Things not to do after eating meals

Just after having your meal, you must be cautious about your health which can be violated if you comply with few habits. It is not suitable to do anything and everything after having meals that you have been doing in empty stomach. Certain habits can deliberately make your over stressed just after having meals. It’s better not to do heavy physical activity as this can lead to complication in your digestive system. Doctors suggest having a walk after completion of meal as this helps in making the digestion process rest in ease. But, it is also equally harmful to jump and run after meal as this will jumble up the process of digestion and get you in trouble. Sleeping is the biggest mistake which people makes just after completion of meal. If you sleep suddenly after consuming the meal, it becomes really difficult to digest food if you sleep immediately after meal. There are many activities and habits which you need to drop after consuming meals.

You understand what we consume is significant for health and we should be very cautious when choosing what to buy. Did you know that what we do after having our meal is as significant as what we consume? Here are the things that you should avoid doing right after meal.

Hunger is one of the conditions that make an individual stay out of their mind. They cannot concentrate well in their work once they are hungry. Again, once they are full stomach just after satisfying their hunger, they feel sleepy and lethargic. Thus, it is important not to consume meals in such an extent that they stay full stomach. There are some precautionary measures which every individual must abide after consuming meal. Some people have the tendency of sleeping immediately after consuming meal. Again, some people have the habit of taking at least 2 puff of cigarette just after consuming meals. Another group of people thinks that drinking tea will help digesting meal soon, so they drink tea just after consuming meal.

Things not to do after eating meals

Avoid drinking cold water

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Drinking cold water just after completing meal is not a good habit. There is a saying among people that, drinking cold water after having heavy meal is likely to freeze the digested food. Since the food contains enough oil, it can even lead to cancer. But in reality, the internal heat of the body cannot suite the sudden cold surface which is created by the cold water.

Avoid exercising

Exercise is another activity that you must avoid just after having meals. It is advised to wait for around couple of hours just after having lunch before your start exercise. If you immediately carry on with the exercise after having lunch, this can give rise to stomach cramp. The reason behind it is the fact that body requires certain amount of energy to digest food. If that energy is utilized somewhere else, digestion of food will be in danger. Since our food mostly include protein rich diet, vigorous physical work is required. But, then again there must be a time in which the physical exercise must be carried on.

Avoid running

If you have consumed heavy meal in lunch or dinner, running immediately will not be advisable. You must wait for at least a period of 30 minutes before going for a running marathon. There is also a rule which every individual must follow with regard to running after having meal. Heavier the meal, more time you must provide before going for a run. But if you are having some snacks item, you can easily carry on with running immediately as it comprises of low fat crackers. If you really wish to run after mean consume the meals that is high in energy and low in fat. Sufficient drinking water is also required along with meals. Since you are going to lose a lot of energy during the process of running, fresh fruit must be consumed so that you don’t stay weak or fatigued.

These are some important tips which you must undertake before going for any type of activities or habit after consuming heavy as well as light meals. You must be really cautious about your food habits when you are going for some drastic habit and activities.

  • Don’t smoke: There is no doubt that smoking is harmful for your health, but did yo know that it doubles the risk of cancerous disease when you smoke right after meal. It is said that one lone tobacco after meal is identical to 10 tobacco.
  • Don’t sleep: This effects digestion very badly and determinants stomach and intestines difficulties. Furthermore you gain weight if you sleep right after meal.
  • Don’t consume fruits: Eating fruit just after having meal will fill your stomach with air, which is not a healthy sign. Consume fruits 1 hour before or after your meal.
  • Don’t drink tea: It is a usual Turkish habit to drink tea right after taking food, but it’s decisively not healthy. Tea departs comprise acid, which determinants us to digest proteins slower and later and not to get benefit from vitamins we have in our  food. To help yo understand better – if you consume mineral rich food you can’t get advantages from them when you drink tea after it, as tea bounds the amount of iron minerals your body gains. Particularly those with anemia should avoid tea after  food. The best time for tea is at least one hour after food.
  • Don’t relax your tummy: It might cause your intestines to get tangled.
  • Don’t drink to much water after completing your meal: It decrease the digestive power. Do not even opt top have cold water after your meal as it will allow the fats to get saturated thereby leading to a lot of health issues.
  • Don’t go for walking: Walking right after taking  food makes it harder to digest food. It reduces the nutritional value of your food you had. It is better to walk or do any kind of exercise an hour after you eat.
  • Don’t take bath: Shower speeds up the flow of body-fluid, especially in hands and legs, so the allowance of body-fluid surrounding stomach decreases, which weakens digestion. This might furthermore cause heart difficulties.
  • Don’t swim immediately after full meals: It is better to wait at least more that 30 minutes after eating before you swim because blood is drawn actively to gastrointestinal tract after eating which causes small cramps. So its best to wait and go.
  • Don’t tie around your waist (belt): Loosen belt after a meal will cause the intestine twisted and blocked. So avoid it.


You must have seen children jumping now and then without any reason. This activity must be making them happy, so they always take up the assignment of jumping even if their parents ask them not to do repeatedly. There are also many adults who like jumping whenever they are free. But, the reason for adults can be slightly different. They must be jumping to keep themselves fit and active. But, if they are visualized to jump just after consuming meal, this can give rise to serious problem. Thus, both children and adults must be asked to avoid jumping just after consuming meal.

Drinking coffee

During the time when you are having heavy meal such as lunch or dinner, drinking caffeine just after it will be harmful. There are many people who have been viewed to develop sensitivity in drinking caffeine after consuming heavy breakfast. There are certain health issues that can affect people   drinking caffeine just after consuming their heavy meals which can vary from one person to another. Individuals who are anemic should totally avoid drinking coffee after having meals as this will lead to reduction in iron absorption from the consumed food.

Drinking alcoholic beverage

You should avoid drinking alcohol after consuming meal as it affect in the process of digestion. A research has been conducted with two groups of people group A and group B where group A was provided with meal and then observed its digestive system after an hour. Again Group B was asked to drink alcohol after consuming heavy meal and watched after 1 hour. After observing both the group, it has been found out that group B with the consumption of alcoholic beverage after meal have develop inability of digesting food by 50%. Thus, if this continues for a long time, you will probably end up having inability of digesting your meal entirely.

High intensity activities

When you have consumed full stomach meal, it will be ideal to avoid all types of high intensity activities such as heavy exercise, cardio exercises, jogging etc. This will not only provide hindrance in the process of easy digestion but would even give rise to muscle cramp. You will be much more affected in your abdominal area. Cramp in leg muscles as well as thigh muscle is also viewed in many individuals with such reckless activities.

Rock climbing after meal

When you consume meal, your belly becomes full and you get restricted with regards to the movement. There will be vast difference in activities of an individual before having meal to that of after having meal. Just after having meal, people will become lazy and lethargic in appearance. This can also be really dangerous if you have thought of carrying on with the activity juts after completing the meal. If you are thinking about rock climbing, it will be better to get energy rather than filling your stomach. It will be better to have some energy drink or juices before going for rock climbing activities. It is better to have meal an hour before if you are thinking of carrying on with the rock climbing activities. You need to give some time for digestion before the high intensity activities.