Tips to avoid bad dreams in sleep

Are you facing the trouble of bad dreams? Do you wake up in the middle of your sleep after feeling scared? This is just because you have seen bad dreams. These dreams can be unrealistic, but can easily affect your mentality. When the nightmares interfere with sleep and experience fatigue, unhealthy physical conditions and headaches, people suffers a lot with their mental conditions.

If you can understand the ways to avoid bad dreams, it means that you are one step ahead in the process of avoiding bad dreams.

When an individual sleeps, his brain goes through different stages. One of the stage is seen when individual dreams. This stage is known as REM which is also known as Rapid Eye Movement. During this stage your eye will move back and front very quickly. You may not understand as in your conscious mind your eyes are closed. But, when you are dreaming, Your brain will also go through REM stage for a period of half an hour or 1 hr.

You may feel that, the dream has haunted you for the whole night, but actually it is active only for a period of half an hour or one hour.

Bad dreams are generally scary and can affect an individual both physically and mentally. Getting bad dreams once or twice is quite normal but if you are viewing same dream repeatedly, it will become a nightmare to you. People viewing bad dream at night also ends up with some mental disorder. He or she remains disturbed and stressed out throughout the day. Even they focus interest in no activity with the effect of the bad dreams.

But, there are also ways through which you can overcome the effects of the bad dreams. Since people of all ages gets bad dreams sometime or the other due to some psychological problem or an effect of happening, remedies must be initiated to get this condition down.

The reasons for scary dreams are

Watching scary movies or books

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  • Stress
  • Foods
  • Illness
  • Death of near ones or loved one
  • Abuse
  • Medications

Ways to avoid bad dreams in sleep

  • If your bad dreams are due to the result of stress, you must go ahead with meditation to reduce stress level.
  • Consultation with a psychiatrist or a counselor will be a good way of reducing the bad dream frequency. They are the experts to tech you some remedies in this connection.
  • A good routine will be equally important for an individual willing to get rid of the scary dreams. You must go to sleep in time and get up from bed in time. Spending sleepless night can be one of the reasons for getting bad dreams.
  • If you are having a habit of watching horror movies and reading horror books just before going to bed, you must avoid this habit for some time. Whatever you see or read go back to your though process when you are sleeping at night. Your subconscious mind catches it easily and combines the same with your dream. Instead of watching something scary, you must go ahead watching something funny and humorous. This will leave a positive impression when you sleep
  • Many people might not have any bad dreams previously but have started developing the same recently. Such people must find out the reason. They must see what the activities they are presently going through. If you are into a newly adopted medication procedure, there is a cause of getting nightmares. Everybody does not suffer from nightmares due to the affect of medications. But, some people get very drastic effect due to the medication techniques. If this is a reason, you must speak to your doctor to find a way out.

Tips to avoid bad dreams in sleep

Write your thoughts down

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Take a pen and a paper and start writing your thoughts in it. While writing your thoughts you will be in a state to differentiate between the positive as well as negative thoughts. Probably your negative thoughts are one of the reasons behind getting bad dreams. When you are writing your thoughts in a paper, it will easily help you to recollect your thoughts as well. This way you can get your total dream reminded and that will be written in a paper.  This will probably help you overcome your bad dreams.

Utter prayer before going to sleep                 

You can pray god just before you go to sleep as this will help you think about spiritual element on which you have belief for a long time. Thus the negative thought can be eradicated from your way. You can get peace of mind and instantly get the benefit of avoiding bad dreams.

Think about the dream

As soon as you woke up with bad dreams, the first thing you should do will be remembering the dream. Partial remembrance of the dream will be very dangerous as this can easily give rise to the dream repeatedly. It is better to complete the dream fully and then get up. Once you get up from bed and remember the dream, it will be quite easier for you to get back to your normal state.

Watch happy shows

When you are depressed after viewing a dream, the best thing you should do is watching the Tv show which is humorous and can make you happy. On doing this you can easily change your mental state and lead a normal life once again.

Share thought         

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You should also initiate sharing your thought with your friends and relatives with whom you are really cozy.  Do this just before you are proceeding to bed. Listen something positive or motivational views from those ladies. Gents or individuals connected to positive thought. At this state of your mind it will be ideal for you to stay positive which is only possible if you are with the optimistic people.  Pick out the optimistic people in your family as well as friend circle and start thinking positive and get back to your normal state of mind.

Do not sleep alone

When you are suffering from such mental condition, it is better not to sleep alone. Either sleeps with your parents or friends or your partner who ever is accessible. If you get bad dream and wake up with fear, someone must be there to make you feel relaxed. This is only possible if a person is present who has not experienced such bad dream with you. He will be able to make you realize that it is not reality but dream. Just forget it as this will never happen in your life.

Relaxation therapy

Bad dream can occur as you are very stressed out in your life. Just go for a full body massage with ayurvedic oil or through aroma therapy and stay happy like always.  This aroma therapy is now readily available at any parlor or spa. You can consult with the expert and find out the one which will be appropriate for you. This will help you get relaxed mind and pain free physic withy ultimate remedy for all diseases and emotional stress. You must avail this therapy at least once in a month to stay away from stress.