Best natural home remedies for dehydration / hypohydration

Water is a quintessential component of our life. It makes up to 70% of our body, and thereby the deficiency of the same can impart hazardous impact on our health and fitness. It has been observed that from minor to major problems or diseases are associated with water deficiency as the main reason. A recent study has shown that about three-quarters of the population do not consume the advisable 8-10 glasses of water per day. Dehydration at a mild stage possess symptoms like headache, reduced and dark urine, fainting, dizziness, muscle cramps in the legs and arms, nausea and weakness.

It is quite common for people to get dehydrated during hot summer days. Some people have a habit of consuming cold drinks with aerated water to quench their thirst. But, this will not help you stay away from dehydrated rather gives rise to adverse effect on your body. Excess of aerated water with soda and little alcohol would be enough to increase bulkiness and fat in your body. Instead you must try out some natural and homemade technique to stay hydrated for a long time. Due to dehydration, even your normal metabolic function gets disrupted. Before treating dehydration, it is important to see whether and to which level a person is getting dehydrated. Whether the extent of dehydration is severe, mild or medium would define the actual treatment techniques of dehydration. The symptoms of dehydration are also different and differ from one individual to another.

In severe cases of dehydration the symptoms are

  • Severe headache
  • Fast or weak pulse
  • Blue lips
  • Slurred speech
  • Less of consciousness

Effective remedies to surpass dehydration

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  1. Basic rehydration formula: You definitely cannot go wrong with this formula, as it is the foremost step to be undertaken when you feel dizzy, weak or with heavy head. Take 1 litre water either cool or warm, 1 tbsp sugar and 1 teaspoon salt. Mix it all well until the sugar will not get dissolved. You can either add some natural flavours like mint or herbs. A drink which is nice in taste can offer you with effective results and provides you energy as it acts as a glucose for the dehydrated body.
  2. Coconut water:  Another best remedy to get significant results is the water of ripe coconut( without coconut milk). It leaves you with a refreshing feeling and energy. It is one of  the excellent home remedies as coconut water is easily absorbed by the body. Coconut water is high in natural sugars and easily available. If the availability is less, you can switch on to brands like Goya and Zico.
  3. Watermelon: With the vibrant red colour, and a delightful refreshing taste, you cannot be devoid of this amazing fruit. You can slice it up, blend to make a juice of it, or you can bring out healthy mocktails with this. Whatever form but the results are highly accountable. This is one fruit which is comprised of mostly fluids. It is a good remedy because of its sweet flavour and refreshing taste. Almost all the important nutrients like calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium and iron you can find in this amazing fruit. Lycopene is also found in watermelon which is a powerful antioxidant. Prefer organic watermelons as it is cultivated in the correct way rather than one which is produced by intensive farming.
  4. Lassi(a traditional Indian drink): Mix a cup of plain Yogurt, 1/2 tbsp salt and 2 1/2 cups of water and blend it all together. The cooling effect of lassi is incomparable and the required salt and sugar can be consumed by this drink. It is a great source to combat dehydration. You can also mix it up with some natural flavours according to your taste.
  5. Rice Gruel or Congee: Try with this,  it is a versatile home remedy to remove dehydration. 1 cup rice, 3 quarts light stock, and salt which are cooked together by simmering until creamy. It is a good aid to recover. You can also replace white rice from brown rice.
  6. Salt and baking soda: It is now possible to prepare a simple and very effective oral rehydration solution at home with the combination of salt and baking soda. To start with the procedure, you need to boil a glass full of water and then let it cool. Now, you need to add one teaspoon of salt, half teaspoon of baking soda and also a small amount of sugar in the solution. You need to take a spoon and mix the ingredients really well. Now drink this solution to stay away from dehydration.
  7. Salt in food: You get dehydrated as excessive salt is lost from your body in the form of sweat. Even if you are carrying on with tough exercise routine during the hot summer day, dehydration can take place in a mild form. But, this can be substituted by salt in your diet. You can add some salt in a glass of water and get back your hydration or can consume some salty food. Some of the salty foods which you can consider in this connection are salty biscuits, peanuts with salts, boiled vegetables with salt etc. By doing this you are consuming the extra amount of salt which will help you to bring back your energy which you have lost through your sweat. Even this will help you in balancing electrolytes within your body.
  8. Cucumber: During summer, you need to consume fruits that have enough juice within. Some group of people treats cucumber as fruits whereas other takes this as vegetable. Whatever is your perception, consuming cucumber in a hot summer day is very essential as this will help you stay hydrated for a long time. Since cucumber involves good amount of juice in it, you can consume it with your chicken curry as salad or simply have a whole cucumber in your breakfast along with your other breakfast meals. You can easily get your body fluid level regulated through this watery fruit.
  9. Buttermilk: You must have heard about butter or many of you have even consumed it. People are constantly speaking about its taste as people of almost all age likes the same. But, today you will be able to know that butter milk is an excellent remedy or reducing dehydration among individuals. Even this will help in making the electrolyte balance normal. If you want to make the butter milk more tasty, just add a pinch of salt as well as dried ginger in the buttermilk.  If you are suffering from moderate dehydration, butter milk will be an excellent remedy.
  10. Chamomile: Chamomile is a flower that has been used for years to treat variety of health condition. People treating their patients with some herbal remedies would prescribe chamomile as it is analgesic as well as wonderful variety of de stressing herb. Since you tend to lose excess fluid due to dehydration, chamomile will help in providing a wonderful attempt of fluid replacement in an individual’s body.
  11. Elder flower: This is one of the most effective flowers which helps individual to reduce their body temperature when you heat up your body during summer. As soon as evaporation comes down, body increases the possibility of fluid retention which will once again give a positive effect on dehydration. But, it is also important to go ahead with the right dosage after consulting with the physician.

Top summer health care tips

The prime focus should not be on regaining that appetite back after dehydration, but the priority need to be not to get caught by dehydration. Water consumption is essential and need to match with the body required level. It is one paramount factor to attain a proper health.

Dehydration is a very common phenomenon for individuals during summer. Due to the heat and extreme weather condition people sweat too much and get dehydrated. Water is something your body would always require. Rather each and every cells in your body need water to live. In order to get proper function, it is important for the cells to get fluids adequately. People with all age group can suffer from the problem of dehydration. But there are also some tricks and natural ways to stay away from the problem of dehydration. Let’s find out some home remedies through this article.

Natural home remedies for dehydration or hypo hydration

Yogurt for dehydration

Yogurt is a wonderful food that you must consume on a regular basis during summer to stay hydrated. You can also make a shake with yogurt to stay refreshed. Since this is a wonderful source of electrolytes, individual suffering from digestion problem can get help.

Banana for hypo hydration

If you are suffering from a mild dehydration problem such as feeling low on a hot summer day, banana will be the best remedy in front of you.  Due to dehydration, you can lose very essential minerals from your body such as potassium, magnesium, iron etc. Consuming banana will replenish the same.

Barley water

You must have heard this remedy for the first time. But, believe me, it works really well. Barley water can easily help you stay away from the situation of dehydration. You have to soak a cup of barley in water. Now you have to boil the same. Let it get cool for some time and stain water. Now add some lemon juice, salt and honey in it and stir. Drink the water to stay away from dehydration.

Mango panna

You can make this mango drink right at your home. All you require is raw mango. You have to bake the raw mango and take out its peel. Now smash the flesh and take it in a grinder. Once the pulpy mango is acquired take few spoons of it in a glass add chilled water, salt, honey and mix them. Drink and stay hydrated.