Top signs and symptoms of pregnancy

Pregnancy is one thing which should be checked and verified before you start circulating the news because this particular change comes with so many signs and symptoms which should be acknowledged by you at the first place and are all scientific symptoms which occur to help you discover your new-found change.

There are a few top signs and symptoms of Pregnancy which are as follows:-

Missed Periods

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The first and foremost thing a woman looks forward to is when she misses her periods right after conception, that’s when she is bound to take notice. For which you can conduct a pregnancy test because at times a delay in your menstrual cycle can also be because of other biological reasons.

Smell Sickness with or without Vomiting

Feeling of Nausea is a classic symptom, women feel right after two weeks of conception wherein any kind of a smell either of a perfume, room fresheners or a smell coming from any dishes been cooked can cause them to feel nausea. It can be accompanied with vomiting or maybe not. It can be in form of morning sickness where the stomach feels empty and you feel uneasy.

Food Cravings

An early stage of pregnancy also comes from a sign where you suddenly feel the urge to have a particular food at any time be it morning, day or night. Sometimes women also feel less likely to consume a few food items which they usually do, because there are a lot of hormonal changes that take place in a woman at that time.

Change in Breast size

This symptom is said to be one of the first sign a women notices, that is her breast either gets swollen up or becomes sore from the usual. This sign likely comes into notice at the earlier stages of conception.

Cramps or Bleeding

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A few women undergo severe cramping in the earlier days after conception just like a normal menstrual cramping or most of the times there is a slow bleeding unlike a menstrual bleeding as it is light in color and doesn’t last long, known as implantation bleeding which occurs when the egg has fertilized.

Feeling Tired or Fatigue

At the first stages, a woman feels tired even after doing a small task and the feeling of fatigue continues to stay because low blood pressure, low sugar level or increased blood production taps your energy level making it low and minimum. One feels Fatigue even if she doesn’t perform any labor or work, it still stays.

Mood Swings

This one is an always experienced symptom among women, as they develop mood swings in the earlier days of pregnancy where they instantly feel angry, or weepy or upset about anything or everything.


As the blood circulation level increases during pregnancy because of which frequent headaches are very common among women.

Feeling Dizzy

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In pregnancy, one is bound to feel light head because of lower blood pressure level where the constant feeling of one will faint remains and in some cases women actually faint as well.

Feeling Feverish

Right after the ovulation period, the body temperature is seen to rise early in the morning which is known as basal body temperature. This temperature rises and remains like that for the rest of the day and is followed everyday for the next two weeks confirming your pregnancy.

Increased Heart Rate

Palpitations and arrhythmias are very common during the eight or tenth week of pregnancy. As there is a frequent change in your hormones because of which there is faster pumping of your heart beats.


Yes, you read it right, change in your urinating order is also a common sign seen in women were because of the hormonal changes one’s body increases the blood it pumps and the kidney processes more fluid to your bladder making you urinate more frequently than usual.

An ultrasonography and Pregnancy test kits are always an option but these signs and symptoms are most likely to occur first wherein you will know whether or not you are pregnant.

Don’t panic as you discover any of the above signs because it is a usual phenomenon and you should consult a doctor by now.