How to be active at workplace?

You must have heard your colleges being warned by his/her boss for not paying attention to the given piece of work. This might not always be the fault of employees. Rather, the working environment and the benefits provided by the employees are not up to the mark for the employees to work properly. In the other hand the employees are also at fault for not becoming active at their work place. Sometimes the health factors also contribute in not staying active at the work place. Different types of people have chosen different types of profession. Some are very hard labors working in construction sites or any industries whereas others have the freedom to work in an office atmosphere. But, even the physical activity is less for all those working in office environment, activeness tends to reduce gradually. There are some tips which will help an individual stay active at workplace.

Ways to be active at workplace

Coffee in intervals

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Coffee has the presence of caffeine which is really very essential to stay awake while working. Sometimes due to sleepiness and drowsiness, people become inactive while complying with particular set of work given at their desk. Even if you are not working on desk but have chosen your profession as a driver, tea or coffee will be a must after a certain interval of time as without which you might feel sleeping which can give rise to accident on roads.

Track on steps

Today you can get variety of apps in your mobile that will monitor your activity. Even you can track your footsteps with the help of such apps. The more you move, wider with be the tenure of activity. There are also the fitness bands which you can put on your wrist and enjoy the benefits of staying active. The app will also let know about how many steps have you proceeded in the particular day. This will also give you a motivation about your achievement in being active which will boost your efficiency and help you stay active in your work field.

Office fitness challenge

Even the office fitness challenge is an important consideration to make you stay attentive throughout the day in your work place.  For this activity you can also involve your co workers. Engaging a group in such activity will boost the team spirit. This will also prove to be really effective when you are working on a project in a group. There are funs involved in such office fitness challenge along with competitive mentality and sporting. You must start the competition in a friendly way and carry on boosting the motivational activity.

Convert the waiting time into moving

If you are waiting for something in an office that will be done by the office assistant or someone else, try doing this yourself instead of waiting for the second person. For example if you need photocopies of some documents, instead of waiting for your office boy to do that, you must do this yourself. Similarly there are many more activities in your office which can be done alone without depending upon others. This will not only keep you stay active within your working hours but also will safe your time while completing a task.

Walk to communicate

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Today, technology has made people depend on various gadgets and electronic devices. Even when you are staying in office and wish to say something to your colleague or bosses who are just 20 meter away from your desk, you will prefer to either send an email or send sms or call. But, this increases laziness among people and will also give rise to lethargy. Thus, you must always walk to the person concerned towards his or her desk or cabin and convey your information. This will keep you active and spontaneous during your working hours.

Manageable and comfortable outfits

Sometimes wearing very tight fitting dresses or uncomfortable ones which you cannot carry creates inactive ambience within the working atmosphere. You must wear very comfortable shoes and clothes such that you may not face uncomfortable within the office atmosphere. Some ladies are uncomfortable with pointed and high heels but, they do this to be fashionable. Even when climbing the steps and stairs they face a lot of problems.  This is the time to change your shoes and sandals with the help of which you can make yourself feel very comfortable in the working atmosphere.  Go for a cotton blend fabric while choosing dresses as this will keep you cool and comfortable even when you are facing heat and humidity. Even if you don’t have air conditioned office, these clothes will keep your stay active.