How to avoid bad dreams or vivid dreams or nightmares during pregnancy

Dreaming is a very natural process that every individual goes through, and dreams that you see during pregnancy are not always happy ending ones, they can turn into nightmares.

Bad dreams are not good for you or your baby’s health as they can frighten you during your sleep which is considered as a peaceful state. Women who have sleeping disorders are more likely to have vivid dreams. The possible reason behind bad dreams are Anxiety, Stress, Fear, and so on.

Possible reasons behind bad dreams

Sleeping well during pregnancy

Things or situations that can turn your peaceful sleep into health complications for both you and your child are as follows: –

  • When a pregnant lady doesn’t sleep for required amount of time which is 8-9 hours in a day, it causes stress which further counts towards health issues. Stress can make a woman think of bad thoughts and negativity, that makes you dream about bad things.
  • Negative thoughts that randomly make space in your mind and hinder your brain’s activity towards positivity is a prime reason behind bad dreams. Dreams are always linked to your thoughts, so if you think positive, think about good things and people, you will have good dreams too.
  • One should never interrupt a pregnant woman during her sleeping hours because that’s when she is disturbed from a peaceful step and this counts as a hindrance causing vivid dreams the next time she sleeps.

Tips to overcome bad or vivid dreams

As bad or vivid dreams are very much effective on a baby’s health as they can cause serious complications, so there are prevention methods that every woman should follow during pregnancy. They are as follows:


One of the finest habits a pregnant lady should follow is the habit of meditating. Meditation is good for every single human being but for pregnant women this habit ensures complete relaxation, stress free time and concentration. As mental well-being is what is most required to prevent oneself from seeing bad dreams. Do practice this daily to put your mind at peace.


This one is for the readers who have a great habit of reading as they should read positive books before your bed time as this will ensure you think positive. Even for the non-readers try reading short story books as you will be doing for your tiny ones once they start growing up.


Tips to avoid bad dreams in sleep

Entertainment is one such stuff everybody clings to, and you cannot force someone stay away from it but you can definitely modify it by just clinging to movies or music that have a good impact on your mood.

Music or movie that uplift and soothe your mood are best suggested as you will certainly not like being upset or angry about something that is going to affect your baby.

Eating habits

Eating the right food is the first and foremost requirement for an expecting woman, as that not only ensures you a healthy and fit baby but it lightens up your mood too provided they taste good. Foods that rich in protein, such as warm milk or a rich snack before bed time ensures you a peaceful and happy sleep.


This practice too counts, if you haven’t kept your room clean and it is more like shabby, messy or bad smelling it can cause you bad dreams. So, try keeping the surroundings or room you stay or sleep in clean and good smelling, a room freshener whose smell you like because during pregnancy some women become very allergic to perfume smells, so choose it yourself.

Write it down or Talk about it

If you continue to face nightmares and are unable to sleep properly even after practicing every possible tips, then you should better write down your bad dreams and try to analyze as why they occur.

As reasons could be your thought process or situations you face in your surroundings, so you could just stop or avoid it. Talk about it to your doctor, see if he could help you with his positive approach or assign you a sleeping pill that has no side effects for your baby.

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience but to have the sweet fruit whose delightful arrival you await, you need to be very cautious and positive in every approach towards your mental and physical well being.