Dream recall the dream? – How to remember your dreams?

Dreams are some typical hallucination resulting from our thought process and day to day activities. Sometimes our dreams are positive and in other times we can see some negative dreams. Some neutral dreams also forms and get visualizes in front of our eyes. From childhood till old age, an individual might have dreamt about many things but not all dreams can be remembered. Sometimes we might even forget out dream in the next day morning. We only can remember the dreams which we want to remember. Some dreams also affect our life just like a nightmare. But, the dreams that are recalled only half but the rest is left blank need to be remembered fully to remove the trauma state of mind. There are some ways through which you can easily remember or recall your dreams.

People dreams frequently but could hardly remember each and every facts in the dream correctly. Even the characters you have seen in the dream are quite unclear when remembered after the dream is over.  If you want to remember your dreams, it will be a lucid place of recalling your dreams. It is important for you to be familiar with the working of your dreams for remembering the same. With practice, you will be able to recall at least one dream every night. If you get plenty of sleep, it can be also effective in recalling your dreams.

Ways of remembering dreams

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  • Getting plenty of sleep
  • Individual resting for sometime can focus on dream
  • Meditation
  • Arousal of your though process

If you have plenty of sleep, your dream will become longer. Many people may also see more than one dream in one night. Among which the first dream will be likely to be the shortest. Generally the shortest dream for a person runs for 10 minutes of time. If you are getting a total of 8 hours sleep, your dream period will last for a period of 45 minutes. In some cases, dream can also last for 90 minutes. Many people are in a view that they never dream. But, actually they do not have the capacity of remembering their dreams. During the REM, people can also see more than one dream.

Record the dream

If you can get back your conscious mind in action while you are dreaming, it will be quite easy for you to record your dream at night. But, if you cannot remember the dream after you get up in the morning, you seem to have built up dream erasers in your mind.

Write it down

It is very difficult for everyone to remember the dream from starting point till the end point. But, you might remember the dream slowly when you think deeply about it. Whenever you remember something about the dream, it will be good to write it down in a paper. You can probably come to a conclusion that you have seen an interesting and beautiful dream.

Re telling yourself

If you can tell the dream to yourself one again, slowly you can remember one by one step about the dream. This will be wonderful experience as you can easily remember what you have dreamt last night. You can get many clues about the emotions and imaginary objects in your dream. You can also relate your dream to the real life situation. You can also go back to your childhood history and find out the sequences.

Relieving the dream with a reversal is also possible today. Mood swings of individual can be related to the dream and night mares. If you can’t recall anything in bed, you can get several ways to remember your dream as soon as you wake up in the morning. Recording whatever you remember in your dream will be an important way to get a reversal and remember it again in future.

Go for 8 hours sleep

Dreams occur when you are in half sleep position. This stage is called Rapid Eye Movement when your body will be at rest but your mind is active. People with very little sleep at night suffer from this situation. If your sleep is adequate, there will be less REM and you even don’t have to recall your dream. It is very important for every individual to sleep for at least 7-8 hours in a day to stay healthy. If you sleep as less as six hours in a day, dreaming will take place frequently and you may not even remember it.  If your sleep duration can be increased to 7- 8 hours, you can easily recall your dreams without any trouble.

Alarm close beside bed

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Most of us set alarm to get up in time. When you have dreamt last night and the alarm has rung in the morning which is again placed away from you, you need to step out fat and switch it off. While concentrating on your alarm which is away from you, it will be quite natural that you forget your dream. Also do not set a radio alarm as that would be really distracting early in the morning and you might forget your dream. But, if the alarm clock is just beside you, it will be easier for you to stop it immediately and recall your dream.

Short alarm

When you are setting an alarm, do not make it too long, rather it will be easier for you to stop it at once when the alarm tone is too short. Also recalling the dream in such situation will be easier.

Waking up without alarm

If you can wake up without alarm, nothing will be better than this. Once you can get up from bed without alarm, it will be easier for you to recall every single instance of dream as the dream might have wake you up in the morning with its goodness or nightmare instances. If you automatically wake up without a call or an alarm that means that your sleep has been much better this time.

No alcohol before bed

Some people have a habit of drinking alcohol just before going to sleep. But, this is one of the side effects of getting dreams. Since the alcohol has chemicals, it will also affect the ability of brain to remember dreams. You just not ingest anything to yourself few hours before you step in to bed. This will help not to interfere in your memory and you can easily remember your dreams well. Even your sleep pattern and memory will not be affected due to this.

Calm your mind

You should not actually sleep when you are in a restless situation as this will help bring dreams and then result to unsealing of dream. There can be situation when you are stressed out and your brain is typically buzzing. This is probably not the right time to sleep at all, rather you need to calm down and make your mind rest in peace just before going to bed. You can speak to your friend or relative and share the thought just before going to sleep so that your mind rest in peace. The dreams can be easily recalled only when you have proper sleep in your peaceful mind.