Natural exercises for pregnancy weight loss

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Physical fitness is most important at any time before, during, or after pregnancy. After you conceive, you notice that your body changes in lots of ways and some of these changes can get you completely off guard leaving you surprised. Weight gain is one very common change that you are most likely to experience when that little one starts growing inside your belly. Safe pregnancy exercises can help you to easily maintain a healthy pregnancy weight during this exciting period of your time The importance of exercising during pregnancy is to reduce the aches that come with it, to improve your sleep, especially in the last trimester, to regulate your always changing emotions, to keep gestational diabetes at bay and most importantly to strengthen your cervical muscles to be able to support baby’s weight. It’s also believed that exercising during pregnancy helps to easily shed extra calories faster after delivery. Here are some of the exercises that you can do during pregnancy;


  •  This is a good one because besides being so easy, it can be done anywhere with no special equipment.
  • The only thing you will need for this is just a pair of shoes that you feel comfortable and stable in
  • This is, exercise can be done right from the day you conceive all through to the moment you walk into the delivery room.


Exercise is the best solution to reduce the weight after pregnancy. But, make sure with simple exercises that cannot affect your post-partum. Because theirs is a gap in your abdominal muscles that are right after giving birth. Mostly it usually disappears within 4 – 8 weeks. But make sure this gap can be closed before doing belly exercises. Pelvic tilts helps to reduce the belly fat. Pilates and yoga can help you gain strength and flexibility. Some bridging exercise helps to tighten abdominal muscles and can strengthen the core. There is some ball exercise that helps to reduce tummy exercise after pregnancy.


  • Swimming is the most recommended of all exercises during this period. Doctors consider it the safest and most effective.
  • This exercise is good because it ensures that each and every part of your body, whether small or big is doing something and this is the trick of weight loss.
  • It also comes along with many cardiovascular benefits.
  • This exercise lets the waters carry your weight at least for a moment, hence making you feel light and relaxed.

Slow Dancing

  • This is a very convenient exercise because you can do it right from your own house.
  • All you need to do is get your most preferred tunes playing and get on the move.
  • Remember not to strain too much while jumping and twisting, just keep it as soft as possible.
  • It’s not how vigorous you are that counts, but as long as you are moving, you are on the right track and the exercise will be effective.


  • Aerobics are good for your heart and for toning your body too.
  • During pregnancy, it’s always wise to go for low-impact aerobics.
  • This exercise does wonders in regard to maintaining a healthy pregnancy weight.

Slow Cycling

  • Forget all the old wives tales and get onto your bike because health experts have proved it to be of health benefits during pregnancy especially in weight management.
  • Of course this exercise is not entirely risk free because there are possibilities of accidents that could harm the fetus for example, falling off the bike but the risks are much fewer than the benefits.
  • Don’t be pessimistic, optimism will do you great here because when you cycle, you get your muscles moving which ensures flexible but strong muscles and you know how this will help you
  • First in supporting the baby weight and secondly during delivery and labor.


As we know yoga is the most important thing in daily to daily life. During pregnancy, there are very unique yoga steps which keeps your body in a proper shape. After pregnancy also there are methods which helps to decrease lot amount of fat from our body.

Even if you have not been working out before you got pregnant, you still can get into a gentle prenatal exercise program and besides helping you lose unnecessary pregnancy weight, these exercises will also help you while in labor and delivering too. Unless you are experiencing vaginal bleeding, high blood pressure or your water breaks prematurely, then maintain a safe exercising program during your pregnancy period. One of the most important thing is that if you are doing breast feeding to the baby it helps to keep your body less fat. It should be acceptable because it helps to grow the baby better and so as to keep the motherless fat.


Diet other than exercises also plays a major role to reduce weight after pregnancy.

Decrease in calories and fat

Keep an eye on what you are eating and are simply that cannot eat empty calorie foods like soda, chips, and fat diets.  So, it is better to avoid the entire foods that are rich in calories. But, in some case moms will eat large portions after giving birth to a baby. So, have one glass of orange juice that provides enough amount of Vitamin C for a day. It can remove unnecessary calories that help to treat every so often. There is a possibility to reduce your weight loss. Try to avoid foods that are rich in fat and it is better to replace them with low fat foods, including vegetable salads also helps in reducing pregnancy weight.

Think before eating

You have to maintain a proper diet and don’t skip meals as you will be on breast feeding. When you were pregnant, you have to feel as though you could eat anything. Get away with it and need to change this mentality after the baby. Maintain certain rules and follow proper diet is very important to reduce heavy weight. It helps to improve your metabolic rate and cut your hunger with good diet. Have mini meals and spread your calories around the clock. Breakfast is the most important meal of your diet. Include fish, beans, lean meat cuts, proteins, skinless poultry are the best foods to add into your diet. It is better to add fiber to your diet for easy digestion and it will help to fill you without adding excess calories. Eat nuts that are longer to digest and keep satisfied for longer time. You can also include whole grain, fresh fruits, vegetables and lots of low fat dairy products that help to keep you healthy and fit.

Even apart from these exercises if you are applying proper diet, which are healthy for the baby but does not increase your fat. Eating fruits as much as you can help a lot because it is always not good to eat high amounts of fat foods.


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