How to avoid pregnancy after 15 days/20 days naturally

Sometimes, even with the most careful precautions, we fail to avoid pregnancy after intercourse. Be it due to human or product failure, there is nothing more dreadful that having the contraceptives failed. When you are not ready, the mere thought of getting pregnant can be pretty alarming. In this article, we will discuss some of the easiest home remedies to make sure that you don’t get pregnant.

These have to start as soon as you think you can get pregnant, after having mingled with your partner, and the effects would start soon after!

Things to keep in mind

Follow the calendar and thermometer method for early detection and aid:

Calendar method

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It is important for women to have their menstrual cycle recorded. This can prevent birth control as you know the length and timing of every time it happens. Count your days from the first, and remember that you need to have 8 cycles. If the short cycle of is of 26, then subtract 18 from 26, you get 8. That is supposed to be the 4 th day of the following month, which is the 11 th . When you have intercourse, you are likely to get pregnant that day. The longest cycle is 30 which can be subtracted by 11 and result at 19. You have to keep a proper count to be sure that you don’t get pregnant and discover that too late. If your cycle is less than 27 days, the calendar method will not work.

Temperature method

Women have to record their menstrual cycle. When you have an ovulation, the temperature of your body rises. This temperature goes down when you have your next menstrual. To avoid birth control, you have to record the temperature of your body. Record it for three times a day, once in the morning, evening and night. The thermometer should be at the rectum or under the tongue.

Preventive method

It is very important for you to take preventive measures during intercourse, than having to save it for the times you regret! Using a proper protective condom is the most important part. It is not only important to prevent pregnancy but also to avoid diseases like AIDS. With proper protection, you offer yourself a healthier living, which excludes the possibilities of getting diagnosed with deadly diseases. It also gives you optimum pleasure and keeps you satisfied and worry-free.

Natural ways for birth control

There are some remedies to control the possibility of pregnancy, and they are natural remedies. Go through the following list and stop your body from reproduction:


It is an effective remedy to avoid pregnancy with few days only. It’s an easier process where you need to drink the cinnamon water by keeping the sticks in the water overnight and then filtering the water and drinking the holiness. It is like bliss for several health issues like miscarriage, abortion and it also stimulates the uterus.

Indian lilac

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It is like oil rubbed in the clitoris part of vagina which prevents sperm motility when results in avoiding pregnancy by not letting fertilization take place. It does not have any affects the menstrual cycle of women and is totally a natural herb.


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Black cohosh

This is yet another natural method of avoiding unwanted pregnancies. It is like bliss when taken with pennyroyal. It also stops the release and flow of oxytocin which causes uterine contractions and induces abortion too.


This natural herb is the most effective natural medicine to avoid pregnancy and has been long known since ancient times. Women must consume parsley by soaking it in warm water for about 10-15 minutes till it comes to a boil. Add a pinch of sugar and it’s ready for consumption.

Cotton root bark

The roots of the cotton bark prove to be quite effective in keeping pregnancy at bay by stimulating the hormone responsible for mating sperms in ovaries called as oxytocin. The best way to consume this holy bark is by drying the roots and soak them in warm water or hot tea. Drink the holiness regularly for at least a week.


This magical natural herb which is known as Dong Quai and proves to be very effective in putting your pregnancy at bay. It helps in expanding the uterus of a woman and therefore, stimulates uterine contractions. You can consume it at least 2 weeks straight to witness effective results.


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Mugwort is a leafy plant and can be consumed with warm water when dried completely. This is yet another great method of preventing pregnancy naturally. Overdose of this herb can lead to renal failure and in case you have any kidney related syndrome, make sure you advice your doctor before consuming this herb.

Queen anne lace seeds

The fancy scientific name is nothing but wild carrot seeds which have a proven track record of working as a stimulator to prevent pregnancy naturally. You can chew wild carrot seeds and munch on them during snacking or break time. Another way is by grinding carrot seeds and soak in a tablespoon of water, consume this daily at least twice for effective results.

Weed leaves

While the people are fighting against the government to legalize marijuana, ether are those who stick to the drug in limited amounts to keep the deadly diseases like cancer at bay. This is one of the most effective remedy to avoid pregnancy. Soak a few weed leaves in water, strain the mixture and drink this arm weed water everyday before breakfast and later at night. This remedy works wonders to regulate mensuration and helps in regular occurrence of periods.

Neem leaves

This natural herb is loaded with antioxidants, antibacterial properties that stimulates sperm motility and, in turn prevents pregnancy. It is available in three forms mainly: oil, extract and leaves. Neem oil can be applied in the vagina area to kill the sperms and act as a contraception. Neem leaves should be consumed by men in form of tablets or natural leaves to promote sperm sterility temporarily. Neem acts as a great barrier for vagina to invite deadly diseases including  HIV.

Vitamin C

Buy yourself pure vitamin C and don’t replace them with rosehips! It should be pure and of 1500mg. This will help you control birth and you have to consume it 2 times a day. Start from the day after intercourse and consume for the next 3 days. Check for pregnancy through a regular test and stop consuming if detected positive. Miscarriage through consuming this can be dangerous. Do not try miscarriage at home as it can lead you to troubles later.

Consume dried apricots

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The consumption of dried apricots along with honey and water is essential to control pregnancy. Take 100gm of apricots and a boil it in water. Add 2 tablespoons of honey and extract the content. Now blend the ingredients and add it to a cup. This tops bleeding and controls birth. Do not consume if you detect positive as that enhances the blood level.

Dried anzeer

Add dried anzeer to your diet to prevent birth pregnancy. Have 2 to 3 pieces from the day of intercourse and prevent the situation. It is known to improve blood circulation. It usually makes stomach irregular so you should have it once a day. If you are detected to be pregnant, don’t consume the fruit.


Pregnant women are advised to consume lots of fruits, but one fruit they are abandoned from is papaya. This fruit is known to prevent pregnancy. Have the juicy and soft fruit for 2 times a day and repeat for 3-4 days after intercourse. It contains calcium and vitamins which improve digestion and reduce chances for a positive pregnancy test. You can also haven java plum, wild yam and psoralea.

Carrot seeds

Consume wild carrot seeds, which was a remedy used back in the 5 th century, for preventing child birth! Just like many of the traditional methods, women today, consume carrot seeds after intercourse. It is like a prevention that they take, even if they think they shouldn’t conceive. You can have it ground and added to 1 teaspoon of water. Mix the two and drink it up. Drink excess water for a few days because it is known to be effective to trigger the remedies you use.