16Sindelfingen, Germany

15Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand

14Salerno, Italy

13Adelaide, Australia


11Oslo, Norway

10London, England

9San Marcos, California, United States

8Krasnodar, Russia

7Amsterdam, The Netherlands

6Czech Republic

5Shah Alam, Malaysia


3San Francisco, California, United States

2Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia