Best tips for perfect body fitness

A perfect body is not about physical looks but it is one that is healthy and is active.  It is ever ready to do the tasks that are needed, so that one can live a happy and comfortable life.  It is not possible to set any fixed standard for a perfect body.  It should be the combination of feeling active, performing the best and looking fit.

You must be viewing in the newspaper as well as magazine about the fitness schedule and the ways through which an individual can become absolutely fit. But all facts are not mentioned in a sequential order. Let us find out more about it. We will jot down the factors which will include the best tips for perfect body fitness.

Tips to get the perfect body

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A perfect body is a healthy body that helps to build confidence and keeps away diseases.  In order to get a perfect body one must take care of the weight, lead a regulated life, eat a balanced diet and perform regular exercises.

Daily diet for weight loss

It should be achieved by sticking to a single diet plan instead of switching from one diet program to other which is the normal tendency seen in persons who wish to lose weight. Sometimes a change in diet and food timings helps in losing weight. It is recommended to start the day with a good breakfast.  This meal is essential to keep the metabolism rate high and keeps the body energetic. Whole milk and all other milk products like curd and paneer and butter must be switched to skim milk and low calorie milk products. Whole milk contains natural high calories and skimmed milk contains less calories.

Increase in water consumption

Consumption of water need to be increased to 2-3 litres a day to keep the body hydrated and to clear away the toxins from the body. Carbonated drinks and packed juices must be eliminated to attain effective weight loss.   A complete meal should be divided into four parts. Half of the meal should consist of raw fruits and vegetables.  The balance one fourth should be of starchy foods and the rest one fourth of meat or cereals.

Water before eating

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Always drink water before eating as it will make the stomach full and prevent over eating. Afternoon snacks should usually be nuts, low fat yogurt and vegetables with low calorie dips. Low calorie and high fibre soups should be included in the diet as soups are healthy and fills the stomach with low calories.  Fatty condiments like mayonnaise need to be substituted with low calorie condiments like mustard sauce. While eating out always start with soups and try to skip the dessert.

Regular exercise routine

This is also required to attain a perfect healthy body. Exercise is important to help in the weight reduction process as well as in regulating weight gain. A daily exercise routine of 25-30 minutes a day is enough. Exercise can be performed with a partner to make the schedule enjoyable. Cardiovascular exercises must be includes as they help to lose fat and tone up the muscles.  One can join gyms or yoga centres for regular workouts or go for daily walks, jogging and swimming. Workouts can also be performed in the privacy of the homes.
Avoid or reduce the intake of alcohol as it hinders the working of the brain and body.

Heavy breakfast

It is important to find out what exactly you are going to have in your breakfast. Some people have a misconception that having heavy breakfast can cause increase in fat layer. But this is a very untrue fact. In order to stay fit for an extended period of time it is very important for you to have a heavy breakfast. It is due to the reason that you have experienced the fast for a long time, throughout the night .It is the time for you to have a break of your fast. This must be done with full and healthy diet.

4 portion meals

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It is important for you to divide your meals in 4 portions. It includes vegetables. Starchy products, meats and good fats will be able to compensate really well in your fitness schedule. When you are consuming meal, it will be mandatory that you divide the same into 4 portions. Getting 1/4th for each meal will be really great in this situation. You will absolutely become healthy, lean and slim.

Non creamy soup

Soup is a wonderful food that is healthy in nature. But some of us have a habit of consuming soups in creamy variance. Those soups will be filled with fats.  It is better not to consume such soups that will be filled with excessive fat. Rather go for the soup variance that has wide and colorful vegetables. This will make everything compact and make you health wise really sound. The fiber content in the vegetables will be really wonderful. Non creamy variation of soups is always preferred by individuals who wish to get a fit and wonderful body. You must make a step ahead so that getting fit and lean body is not a trouble.

Track the progress of a perfect body from time to time

It is essential to track the progress once it has been decided to build a perfect body.

Weight loss

Weight loss must be tracked weekly to judge the progress.   Take the weight at the same time and on the same weighing scales once a week to get accurate results. The skin folds on the arms, stomach and back can show how much weight loss has taken place. This feature appears much before the weighing scale shows the loss of weight. Size and fittings of the clothes will depict the loss of weight in two to three months’ time.

Strength of the body

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The flexibility and strength of the body can be judged by trying to touch the toes standing without bending the knees. The strength of the body can be judged by noting the efficiency in doing the workout as compared to the strength in the beginning. It is also essential to judge the improvement in the working of the digestive system.  Note if the body is more energetic, fit and less tired than before

Mental strength

A perfect body will have control over emotional and mental strength. The mind will be more relaxed and one will able to cope up with emotional stress in a calm and understanding manner. You should be stressed free when it is time to stay healthy. The mental strength is really an important consideration in this stage.