How to lose armpit fat fast

Losing armpit fat might not be rocket science but it is not certainly the easiest thing to do. When you are planning to burn out the armpit fat, you have to keep in mind that there is nothing called spot reduction when it comes to your body and as a whole you have to aim for reducing fat from your body. In order to cut down the total body fat, you have to focus on your calorie intake that is your diet as well as your total activities. Combining some targeted exercises with the right diet, and an increased amount of cardio can be the key to lose the armpit fat. If you want to lose it fast, then you have to check your diet strictly and spend more time exercising.

For losing armpit fat there is no quick fixes, but you can certainly hide them by changing your dressing style and by picking the right undergarments to wear. Maintaining a good posture can also be helpful to make the armpit fat less prominent. However, if you are trying to lose the fat all together, you have to give it a time of at least 2-3 months, but you are most expected to start seeing the difference within a few weeks of starting with the right diet, proper cardio training and exercise regime.

If you want to lose armpit fat really fast, take up any of the below mentioned active sports and the change will be really quick,


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Swimming can be one of the most effective activities to tone up your whole body, including your arms, armpit, shoulders as well as lower body. Swimming involves rapid use of the hands as well as legs and it involves a lot of calorie burning. Swimming alone can give you the all-round benefits of cardiovascular exercises as well as targeted exercises for losing armpit fat. You even need not to opt for high calorie check if you are spending at least 1 hour daily in the pool, without relaxing for more than 2 minutes at a stretch. So, if you are really serious about losing armpit fat fast, swimming is certainly your one stop option.


Volleyball and Basketball are the other active sports that can give your arms the right toning effect along with all the benefits of cardio exercises. You need to participate in the game actively for at least 1-2 hours daily. The more time you will spend on the sport, the more quickly you will lose the armpit fat.


Tennis or Badminton also gives you quick fat loss effects from the armpits. As you use your arms extensively in these sports, naturally your arm muscles are toned. All the running and rushing of the sport will also give you the best benefits of cardio exercises.

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However, if you are not keen to join a sport or in case you don’t have the option to get into a sport, the best way for you to lose armpit fat is to take up a cardio regimen of at least 60 minutes for 5 days a week along with some targeted exercises that can tone up the upper arm muscles helping you to get rid of the armpit fat. Here is a list of the exercises that you should do to lose the armpit fat,

Cardio exercises

Cardio exercises makes your heart racing which can most effectively burn out extra calories giving your body an overall slimming effect. Cardio exercises are simple and you really need not to visit the gym or buy a runner for doing cardio. Running in your garden, going out on a jog, dancing, rope skipping anything can be the best cardio for you.

Rope skipping will also give you some added benefits for losing the armpit fat as it also works out the muscles of the hands. Dancing and aerobics that involve sufficient movement of the hands, can also give the same benefits like skipping. So, just take up the type of cardio exercise that suits you. It is best to perform a combination of different cardio exercises as it will boost the fat burning process and will also take out the boredom of exercising daily.

Targeted exercises

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Include these targeted exercises in your daily exercise regimen along with the above cardio exercises to lose the armpit fat quickly,

Push up plank rows

Push up plank rows

Push up plank rows is the perfect exercise for targeting the armpit fat. It works out the pectoral muscles, triceps, shoulders as well as the core muscles. To do this exercise, get into a plank position with two dumbbells in your hands. In fact, you will be pressing down your hands on the dumbbells as shown in the picture above. Place your feet comfortably so that you are properly balanced. Make sure that your body is in a perfect inclined position with the floor. Now balancing your body weight on the feet and left arm, pull your right arm up, bending it from the elbow, till you reach the maximum position. Then extend the arm to touch the floor and repeat. Complete 5 repetitions for one hand and then repeat it for the other hand to complete one set. You need to do at least total of 3 sets of 5 repetitions.

Lying chest fly

Lying chest fly

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This exercise works out the arms, shoulders and chest and can work most effectively to reduce the armpit fat. Lie on the floor on your back. Fold your legs to reach the position as shown in the figure above. Make sure that your legs below the knee are parallel with the floor for the whole duration while you are doing this exercise. Now holding two dumbbells in two hands and keeping your torso fixed, open your arms, but make sure that you do not touch the floor. From this point raise your arms towards the ceiling and bring them over your chest. This completes one set. You need to do at least 10 sets of 4 repetitions to start with.

Tricep dips with chair

Tricep dips with chair

Tricep dips can be an effective exercise to lose any extra fat from your arms and shoulders. It can work effectively to give you rid of the arm pit fat. Take a chair or a bench that is about 2 feet in height and place it against a wall just to be on the safe side. Now take 2-3 steps from the chair and then bend your upper body backward to hold the chair with your hands to reach the position as shown in the image. Make sure that you have proper balance at this position. Now keeping your torso straight, bend your elbows and lower your body towards the floor. Once you are about 2 inches from the floor start getting back to the starting position placing the weight on your arms and using your legs to keep the balance. It completes one set. You need to perform at least 15 sets of 3 repetitions to start with.

Staggered push ups

Staggered push ups

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For toning your arm muscles that can give you rid from the armpit fat push ups can be exceptionally effective. To make it target the muscles of the upper hand more doing the staggered push ups can be the best option. The staggered push up is a slightly modified version of the normal push up. To do the staggered variety simply place one of your hands at the shoulder level and the other 3 inches forward and do the normal pushups. You need to change the position of your arms after 5-6 push ups at a stretch. Do 6 sets of 3 reps at the beginning.

Lateral plank walk

Lateral plank walk

Lateral plank walk particularly targets your upper arm, helping in toning of the muscles of the area. To do lateral plank walk get into a plank position on the floor, placing your hands beside your shoulder and feet together. Now move your left hand towards your right hand while moving your left leg outwards. In the next step, bring your right hand to the left side crossing the other hand and move your right leg outwards. Once you reach this position take a jump and bring your hands to the starting position, you will need to shift your legs few steps to the sides to keep the balance. Do it quickly to get the best arm toning results.

Bent over reverse flies

Bent over reverse flies

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For doing bent over reverse flies stand straight on the floor with your feet shoulder width apart and two dumbbells in two hands, your palms should be facing outwards as shown in the image. Now lower your upper body to the front bending from your waist. Hang both of your hands towards the floor and feel the tension. Now move your hands upwards and outwards in a steady motion. Once you reach the maximum position hold it for a fraction of second and then get back to the starting position. You need to complete at least 3 sets of 10 reps.

The right diet for losing armpit fat

While cardio and targeted exercises can actually help you to lose armpit fat quickly, you also need to keep a check on your diet to ensure that your body burns out the extra fat easily. Take a diet that is high in nutrition, fills your stomach for long but is low in calorie. Stay away from fatty, fried and junk foods. Also discard sodas, chips, pastries, chocolates, ice-creams, alcohol from your diet and ensure to drink plenty of water that can help in keeping your body metabolism at its peak.