Dream Interpretations tips – How to interpret the dreams?

Dreaming is important for the development and evolution of a person. It is a communication between the conscious and unconscious mind of a person.  It is a link between what person wants and what a person knows.  Analysis of the dreams tend the reveal the deepest pains and the deepest desires of a person which in turn help to get a deeper understanding of the person.

Dream interpretation is the process of giving meaning to the dreams.  There have been many studies in different cultures conducted in this filed.

After getting up from bed in the morning, we stay in a shock if the dream is negative and unexpected. Slowly when we come back to our form, we try to remember what actually we have seen and wish to relate the same to the practical world. People try out interpreting the dream in order to get a perfect tuning. If you are really willing to get an interpretation of your dream, step by step method must be followed.

Steps for interpreting dreams

Paint a picture of your dream

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If you want to make your dream meaningful with techniques of interpretation, it will be important to have a clear picture of the dream in your mind. If you can get a good night sleep, it will be quite easy to remember your dream. You can take a diary and a pen at your bedside table and write down the dream as and when you remember. If you can make it a routine everyday when you get up in the morning, interpretation of dreams will be very easy.

Event and images recognition

Some people have a habit of getting a conclusion of the dream just after viewing it. You must analyze the dream from its root. There are some questions which you need to ask yourself and find an answer of the same. The questions are:

  • What do you make out from a waking life?
  • Have you ever viewed something in your dreams which you have experienced in your real life?
  • Does your dream affect your real life situation?
  • Is your dream connected with the events in your real life?

If the dreams are an affect of your real life activities, interpretation will be very simple. For example, if you are going to face your examination and you dream about failing the particular exam, this will be a reason of anxiety.

An individual also have to decide about that exactly the dream means to them. Some dreams are also very useful as the problem you are facing for a long time gets resolved with the dream that you have seen recently.  But, if the same dream is haunting you for a long time, this can be a nightmare. Finding out the reason behind it will be very important.

Abstract dream interpretation

If you have seen an abstract dream, interpreting the same will be very important to you. Some people may not have realized, but, dreams generally come to us in the form of metaphor. You have to solve the puzzle which is in your way in form of your dream. People really face difficulties in figuring out the meaning of abstract dream. You have to pay attention to the emotions which is elicited by the abstract dream. This way you can easily interpret the abstract dream all together.  You can also look for the key images in order to figure out the real meaning of the dream.  If you can practice interpreting your dream often, this can easily provide you a great conclusion of your dream.

Different dream interpretations

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  • The first step to interpret a dream is to recall all the images visualized in the dream and make written record of them or keep a video record of all the thoughts a coming into the mind. These records can be later analyzed with the help of dictionaries, encyclopedias. Though this interpretation may not be the same for all and they will have to be broken down according to one’s life and situation.
  • It is essential to study every aspect of the dream like the place, situation, colors and the people around the area. It must be noted that dreams are personal and only the person who has seen it concerned can analyze the dream.
  • Sometimes dreams are the continuation of the activities of the day and for others it may be the recollecting of the thoughts that were stored just before sleeping.
  • The interpretation of a dream depends upon the analysis of the symbols along with situations in which the dreamer lives. Dream is always related with the life incidents of the dreamer.
  • Interpretation of dreams done by scientific method will reveal the real meaning of the dreams and also ways to apply these massages in the daily life of the dreamer.
  • Sigmund Freud was a pioneer in this field. According to him dreams are related to fulfillment of the repressed desires in a person’s unconscious mind.
  • Carl Jung, another psychologist agreed to Freud that dreams are fulfillment of repressed desires. According to him dreams depict both the conscious and unconscious desires of a person.
  • Other researchers in the field of dream interpretation and showed people that dreams are related to different actions of the dreamer, the objects in the dream, the situation and the communication with the people in the dream. According to him in dream interpretation there is no need to understand the dream but it is more important to understand the aspects of the dreamer.
  • Interpretation of a dream reveals much more about the dreamer than about the dream itself.
  • There are some universal symbols to interpret dreams. But it is wise to understand that these symbols have any significance in the dreamer’s life.  Some of these universal symbols are  that fox indicates cunningness, tortoise denotes slow speed and the number is an indication of completeness
  • Interpretation of dreams become easier on understanding the emotions visualized in the dreams. It is found to be of more importance than the sequence of the dream.
  • Some dreams can be confusing and mysterious and their interpretation can be quite frightening.

Some universal meaning of dream symbols

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Dreams come assymbols which are not to be taken in   their real sense for example if one sees a tiger   the dream is something to which the tiger represents. It is the beginning of the dream and interpretation of the dream starts from here. There is no specific definition to each symbol but there are some universal definitions which the dreamer can relate to his own life incidents.

  • Animals are indications one’s connection with the wild nature. Running away from a wild animal indicates that one is running away from one’s own fear.
  • Babies are signs of a new start or may be also in the literal meaning to have children.
  • Examinations reveal self-evaluation
  • Death signifies a change from the ending to a new beginning.
  • Food is eaten to nourish the body hence it symbolizes knowledge.
  • Mountains signify obstacles with their height. A climbing uphill predicts a high grade
  • Moving vehicles indicate one’s control over his life.
  • Water in many forms symbolises the state of the inner unconscious mind. Still calm waters indicate peace of mind and wavy unruly waters signify uneasiness in the mind.