Natural exercises for pregnancy weight loss

The most amazing experience of your life starts as you stare at that pregnancy test result with tear filled eyes. Soon your junior version is going to come and change your life in the best way possible. You’ve heard and read all about the things you ought to do to keep yourself healthy but you must try to keep in shape as well during these few months. Try to engage your body in simple exercises to lose that extra weight you’ve put on. Don’t try anything new without consulting your doctor but rest assured these simple exercises are going to help you lose that fat and also enhance your energy level, reducing your stress levels and keep you happy.


Exercises to lose belly fat

Rather than staying inside your home all day long, put on your shoes and take a stroll during the evening. Enjoy the weather and feel refreshed. Walking is one of the best form exercise because of its’ well known advantages. It will regulate your body weight along with that of your baby, lower the chances of gestational diabetes, reduce the chances of high blood pressure and excessive concentration of protein in your urine along with cholesterol levels. It will help you let go of your stress and the pain and discomforts you’ve been feeling. To top it off it will help you in a normal delivery.

Aerobic workout

Caution is your best friend for these upcoming months. Nevertheless, go ahead and join an aerobics class after consulting your doctor. Your muscle will stay active and improve your blood circulation. This form of exercise doesn’t involve heavy weight lifting and is excellent for bursting that stress bubble of yours. With regular aerobic workout, your placenta’s size will grow which will be beneficial as more of oxygen and carbon dioxide including nutrients and waste materials will be exchanged, this form of workout will help your baby’s cardiovascular strength.


Keep your mind and body at ease during this phase of your life with yoga. It will also keep in check your body weight.

The cat pose or Marjariasana

The cat pose or MarjariasanaThis pose is excellent for stretching the muscles of your shoulder and neck. It will relieve you of the pain and stiffness in your neck and shoulder. It will do wonders to your blood circulation and tone your abdomen.

The wall pose or Viparitakarani

The wall pose or ViparitakaraniThis workout is excellent to help you get over that back pain and will reduce the swelling of your ankles and veins. Due to the posture of this workout there will be better circulation of blood to your pelvic area.

The corpse pose or Svanasana

The corpse pose or Svanasana

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You need to take care of your blood pressure and relax your body. This pose will also help you to repair the cells and let go off your stress.

The butterfly pose or BaddhaKonasana

The butterfly pose or BaddhaKonasanaYou need to improve the flexibility of your hip and your ground by doing this pose. This pose is excellent to take away your body pain and prepare you for an easy pregnancy.

The warrior pose or Virabhadrasana

The warrior pose or VirabhadrasanaYou always feel scared during this phase of life to fall and hurt yourself and your baby. This pose is going to work on your posture and improve your balance by toning your legs, arms and lower back.

The triangle pose or Trikonasana

The triangle pose or TrikonasanaThis pose is going to do wonders for you by stretching and opening up your hips. It will reduce your stress levels and the backache will go away.


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The next refreshing way to shed some kilos is by doing swimming. It is the safest way to lose weight without worrying much about injuring yourself. You’ll feel the benefits of this exercise on every part of your body.


You’re not supposed to ride fast but you can enjoy the benefits of slowly cycling by doing this workout.


Sway your body to your favorite tunes and feel refreshed and re-energized. Tone your body and make it more flexible, reduce your blood pressure and improve your blood circulation. This kind of workout will help you get the kind of cardio you need.

You’re on a roller coaster right now, experiencing emotions you’ve never undergone before. It’s’ hard to suppress all the hormonal changes at this time so you need to make sure you don’t fall sick and you’re still healthy and in shape to welcome your new one.