Best natural foods you must eat for glowing & healthy skin

Good food lets you stay so healthy and makes your skin glow all the more. When you eat healthy there are lots of things you are entitled to. Once your metabolism rate improves there is natural healing of the skin. For this you have to be serious regarding the diet intake. The diet you have each day should b well sufficed with all necessary vegetables, vitamins and protein contents. This is what you call a balanced diet and the intake of the food and do real good to the skin and to the rest of the body system.

Glowing skin! Who don’t want a glowing skin! It is the human nature to urge for the beautiful and vibrant skin. Though some cosmetics make you to look shimmer but it washes off with the water, but a natural glow that come to you by the rich nutrients, proteins and healthy vitamins won’t leave you. So, keep an eye on the food you eat to gain naturally glowing skin.

Foods for glowing skin


How to get the glowing skin

It is your choice to consume the almonds either in the soaked form or dry. The best help you get from the almonds is skin hydration, almonds keep the water levels in the body and hydrates it, which will make the skin to appear healthy. Nuts are the best sources of the fatty acids that are required for the regulation of the cell membrane and to flush out the body toxins.

Whole grains

The list of whole grains corn, wheat, barley and millet offers you the vibrant skin. They are the sources of active components such as rutin and vitamin B, which helps you to give moisturized skin.

Flax seeds

To hydrate the body, open the pores, dilute the sebum levels and fight acne omega-3 fatty acids helps a lot, these fatty acids are hugely available in the fish oil. If you are vegetarian, the good choice you can opt is flaxseed. To treat your sensitive skin and to improve the natural skin glow consume a tablespoon of flaxseed oil before you start your day.


Avocados are packed with many advantages: Not only the avocado pulp but its peel also encompassed with the vitamin B. The niacin levels present in the fruit gives you smooth and healthy skin and also lowers the inflamed and puffy skin area.


To maintain the good elastic levels in the skin potatoes play a key role with its content of potassium, zinc, copper and vitamin C. It promotes the young and fresh looking skin.


Mango’s are not just the king of fruits but is also leading with its vitamin A content. It gives you 80per of the vitamin A which is a total amount required by a human in a day. Mangoes are loaded with the antioxidants which are crucial to fight with the free radical molecules. These free radical molecules causes damage to skin and increases the wrinkles. Hence, mangoes are the best part to grasp in the summer season to maintain fresh and glowing skin.


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Eating good amounts of berries like blackberries, strawberries, blueberries or raspberries allow your skin to look healthy with their rich amounts of vitamin C and their antioxidant properties promotes the young looking skin and protects from inflammation.


The one amazing benefit of capsicum is that it helps to discard the crow’s feet problem. The antioxidants named carotenoids present in the capsicum minimizes the wrinkle problem when it is consumed with the daily diet.


Yogurt which is favorite for many people not only tastes great but also offers many profits like preserving the skin’s elastic and firmness with its rich amount of fibers and proteins.

The effect of wild salmon

You can start with the wild salmon. But you have to make sure that it is the non-farm raised variety. Salmon is a rich source of Omega 3 Fatty Acid and this can help the skin get supple and perfectly moisturized. Salmon has the content of selenium and this is the sort of mineral that can protect the skin from the detrimental rays of the sun. You can grill wild salmon and add it to your pasta or salad.

How blueberries work

If you are looking for something rich in antioxidant then you can easily have the intake of blueberries. With the regular intake of the same you are sure to appear less aged and this will make your skin glow all the more. So make sure to add half cup of blueberries to the regular intake of cereal or yogurt. This will make the meal so sufficing and beneficial for the skin and the general health.

Oysters can do good to the skin

You can even avail for oysters for the benefit of the skin and health. Oysters are good aphrodisiacs. However, the natural ingredient acts as a good source of zinc. Zinc helps in the process of perfect skin renewal and it can even help in the repairing of the skin texture. Zinc also helps maintaining the condition of the eyes, nails and hair. Si, in case you want to appear ravishing down the years you can al best have the daily intake of oysters.

Green spinach can work

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Intake of green leafy vegetable is the sure secret of having healthy natural skin. For the reason you can have spinach in your diet. Spinach has lutein and this helps in keeping your skin and eyes sparkling and in the best of state. Spinach is also rich in Vitamin E, B and C. It even has contents of calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, and the best of omega 3 fatty acids. These are the inclusions which make the stuff an ideal addition to the diet.

The working of the walnuts

Walnuts can definitely gift you with smooth skin texture. This does not mean that you are in need of cup full of walnuts everyday. Walnuts can turn your hair and skin absolutely healthy and it can even make your bones strong. Add some walnuts to the pasta, desert or salad and in the way you can really change the taste and the nature of food value. Walnut is rich in Omega 3 fatty acid and it is even rich in Vitamin E. This is the reason you can consider this as a healthy inclusion in the diet.

The healing power of tomatoes

Tomato is the best source of lycopene. The content of lycopene in tomato is best absorbed by the body. It is good both on the cooked and the processed form. So, it would be best if you can store a can of natural tomato sauce. However, tomato juice and tomato ketchup will also do. These are natural stuffs to help the skin be in the proper state for years and months to come.

The secret of dark chocolate

Do you know that dark chocolate is a good way to keep the skin healthy and hydrated? So, it is always wise to keep some in the purse. Dark chocolate can even protect the skin from the damaging rays of the sun. Some people have the belief that intake of dark chocolate can even prevent the growth of harmful acnes. Good chocolate has the best content of flavanol and this is the reason you should always have some stored at home. In fact, chocolates have more secrets to help the skin stay in the best of state.